Mommy Time!

I got to have some alone by myself with no little ones. . . at all time today.  It was SO nice.  I don’t get this very often, as most of the time I take one or two of the kids with me.  I had a buying club drop today and had to go pick up my yummy organic gluten free flours!  I also did some grocery shopping for the month and gave myself a treat. . . . I went to JoAnn’s to look at some new patterns and try to find some yarn. 

First let me say I am going to be doing a post to let you know what UNFI is and how you can become a part of you local drop.  I am also a member of a buying club called Azure Standard which I have a drop off for on Saturday so I will probably do informational reviews on both of them on that day and let you know what I normally order through these guys to help save my family money!

Now on to my great day.  Well, it didn’t start out so great.  My baby is teething which makes her very cranky and not want to sleep.  She did not want to go to sleep last night so I had a late night.  Did not want to get up this morning but the kids insisted that they needed breakfast.  Second youngest had a hissy fit at breakfast because she thought I gave her a different cereal than the other kids(I didn’t, but couldn’t convince her) so she ended up spending time crying and didn’t eat her breakfast.  Everyone finally got done eating and got dressed so I was able to bundle them up and out into the van!  This takes a bit since all 8 are still in booster seats or carseats.

Off we went to the babysitters who also happens to be my Mom.  Got the kids all unloaded and into her house with their stuff for lunch(it was 10am by this time, lol).  I sent them with some homemade gluten free bread, peanut butter, and honey for sandwiches; cheese sticks; apples; carrots; baked chips; and homemade tapioca puddin(another recipe to watch for!). 

Now here comes the fun part of my day!  I went to start my van and it went . . . . . .and then click click.  Yeap, battery was shot.  Just like that.  So called the local tire shop who also sells batteries.  They came and jumpstarted me and I went over and had them put a new battery in.  Those are a little more expensive than I remember. :( 

So, I was finally off on my childfree adventure!  Listening to grown up music(country) and driving 45 minutes to the nearest “big” city. 

JoAnn’s was a bit of a dissapointment to me.  They had some nice 100% wool yarn that I looked at, but no patterns that were what I was looking for(cute little girl poncho and a cardigan type sweater for myself).  So, I decided to try another crafty store that is new to town, Michael’s.  They had the same yarn(yeah!) and also had a pattern that would work!  So happy.  I went to pay for my purchase and asked if they did the discount program for teachers(JoAnn’s gives teachers 15% off their entire purchase).  They said they did but you had to have something certifying that you’re a teacher.  So, we chatted because I’m not a certified teacher but I am a homeschool teacher and decided since JoAnn’s will honor that fact and give me the discount that Michael’s would as long as I could show them my JoAnn’s discount teacher card!  So I scored 15% off my yarn and pattern!  Yeap it was a GREAT day!

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  1. Kandi says:

    So glad you got a much needed day off! I love Michael’s. They may not do a teacher discount but they do have a rewards card where I get emails for 20% off sometimes 30% off ect…

  2. Malika Bourne says:

    So-o-o? How was you day? Just messing with you.
    I am so happy to connect with anyone who does gluten free.YAY! I’m lactose intolerant too.
    I love the looks of your site.
    I hopped over fromMBS. Malika the No Non-cents Nanna

  3. Erin Slocum says:

    It’s funny how getting groceries can be the best mom time sometimes! I’m always grateful for my alone time since I homeschool I don’t get much time away from my little ones and it’s nice to have a little bit of time away. I normally get to go grocery shopping by myself once a month.

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