All For Love or Money?

Is it all for love or money?  For land and horses or love?

Find out in this book A Belle Meade Plantation Novel titled To Win Her Favor by Tamera Alexander.


to win her favor book review


My thoughts:

This book combines so many things that mean the world to me.  A love of history(specifically the Civil War time period), the Irish(umm it’s the Irish blood running through my veins and with the name Erin. . . ), and horses(we own more than I care to admit).  It’s no wonder I was spellbound by this book and just couldn’t put it down.  

Literally.  I couldn’t put it down.  I started reading it in the afternoon after the kids were done with school on a Friday.  I warmed up leftovers for them for supper.  My husband fixed supper for the two of us.  I held the book while giving kisses and hugs to my babies as they went off to bed(oh another thing in the book-babies!), and I read once my youngest had settled into almost sleepy-land while nursing.  Put her down in her toddler bed and then I finished the book.  All before bedtime!!!

Oh one more thing in the book that I love!  Doctoring!  I am a nurse and love learning new and weird things.  As a horse owner I was also interested to learn about this plant that is toxic to animals.  Poor Bourbon Belle.  And the book also speaks on the bond a person can have with their horse.  I had such a bond with a special horse once until she died of colic.  I loved my Miss Maggie and can definitely understand the pain that Margaret(Maggie) goes through when she finds her horse so very sick.

A wonderfully written book, To Win Her Favor will keep you reading.  You, like me, won’t want to put the book down.  It’s riveting and tells a tale that some still shy away from.  A tale of what life was like after the Civil War for not only the blacks, but also the Irish and the women and children who no longer had men to protect them.  Those same women and children also didn’t have a means to care for themselves or their homes.  Such a sad time and so many wrong things that happened. 

You need to read this book.  Go get your copy now, find a comfy chair, and read until you turn the last page.  You’re going to love Kizzy and I hope and pray that all of my children have her overcoming nature and love for life.

I loved this book.  I’ve also found and read several other Tamera Alexander books recently as I was so in love with this one.  She has a wonderful writing style and writes of things that interest and intrigue me.  I hope you’ll love her and this book as much as I do.

For a short synopsis, you can visit the Family Christian Site.  Otherwise know that you’re meeting a Southern Belle in an antebellum world who just wants to save her plantation and her mare who she believes can win the races.  Add in a wily father who only wants his daughter to experience love who arranges a marriage between his daughter and an Irish man new to the area.  What ensues is comical and wonderful all in one.  Plus, you’re going to learn just how the world treated the Irish at this time.



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