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Get Access to ALL the Adventures in Odyssey 

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My kids love Adventures in Odyssey.  We listen to the stories, we read the books, we listen to the audiobooks and watch the movies.  They pack a solid values lesson and entertain at the same time.  They have the seal of approval from this busy homeschool mama.




Disclaimer:  I have been provided with a free account to Adventures in Odyssey Club in exchange for my promotion of their website and club.  I have not been compensated in any other way.  This is in conjunction with Litfuse Publicity Group.



Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler

My life has had a toddler in it since my oldest hit the toddle stage.  She’s now 10.  So my entire homeschool career has had a little toddler around while I’m working with the older kids.  Let’s talk today on Day 4 of Real Life Homeschool about Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler.


Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler


We tend to make cute little tubs that hold toys in them.  We have a tub with blocks, a tub of duplo, a tub with a baby and accessories, a tub with crayons and a coloring book/some colored paper, and several sensory activity type tubs.  Oh and we have a tub that has Thomas the Train engines in it for when she’s in a high energy must make noise time!   We also have a low shelf that contains books that she can look at and play with.  I plan on doing some posts next week about our toddler activity tubs.  There are some awesome ideas out there too!

I also keep snacks handy for the toddler.  Little things that are healthy and easy for her to eat without choking.  We get some awesome baby snacks that resemble cheerios but are actually made from veggies and fruits.  My toddlers have always loved these.  Keep a sippy cup of water in your school area as well!  Cut up grapes and put in a container in the fridge the night before and you’ve got a great little snack. 

Something that has saved my life with a toddler is babywearing.  I love to wear my babies and they love to be worn.  This seriously saves our school day when the toddler is teething or cranky or just in need of a nap.  Even if she’s in a great mood she still likes to be worn for around ten minutes at a time to have that closeness with me.

Of course, you get the fun toddler times too!  I cannot count the number of times we’ve had a toddler sitting on a school desk smack dab on top of their lesson so that they’ll pay attention to her instead of their work.  Another thing that happens countless times is the toddler deciding to take all the school books off their shelf and resort them.  So, if you visit and wonder why the 4th graders reading materials are mixed in with the kindergartener, just giggle and say “I see the toddler has been here.”

I have come to learn that Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler can be very challenging.  There are going to be days you want to pull your hair out, days where you’re looking for the closest school to put your kids in or at least a daycare for the toddler!  But there are also going to be the days where you are filled with joy at all your children have learned.  When your toddler comes over to you and can count to 10(she’s not even 2 yet!!!) or when the toddler is recognizing letters and numbers and colors and you haven’t worked with her at all yet!  Those are the moments it’s all worth it and those are the memories that will stick with you.  Though I do have to say she’s pretty adorable sitting on the kid’s school books while they give her the “yes you’re adorable now please move” look.  

So remember, mama just starting to homeschool with a toddler, you can do this.  It does get easier and the memories you’re creating will last a lifetime.
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Real Life Homeschool Year Round

I’m so glad you’re back for day three of the Real Life Homeschool Series!  Today we’re going to talk about Real Life Homeschool Year Round.


Real Life Homeschool Year Round


I tried homeschooling just during the normal school year like the public schools do, but it didn’t work for our family.  We tend to take a month-long break in the winter and smaller breaks when my husband has down time from his business(self-employed).  So, it made more sense to us as a family to school year round.  I also find that my special learners tend to forget things if they go more than a week without working at them.  With that being said we really try not to take more than a week off from the main subjects.

So for me, Real Life Homeschool Year Round was the answer.  Now don’t get me wrong.  My kids aren’t bent over notebooks and workbooks all day every day with no end in sight.  We do unit studies and whenever possible we do them outside!  Even when they were sick with the stomach bug this past month we all went out on the porch on the nice days and had read aloud and silent reading time.  I’m afraid a few times it wasn’t quite so silent as someone got sick, but such is life in a large family!

I want learning to be fun.  I want learning to be non stop.  For us, year round homeschooling is this.  We do Civil War Reenactments.  My children are learning that entire weekend.  That is more school for them even if they’re not realizing it.  They’re learning history.  They’re learning about and experiencing nature as well.  Plus I throw in some random things like doing math with helping me plan meals and measuring ingredients.  I might even be sneaky and have them read some old-time schoolbooks and do spelling words on slates.  I can be devious like that!

Like I mentioned above, Real Life Homeschool Year Round is what works best for us.  I’ve heard others do two months on and one month off.  Whatever works for you and your children is what you should!  Homeschooling is all about being able to be flexible and do what works for you.  

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Real Life Homeschool on One Income

Welcome back to Day 2 of my Real Life Homeschool Blog Series!  Today we’re talking about Real Life Homeschool on One Income.  I know a lot of people are in this boat.  Several of those people I’m happy to call my friends!  We’re the mommies that stay home everyday with our children.  We not only teach them how to be kind and share but how to multiply and maybe speak a foreign language!


homeschooling on one income


My homeschool lives on one income.  If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I’m a representative(or whatever the companies call them) for a few MLM companies.  I don’t do home parties or shows and rarely do facebook events.  I’m not huge on promoting them.  They are for products I love and use that I like to share with people.  I don’t normally share to make money but to say Hey I LOVE this!!!  I don’t consider that a form of income(well maybe I would if I actually made money).

So how does a large family with nine children homeschool on one income?  

Well, we’re frugal.  I love curriculum that isn’t workbook based or that allow for copying of the workbook.  The curriculum we use now is KONOS which is a unit study curriculum.  One book can be used for two to three years and you just use library books to supplement into it for teaching the lessons.  I LOVE this!  Libraries are free guys!  Use those libraries!

Unit studies are a great way to get a lot of subjects together without spending a lot of money.  I’ve written my own unit studies before and made some easy printables for my kids.  Our spelling words come from our unit study.  Our read alouds and reading time books correlate with the unit study.  Our history and science correlate with the unit study too!  And sometimes, if I’m extra creative, we can get math in there too!

Another way to have a real life homeschool on one income is to find free places to go for field trips.  A field trip can be a trip to the grocery store where your children  have helped you write the shopping list, help you find the items on the list, talk about why certain items have to be frozen or refrigerated, calculate how much money you are spending, and then help you count out the bills or change needed to pay for said groceries.

While you’re out and about on your grocery field trip, stop at the library for reading materials, have a picnic at a park, or visit a nursery to look at plants!  We get all of our school subjects in even though we’ve done none of our regular work just by learning as we go!  And we have fun too!   

So the key for me is to find resources that I can use for multiples ages without having to buy a ton of workbooks.  Those workbooks get expensive!  Also, take advantage of free activities in your area.  We live in the country but we go for nature walks on our farm and then journal what we saw, look it up to learn more about it, etc.  Local wildlife areas are great to visit as well.

I’ll share more about our homeschool and what real life is like around here in the next few days!

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Real Life Homeschool on a Farm

This week I’m participating in a Blog Hop with several other blogs.  We’re going to be talking about Real Life Homeschool!  For me today I’m being a bit more specific, so we’re going to chat about Real Life Homeschool on a Farm.  


homeschool on a farm


We live on a farm.  We may not have cattle and a working ranch but we do have several animals that need daily care.  My children have chores around the farm and they have to get them done in the mornings and evenings.

Some of the farm chores that my children have to do are feed and water the chickens, bottle feed the two baby lambs whose mothers didn’t care for them, care for the outside farm cats, outside dog, grain the small pen of horses(we have two pens for horses), water horses, water sheep, water goats, and gather the eggs.  Some of these are morning chores, some evening chores, and some have to be done twice.  These chores are essential.  If they don’t get done then our animals will die and no one wants that!

We also have things that happen that interrupt our school like lambing and kidding season.  We don’t normally have to assist in birth but do have to check several times a day to make sure our animals are doing okay with birthing and that the babies are cared for after  birth.  We also have a ferrier who has to come trim the horses hooves.  And then there is shearing time for the sheep in the spring when the whole family helps shear, trim hooves, worm, and give shots to the sheep.

Some people wonder how I can homeschool on top of all these chores that we have to do(that doesn’t even factor in the garden during season).  A lot of people think I’m crazy to try or should put my kids in public school so I can have a break.  For me though, I am perfectly content to raise my children on our little farm and teach them how to care for others whether they be friends in need or animals.  I believe we are building life skills just as much as we are learning how to read and do math.

A large part of our homeschool is life skills.  Learning to do their chores and knowing that others depend on them for survival prepares them for being out on their own, owning pets of their own, and having children someday.  Learning how to do their chores in a timely manner and learning that chores come before play is also a great life lesson to learn.  We can’t always do what we want when we want it.  


real life homeschool


So how do we schedule around this stuff?

Well we do and we don’t.  For daily chores, we do outside chores before breakfast or right after we eat.  Then we can do our morning school.  Feeding lambs happens three times a day and is around meal time s we’re not doing school then.  We can do any school we need to do in the afternoon without interfering with chores that happen at 5 in the evening as well.  The last bits of chores happen after dark when the chickens are shut up.  

For major farm events like lambing and shearing, we just work around them the best we can.  If my kids miss some subjects a few days because they’re watching a lamb be born or helping with all the shearing commotion I know I can mark down that they learned things even if it wasn’t in the house or in a book.  It’s real life.  It’s homeschool.  It’s our life and it’s perfect for us.

Whether we learn by feeling and doing or by reading or by seeing, everyday we’re learning.  That goes for adults as well as children.  

My kids also have inside chores but we’ll save those for next post!

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How To Teach A Foreign Language Even If You Don’t Speak It {Guest Post}

The following post titled How to Teach a Foreign Language Even if You Don’t Speak It, is a guest post by Adriana Zoder.  I was so excited when she reached out to me to guest post on my blog.  I hope you enjoy her post as much as I did!  Oh and we’ve used Middlebury Interactive Languages before and LOVED it too!


Because I was raised in Europe, Romania to be exact, foreign languages do not seem like such a big deal to me. Granted, I have been told that I have natural abilities in that realm, but most people around me learned French and English to a certain degree. If nothing else, because these two languages were school subjects for us since the fifth grade all the way through our senior year in high school. Also, because most of the movies and TV shows we watched were in English (or French or Italian or Spanish or German). Daily exposure to other sounds de-mystified them.


guest post


That’s the secret to learning or teaching a foreign language – daily exposure to those sounds. So here’s a seven-step strategy for you to teach a foreign language in your homeschool even if you can’t remember any of the Spanish – or whatever foreign language – you “learned” in school:

1. Find a radio station online in your target language. For us with French, it’s Radio France Internationale. Turn it on for 10 minutes a day. Even if you don’t understand what in the world they are saying, your ears will start getting used to the sounds and flow and rhythm of that language. Obviously, your children must be listening to this. They are the ones that should learn it, but don’t exclude yourself. You may be surprised how you will be able to distinguish certain words after a month or so of radio listening, especially if you add.

2. YouTube videos – in the target language, of course. We watch Caillou, mostly. But there is also Léo et Popi and Tchoupi et Doudou. Not only do we get all sorts of French vocabulary, as the episodes are organized along specific themes (feelings, Christmas, friendship etc), but we also watch very polite family interactions. Let’s face it, Caillou’s parents are perfect. Their responses to Caillou’s childish actions and reactions should be gathered in a parenting book. Just saying.



If you don’t know of a show in your target language, just Google “videos in German” or whatever language you want to teach your children. My advice would be no more than 30 minutes per day of videos, no matter how quality the content is. Children must learn skills in the real world and their brains must actively engage in 3D experiences. Screen time should be minimized.



3. All this exposure to the sounds and rhythm of a foreign language would not take you far unless you had a curriculum that steadily and systematically taught you vocabulary and grammar. I wrote about how we use PetraLingua and Middlebury Interactive Languages in French, but both of these websites offer many other languages. Recently, I discovered DuoLingo, which is a free app for your phone or tablet or computer. No excuses anymore, right? It’s free.


Displaying DSC_0030wm.jpg

My kids learning French with Middlebury Interactive Languages


4. Look for play groups in your target language. Google, your local library and your local newspaper should help you locate them. Some areas will be better equipped at this than others. If nothing else, start your own. Here’s how I started my own French Play Group. Sure, I am fluent in French, but you can also do this with a local foreign language teacher or with youtube videos and an interactive language curriculum. Especially for beginners, it should be easy for you as the coordinator to keep track of their answers. Besides, many of these online curricula are self-correcting.

5. Join your local chapter of Alliance Française if your target language is French. We did and the kids enjoyed greeting people in French. Even if you don’t get anything out of it, just the fact that there is a place where your children can go and it is considered normal to say “bonjour” and “au revoir” to a real person will boost their confidence. For any other language, I would call or visit the website of an embassy of the country where they speak that language. Ask for similar organizations which work on promoting their language and culture.

6. Search your local homeschool co-ops. Sometimes there are foreign language courses offered there and some of the teachers may be native speakers. For those of you living in or near Blount County in Tennessee, the Blount Home Education Association offers French language teaching on different levels by a French national.

7. If you are fluent or at least advanced in a foreign language, read to your children in that language. Start with picture books even if your children are older. It will be short and sweet and the pictures will help with translation, which makes the work less tedious and boosts confidence. Schoenhof’s, Harvard University’s foreign language bookstore, offers free shipping on orders over $50. If you don’t know what titles to get, call them or join their Facebook page and ask. They have very friendly staff.

8. Invest in a foreign language magazine. The Bayard-Milan representative for the US will help you select an appropriate title for your children’s ages. They have magazines in French, German and Spanish.

Here’s hoping you got inspired to learn a foreign language while teaching it to your children!




Adriana Zoder is a homeschooling mom of two, living in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. She has published two books on Amazon, 101 Tips for Preschool at Home and 101 Tips for Kindergarten at Home(reviews of these coming soon by me–Erin!!). Get Adriana’s FREE ebook 21 Days to Jumpstart Your Homeschool at her award-winning blog,

Martin Luther King Jr Unit Study with a Twist!

Okay, so I like doing unit studies with my kids.  We get in more than just one subject with them and the kids LOVE them!  I’m talking it’s their favorite way to learn!  So this week we’ve been working on one for Martin Luther King Jr Unit Study with a twist.  You ask now what is that twist!


martin luther king jr unit study


That twist is that we compared the plight of the black(African American) people of the time of Martin Luther King Jr with Ruth and then with Esther from the Bible.

I was challenged by Family Christian to take and use items from their store to make this unit study.  They provided me with a certificate to use to spend at their store to purchase said materials as well.  Well, when I went to the local Family Christian store I was a bit shocked that this store actually had nothing on Martin Luther King Jr at all.  They could order things for me, but that wouldn’t give me enough time to plan up a study.

So instead I found some things to compliment the study I already had in my head.  I got some Celebration printer paper at a local print shop.  I found some cute little stickers with words on them like Joy and Faith.  A sign for our wall that says Believe, a Bible study on Ruth and Esther, and lastly a CD with worship music.

Now how do all of these things relate to Martin Luther King Jr?  Just how was I going to pull them into a study?  Well the answer was simple to me!

Two words that I pulled from his famous speech I Have a Dream were joy and believe.  He spoke of verses in the Bible that contained these words.  In fact, he quoted Psalms 30:5 over six times!  

For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

That verse is one that we hear a lot.  It is also one that is in many worship songs(worship cd comes in here).  We also know that Martin Luther King Jr was a Reverend and a Godly man. It stands to reason that he would have spent his days praising the Lord(we know he did).  I thin he’d approve of us listening to praise and worship music while we work on our study.




Believe.  Do you think Martin Luther King Jr believed in anything?  I think he did.  I think he believed in an equal America for all.  This is why we got the Believe plaque.  We should all believe in something and be willing to support and work towards that goal.  What we believe in could simply be believing in God and wanting to share him with everyone.  But we all need something to believe in!

Okay so the stickers are pretty easy to tie in.  They’re full of words like believe, joy, faith, and are geared towards kids.  I needed something that would tie this in for my littler kids.  They love stickers.  They also love coloring!


I Have A Dream


Coloring brings us to the printer paper.  It has a celebration type theme around the outside.  I used the printer to type I Have a Dream on the top of each page that we were going to use and then assigned my kids with the task of drawing me a picture of something they dream of.  Now my kids didn’t draw anything earth shattering.  They’re not dreaming of world peace, but they are dreaming dreams and drew them for me.


Ruth and Esther Bible Study


The last bit to incorporate was the Bible study on Ruth and Esther.  This one was probably my favorite part.  I liked everything else but I like bringing their attention to things in the Bible and how they can relate to what we’re studying.  I think both Ruth and Esther could relate to what Martin Luther King Jr wanted.  He wanted equality for his people.  He wanted all to be treated as the same.  

Wasn’t that what Esther wanted?  She wanted to save her people from being killed.  She wanted her people to be treated as equal to all the others.  She risked her own life to save her people.  I’d say she was a brave woman who also had a dream.

Ruth also was a brave woman.  She was treated unfairly because she was an outsider in a country she followed her mother in law to.  Maybe not quite as extreme as Esther’s situation, but it has a happy ending!  

As we were studying Ruth we also had to add in some fun!  Here is another of our twists.  Who knew that Veggie Tales would work with Martin Luther King Jr?  Well we connected them!  We watched Duke and the Great Pie War which relates to the tale of Ruth in the Bible.  Oh and we also watched Esther the Girl who Became Queen to tie Esther in in a way that the littler children could relate to.


library books


Now I know you’re wondering where the actual information on Martin Luther King Jr came from by now.  I checked out three books from the kids section of a local library to read with my children.  We also listened to an audio recording of his famous I Have a Dream speech.  

Last but not least.  I asked them each what a special day would be for them.  I placed those slips all in a jar and one will be drawn for what we’re going to do on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr day.  (I’ve already peeked at a few of these and they’re looking fun!)  Things range from going to the zoo, baking cookies, going to the park, and some that just aren’t things I can make happen like go visit such and such friend who happens to live a full day away!

Now here’s the fun part!  Look below for the pictures of their dreams that my children drew.  They are all proudly displayed on my refrigerator until the next art work should be done and move them to the filing bin.  I love having my fridge covered in my children’s art work!

fridge art


fridge art


fridge art


fridge art


Martin Luther King Jr. Day 40% off coupon




I was provided with a certificate to purchase some of the items in this post from Family Christian.  All thoughts and ideas are my own and not influenced in anyway.

blog disclosure

Beauty and the Beet #veggietales #review

Are you a Veggie Tales fan?  My kids are for sure!  They were super excited with our latest review from Family Christian!  We got to review the newest Veggie Tales Beauty and the Beet!  Talk about a great movie and a bunch of excited kids! 


unconditional love


First let me tell you about some great deals you can get with Family Christian right now!  These are limited so pay attention to the dates given!  From December 12-14 you can order your copy of Beauty and the Beet for $7.49 as part of the Doorbusters Event!  Pretty awesome price!  I’d go for that one!  If you miss that though you can purchase from December 15-24 for $9.99.  Still a great price!  After the 24th and into the new year it’ll be standard regular price.

Okay, so now that the formalities are out of the way lets talk some more about the movie and how much we enjoyed it.  You know, I’m going to say that “we” a lot.  Because it’s not just my kids that like the Veggie Tales movies, I do too!  I think they’re adorable and carry a message.  It may not always be a specific Bible verse that we can target, but it’s a great principle or life lesson that kids should know.  And who doesn’t want to learn it through cute and adorable vegetables!  Well and maybe a fruit or two.  I always was taught that tomatoes were a fruit.  

Beauty and the Beet features someone new to the world of Veggie Tales.  Kellie Pickler lends her voice to Mirabelle( the Belle of the classic Beauty and the Beast story tale) and so of course there are some Country Western type songs being sung throughout!  

In our story we follow the Veggie Tones, a family band featuring Mirabelle.  All the children in the family are in the band somehow and dad is the manager.  When they go through the mountains in bad weather to try to get to a new gig they get stranded at a run down resort where Mr Beet is the manager.  They can’t pay to stay so they work it off by cleaning, waiting tables, and singing.  Mirabelle even gives the Beast err Beet singing lessons!   But can she help to make him kind and feeling again?

The movie is approximately 56 minutes long so almost an hour of delightful sillyness with a great message.  

There are some bonus features on the disc as well.  You get behind the scenes with Kellie Pickler on playing the sweetest sweet potato, a very veggie jukebox, in the kitchen with Bob, Show You Love sing along, Deck the Halls sing along, downloadable activities, and my favorite—- Offering Unconditional Love: Family Discussion Guide.  I’m  a sucker for these discussion guides.  I love them!  They normally contain a great message and a great way to help our kids understand and retain that message.

I have nine children ages 9 and under.  They all sit and watch this.  They love it!  I think it truly is a great lesson in unconditional love for children.


silly songs with Larry


The new Silly Song with Larry is also cute and definitely silly as always.  It’s called Mac and Cheese and is all about how Larry’s ancestor invented Mac and Cheese and how he did it!

Okay so if you don’t want to see a few spoilers then please feel free to stop reading here.  Really you can stop now.  I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite parts as a mom.

Spoilers ahead.

Stop reading and go watch the movie.

Watched the movie now?

Okay so here goes!

In the movie we have a reporter.  A critic of resorts.  She gives them a one star rating because she came as someone who had no money to stay and they turned her away.  She hears good things starting to be said about the resort after the Veggie Tones come and goes back for a second review.  She is pleasantly surprised.  But the Veggie Tones aren’t there to entertain as they’re trying to get to their next gig.  The Veggie Tones decide to go back and help Mr Beet only to be involved in an avalanche.  True kindness wins out.  The kindness that Mirabelle had shown to Mr Beet, and really not just her but the whole family, has paid off and he is now a nice man who risks his own life to save them.

Great movie.  We loved it.  You will too.  Make sure to go purchase your copy.  


blog disclosure

Back to Homeschool with Staples! #StaplesB2S #MomBuzz

Are you back to school yet?  We really never stop schooling here but our official homeschool year of studies will start on September 1st.  

I was super excited to learn recently about the Staples Back to School Program.  I was sent an awesome box of school supplies from them to review and I want to share about them here.  My kids have already absconded with the booty but lucky for you I got a picture first!

Oh and did I mention there is a Giveaway involved too!?  Yeap you’re gonna love this!  It’s Back to Homeschool with Staples for all homeschool moms who want to save money!

First we got this box of lovelies to go through.

box of goodies from staples

See this box full of goodies?  Yeap they sent us all of that!  Some awesome things that I’d never seen before, plus some tried and true favorites in popular kid characters.  I’ll show you some of my favorites below!  As the homeschool mommy it’s hard to do back to school shopping with 9 kids.  They all want to have things in colors and characters that they enjoy but they’re so expensive!

That’s where Staples comes in!  They offer a 110% price match guarantee!  This guarantee works whether online or in store so make sure to do your price checking before going shopping!  They will even price match Amazon!  If you are shopping in store, simply show the customer service desk associate the lower priced ad or print out.  If you’re shopping online they have a number for you to call 1-800-333-3330.  So easy!  Have fun shopping!


Pretty butterfly binder


This binder is the absolute favorite school accessory for this year of my oldest daughter.  Her favorite colors are orange and purple and she LOVES butterflies!  She is so excited to put her finished copywork in here to keep it safe for end of the year look overs and final grades!  The binder is a great deal at only $8.99 from Staples.

composition notebook with style


I love this composition notebook!  It’s so bright and cheerful and the perfect way to keep track of all of our homeschool field trips and hours outside of the classroom before I enter them online in my tracking forms.  I’m a paper and pen type girl anyway.  You can find the composition notebook at Staples for $1.50.


Awesome pen/pencil for kids


Lastly my second oldest loves this folder for keeping her copywork in this year.  Her favorite color is pink and she loves floral designs.  She’s one of my girliest girls.   This cute floral folder can be purchased for $1.99 at Staples.

I also wanted to show these new Just for Kids Bic writing utensils.  They have great grips for beginning writers as well.  You can choose between the pen or pencil.  We don’t let our kids write in pen in school but the pencil is so awesome for them!  I’m going to have to do some price matching and get a few more of these!  I never thought I’d like mechanical pencils for my kids, but this is pretty neat and they love using it!  The pencil is sold from Staples for $3.49.  The pen is available for the same price.  

The whole box is a great assortment of erasers, pencils, pencils, more folders, and so much more!  We won’t have too much back to homeschool shopping to do but I’m definitely going to be price matching and checking with Staples for my homeschool needs this year!

 You can enter to win in the giveaway below!  I’d love to hear what your favorite school supplies are and what you will be buying for your kids!  Where do you normally do your back to school shopping?

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Bible Studies for Children

I consider our Bible Studies for children to be totally separate from our actual school work.  We have Bible in our school too, but I want more for my kids because we tend to miss Sunday school a lot.  I have yet figured out how to get the extra sleep I so desperately need and get everything together to get us all to Sunday School at 9:30 consistently.  I know it’s possible, but just not in the cards for us right now.  It’s our season of life right now.

Anyway.  So our Bible Studies is different.  It’s a Bible studies for children.  Think of it as a personalized Bible study that I share with my kids.    

Back to Homeschool Blog Hop
Welcome to Day 2 of our Back to Homeschool Blog Hop!  Today I’m talking Bible and how we incorporate more Bible time into our days.

This year I’m trying something different.  We reviewed the Moore Family Films dvd of ABC Say it With Me earlier and I knew that it was so good I wanted to do more with it.  So, I’m building our morning Bible studies off of it for this semester.

Each week we are taking a verse.  For our first week of school we will be doing letter A.  I am making some copywork to use with it, we will watch the “A” clip daily and by the end of the week it is my goal to have everyone memorize the verse.  I will memorize or re-memorize with them.  That verse will be up on our school board for the week as well.  I’m in the process of making a Bible Memory Verse chalkboard(you won’t want to miss this DIY project) to write our verses on.  We will also be doing fun things each week.  I’m thinking things like make the verse out of cookie cutter cookies, writing the verse outside with sidewalk chalk, making letters with bodies, etc.  Lots of fun things that hopefully will make learning our verses so much fun that the kids will remember them!

ABC Say it with Me

I will be sharing my copywork with you as well so make sure to check in weekly.  My goal is to have them up the Sunday of that school week.  Our official school week count will start on September 1st.  We’re doing school already, but it’s not part of the week count.  We haven’t officially started yet.  We do school year round but have two actual semesters to coincide with our local homeschool group that we work with.  

 What do you do for Bible?  Do you prefer a specific translation?

We use the KJV in our house.  All of my kids have their own Bible.  Well not baby yet, but she will soon have a Toddler Bible.  I am looking at getting new preschool type Bibles for our 3 and 4 year old as well.  All of the children’s Bibles are KJV as well except for the Toddler Bibles.  I have yet to find a storybook Bible that actually incorporates a version.  I could do a whole post on why we chose the KJV but this is not the time for it.

Now I know some might be curious what Bible courses we use in our school.  I highly prefer the Abeka Bible Curriculum.  It is wonderful!  But Bible is a daily part of ALL of our school, not just the Bible coursework.  We incorporate Bible with our Konos, we have Bible in our math(Mommy makes some of her own stuff up for this), we have Bible in our copywork and our handwriting, we have Bible in our reading, etc.  I think the Bible should be a daily part of our lives and showing up all over the place.

I know there is some controversy in the homeschool realm as to how structured Bible studies should be and how somber they should be.  Some don’t believe in making storybooks and tales about the Bible.  Some don’t use real Bibles.  It’s such a personal choice though to me.  My husband and I made our choice.  We did not ask other people, we did not take a poll.  We did however, spend time in prayer and I constantly feel led to change a small part or make something a bit different as my children age and I want them to take the Bible and the love of God seriously.  That being said I do allow my children to watch Veggie Tales and What’s in the Bible.  For young children I think we need to take a step back and let them learn however they can.  One of our biggest things has always been music.  If music is playing in our house it is Christian. 

Now, let me step back there a bit and say come back soon and I’ll share that revelation with you as it was a recent change to only Christian.  But my children love to sing.  They sing Jesus Loves Me as they swing.  They Sing God’s Not Dead as they clean house.  They sing Daniel Prayed when the baby is cranky.  I am tone deaf but I take every opportunity to share music and my love of music with my kids.

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