Science Unit Study for All Ages {TOS Crew Review}

What do you use to teach science when you have multiple age ranges in your homeschool? Lately for us we’ve been reviewing Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers.  It was created by Susan Kilbride when she noticed a lack in the area of science while homeschooling her own children.  With a degree in biology she was perfect for the role.  Her site, Funtastic Unit Studies, provides a wealth of information to homeschoolers while her book focuses on science.

Since I have 9 children ages 2 up to age 10, it can be interesting to teach science to them.  I don’t love science or have a special passion for teaching it.  It’s one of those subjects that I’d skip if I could because I really don’t like all the prep and such involved with experiments.  But it’s a core subject and we have to have it!  So I have been spending time looking for a science unit study for all ages.  In fact, I knew I was going to want a unit study type approach so I could do science for everyone at once.  I was so pleased to find that Funtastic Unit Studies contained just that, a science unit study for all ages. 

Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers is full of fun idea on how to teach science to your student. The first ten chapters are geared towards the younger age range of 4-7 years old while the second ten chapters are more for ages 8-13. Each chapter focuses on a particular science concept teaching it through various fun experiments that use items around the house. 

Now that I’ve given you the recommended ages for this book, let me tell you what we did.  I chose to just use the first half of the book this year.  There are ten chapters.  We’re spending two weeks on each chapter so that gives us 20 weeks worth of science!  I’m using it with all my kiddos.  Now, the 2 year old is not technically doing school, but you can’t tell her that!  I technically do not have to do school with any of my kids until they are age 7 but the four year old started last year on kindergarten and is doing a mix of K and 1st this year! The 5 year old is doing a preK course and the rest are all ages 7-10.  


science unit study for all ages


The first half is geared towards ages 4-7 but you can easily use it for older children as well.  I found looking through the book that it would be easier to have the older kids do the younger work than try to adapt the older section for younger kids.

A preview to what the book will by like can be seen by getting your FREE Unit Study on Atoms. Also available for free is another unit from the book on Plants.  

Since finishing the Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers that the Crew members are reviewing, Susan Kilbride has gone on to work on a history series Titled “Our America” as well as a Kindle ebook titled “How to Teach about Electricity for Ages 8-13”. 

Make sure you check out all the other reviews on the Main TOS Crew Review Page.  We all received the same book but I’m sure we did different studies so you’ll get more of a feel for the curriculum this way!



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