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Home School Adventure Co.
Recently with other members of the TOS Crew Review Team we received an item for review from the Home School Adventure Co.  Our family received the Philippians in 28 Weeks KJV in the form of a download.

This new book is available in KJV or ESV.  It’s the perfect way to challenge yourself to memorize Philippians in 28 weeks.  I know it’s challenging me to memorize!  My children started out with me, but I soon realized that ages 9 and under they are just not quite old enough for this.  So instead they are helping me!  I am memorizing and they are telling me whether I’m getting it right or not.  It counts as Bible for them as they are reading the verses with me and we are discussing them.  It also lets them be a bit of a teacher because they are “teaching” me to memorize!

Philippians in 28 Weeks
Philippians in 28 Weeks is geared more to ages 12 and over for the memorization portion.  Ages 9-11 can use it as a family discussion/Bible reading, but it’s really not geared towards those ages.  This is perfect for the self motivated high schooler though!  Just give them the outline for how they’re supposed to use the unit and tada!  They should be able to complete it on their own.  

My KJV download is 165 pages long and includes a reflective journal as well.  As of right now the downloadable form of the KJV is not available.  You can purchase a print edition KJV or ESV for $28.95 or you can purchase the ebook ESV for $14.95.  They also offer a cards only download of the ESV for $9.95.  For me, this is totally worth it.  I would prefer to purchase the print book though(I have a thing for having real paper and books at my fingertips) just because that is me.  And well,  I am partial to KJV.  So, if I hadn’t been offered a KJV download, I would either have wanted the actual book or not reviewed at all.  I’m a Scripture snob.  I only want to memorize the KJV verses.  When I was a child I memorized out or an NrSV Bible and got in trouble when I did some Bible quizzing because it wasn’t the version they used.  So I quickly learned that I needed to pick one of the two main Bible version.  The NIV or KJV.  I really liked the KJV better.  But that is a whole different blog post coming to this blog soon!

I’ve talked a bit about how I used the book, but let me tell you a bit more.  Because it is a memorization curriculum, you want to use it daily.  By using it daily you are helping along your memorization.  With special needs children, I have found that even just a small amount of a subject or something they find a bit challenging daily will help them to remember and help them to conquer that.  It’s the same for those of us who are not special needs too.  

So, here’s a quick peek at what a week using this looks like at our house.  

Daily:  This is daily.  As in everyday.  Start the morning reading the entire book of Philippians.  It is amazing how much of the book your children(even the young ones) will learn if you just read the book over breakfast.  These kids are sponges I’m telling you!

Day One: Read the entire book of Philippians.  This is done every week on Monday.  Also writing the verse down as copywork is done on this day.  I have a special journal that I am recording mine in.  Pretty simple and easy to do.

Day Two:  Summarize the verses in your journal.  What do they mean?  Who do they pertain to?  Are they relevant to us today?  What do they tell us to do or not do?  Etc.  Oh and read the verses again!  You can just read the verses you are working on this day or the entire book.  We would start everyday with reading the book so during our memorizing time on day two we’d just read the specific verses over several times.

Day Three:  Do copywork again.  Review and recite the verses.  The only way to memorize is by reviewing!  Oh and reading.  Don’t forget to read!

Day Four:  This day varied a bit.  The first week it was just another day of practice.  The next week we used it as a review day.  Not only to help us learn the current verse but for practice of the verses learned in previous weeks.  I normally would make a copywork page for my children to use on this day as well since I was trying to include them in me memorizing the book.

Day Five:  My test day!  Yikes!  I thought I was past being tested.  And let me tell you, your children are your worst taskmasters!   Sheesh.  They wouldn’t even let me get one letter off what that note card said.  It was like they were just waiting for me to mess up!  They wanted me to get it perfect though, because if it was perfect we’d do something fun.  Maybe a nature hike on our bluff.  Maybe a trip to the park.  And if one of the kids had it memorized something extra special was done!

I personally, have challenged myself as a Christian to memorize more of the Bible this year.  I am challenging my children too.  We decided to make it a formal challenge for our next school year and are practicing and preparing right now.  This fit in perfectly as the book of Philippians really isn’t that long and who doesn’t want to be able to say they have a book of the Bible memorized!  It’s more than just a book that you read once a day to feel good about yourself.  Memorize the Scripture so you can share the Scripture.  More on that coming to this blog soon as well.  

I LOVED the idea of cards with this.  You see I’m a notecard type person.  All through my schooling years I would put facts I needed to memorize on notecards and flip through them whenever I could.  It helped me to learn and memorize those rote facts.  Well, this is the same principle.  I also like that those notecards stick around. Well, they stick around if you take care of them, and then you can keep using them.  If you get two months down the road and you no longer remember it all, well it’s time for a refresher course so get the cards out and practice!

Home School Adventure Co.
I get to share this with you too!  For anyone reading the Crew Member reviews you can take 10% off your order from the Home School Adventure Co simply by using code CREW-10 at checkout!  That is an awesome deal!  I know that there are other courses I would love to do myself and with my children!

Want to learn more about the Home School Adventure Co and what they offer?  Check out the main Crew blog post where Crew members reviewed the same product as myself as well as three other ones!  You will find reviews for Philippians in 28 weeks(both ESV and KJV),  Philosophy Adventure, Mere Christianity Journal(which I REALLY want to use with my kids when they are older), and The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal.  Some great reviews and great products to be found!

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