Just a Moment in Time

Just a Moment in Time

Blogging Through The ABC’s -Letter J

Just a moment in time.  Just a blink of an eye.  Just the time it takes a tear to fall.  Just the time it takes a babies laugh to sound.  

What are you doing with your moment in time?  Are you making it count?  Are you living for the future and what will be?  Are you living for the past and what has been?  Or is your focus on the here and the now?


Just a Moment in Time {Blogging the ABCs Letter J}


I think these are all questions we need to ask ourselves.  What are we living for.  We may only have just a moment in time but we can make that moment count.  I’m working on making my life not about what I’ll do tomorrow or next week. I’m learning to focus on today and make each day the best it can possibly be.

What am I finding out? I’m finding that just a moment in time is all it takes.  That’s all it takes for a hug.  That’s all it takes for an encouraging word.  Truly.  And guess what?  Those moments in time add up.  And they matter.  They matter to me and they matter to my children.  And by taking the time to make that moment in time special and memorable for that child I’m helping the next person they meet to not just have a moment in time but to have a good moment too.  

With bedrest comes long moments of reflection.  It also means that I could allow myself to be a captive audience for my child and all of my children.  I could take just a moment in time and dedicate it to making that one child feel loved and special.  I wasn’t looking at my to do list.  I wasn’t seeing all I needed to get done.  I was reading books.   I was kissing ouches.  I was making each moment I had count for me and for someone I loved.  

Having this time where I was literally just lying around thinking made me think(imagine that).  Not just think about myself and all I wasn’t able to do, but about all I WAS able to do and all that maybe I hadn’t been doing as much as I wanted.  I hadn’t been giving each child as much one on one time for school as I wanted to.  But now I was able to.  It has rearranged my days.  

Just a moment in time.  That’s all it takes guys.  Just think about it.  What are you doing with your moments?  Are you taking that spare moment to sit and check email?  Nothing wrong with that.  But is there a child asking for your help or your attention?  I know from experience that sometimes I need that moment to myself.  We all do.  But those moments shouldn’t add up to a long time.  Just remember that it’s just a moment in time.

That’s all we’re guaranteed you know.  Just a moment in time.  Just the moment we’re in.  Make the most of it.  Make it count.  I know I’m doing a lot more reflecting on what  I could be doing, what I should be doing.  I’m doing a lot more with my moments in time.  Those moments are meaning more hugs, more books read, and more feelings of love.  

My children won’t always be here.  When they’re grown and out of the house I’ll think back on these moments.  These moments that I thought were not that important.  They’re so important though.  We will never get to do them over.  Just a moment in time.  That’s all we get.  I think I’m going to go tickle a two-year old and cover a five-year old in kisses while I listen to another read me their read aloud.  Life is good.  This moment in time, it’s just a moment in time, but I’m owning it.  I’m making it last.  I’m making it count.

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All About The Eyes

All About the Eyes

Let’s talk all about the eyes.  Because it really is all about the eyes.  They’re one of the first things you notice about new people or even old friends.  Eyes are a window to the soul.

So let’s talk all about putting makeup on our eyes.  For me, my eyes are my best facial feature.  I’ve been told they’re striking and they change color too!


All About the Eyes


The first thing you’re going to need is a good eyeliner.  My favorite eyeliner is from Younique.  It’s smudge proof and isn’t washed away by swimming or tears.  None of their products are marketed waterproof but rather water resistant so you can still wash them off with soap and water.

This eyeliner is different from others in more than just it’s smudge proof.  It isn’t exactly a pencil but it’s a pencil.  Make any sense?  Maybe you should take a peek!  This eyeliner has a soft tip that is easy to sharpen and easy to use.  It’s not a gel liner but it’s not super hard either.  It reminds me of a crayon that has softened in the sun.

Now for some application tips!  I like to use two different eyeliner colors.  You use whatever color you decide to compliment your eyes on the outer area and white or silver on the inner corner.  This helps to make the eye appear more open and awake.  If you’ve never tried it you’re going to be amazed by how it looks!

My favorites to use are purple and white.  Younique has fun names for their eyeliners and the purple is called passionate while the white is named pristine.  All their eye and lip liners have names that start with P.  A cute naming system that helps them stick in your brain.  It’s all about the eyes ladies and having fun products helps to emphasize that!

After applying my eyeliner it’s time to move to the eyeshadows.  Yes, I said shadows.  You’re going to be using at least two but most likely three eyeshadows to highlight and open your eyes even more.  Like with the eyeliner you’re going to have a darker color to help and a lighter color to open.

So, what I do is choose a neutral natural type shade to go all over my eye.  Then I choose a darker color(normally close to the eyeliner I used) to put on the outer corner V area of my eye.  The inner corner of the lid I then put a light color on to help with opening the eye more and making them pop.  Everyone likes their eyes to appear bright and beautiful and that’s what we’re going for here.


All About the Eyes


Younique has some gorgeous eye pigments as well.  These are a powder that you use a brush to apply wet or dry to your eyelid.  You can get either matte or a shimmer.  For an example, I might cover my whole eye with sexy, put curious in the inner corner to brighten and open, and then use flirty or glamorous on the outer corner V of the eye.  


All About the Eyes


Another option is the new splurge cream eye shadows.  These need a special brush to apply and they’re more of a wet type shadow that stays put amazingly.  An example of what to use with these are elegant for the eye covering shade, dreamy for your inner corner, and noble for a nice purple on the outer corner V area.    

The last option for eyes includes the new eye shadow palettes that Younique has out.  They have three.  Palette 1 has warmer tones while 2 and 3 have cool tones.  I’m a cool tone kind of girl and palette 3 is my favorite.  It has shades of purple and pink that are suitable for a cool toned girl and really offset my blue eyes.  


All About the Eyes


Using palette 3 I will cover my whole lid in determined, put smitten on the inner corner for the brightening effect, and then place flippant on the outer corner V area.  If you like more sparkle cheeky is a gorgeous shade for that outer V as well.

The last finishing touch to the eyes is putting on your mascara.  Younique has a patented formula that they’ve just reformulated to be even better than ever called 3D+ fiber mascara.  It’s really simple to use.  You apply a coat of the gel on your upper and lower lashes of one eye.  Then you apply the fibers.   You then let the gel and fibers sit and dry a minute and place a sealing coat of gel on top of that.  You can repeat these three layers as many times as you want to get the desired effect.  


All About the Eyes


This is as far as I go with my eye makeup.  You can take it a step further though and use some brow gel and liner.  I haven’t figured them out yet myself.  They come in three different shades and are a new addition to the Younique line.  You can get light, medium, or dark.  I’ve heard great things and they look awesome on those I’ve seen use them.  I’ve just not been brave enough to try them yet!!

And there you have it!  All about the eyes with Younique eye makeup.  You’re going to love these products as much as I do.  If not, they do offer a money back guarantee.  The first time I tried Younique makeup I got the wrong shade of foundation and I just didn’t like it.  They were super helpful and told me to keep it and still refunded my money.  I’ve since fallen in love with several of their products.  The first one that was true love was the eyeliner.  I’m telling you that stuff is magic!!

As an added bonus in our all about the eyes exploration Younique just launched a liquid eyeliner in five shades for all you liquid eyeliner lovers!  I’ve never gotten the hang of it.  I’m still trying though as some of these are pretty colors!

If you’re wanting a quick pick me up remember it’s all about the eyes.  See how much better it makes you feel if you get your eye makeup figured out and just right.  It gives me a lot more confidence especially if I’m having a bad day or not feeling great.  It’s all about the eyes ladies.




Influencing Others Towards Good

Influencing Others Towards Good

Blogging Through the ABC’s -Letter I

In our daily lives we influence others.  I’m not talking about on the blog or internet, I’m talking about in our day to day lives, in our everyday lives.  We need to focus on influencing others towards good choices and good actions.  What are our actions and our choices telling them?  

More importantly, in my opinion, the others we need to be influencing are our children.  How can we be influencing others towards good if we’re not modeling that in our daily lives in front of them?  Now replace others with our children.  How can we be influencing our children towards good if we’re not modeling that behavior to them.


Influencing Others Towards Good {Blogging the ABC's Letter I}


I thought of replacing good with God in this title.  It would fit.  But I also wanted to be able to touch on some little things without having to tie them back into the theme and influencing others towards good just flowed better with that.  But do please be aware that I think we should always be living our lives in a way that is pleasing to God and influencing others towards Him.  Just be sure that that influence you’re having is a positive one.

In my daily life I like to think on how what I’m doing is influencing my children.  How is it affecting them?  How is it asking them to act?  Because they are going to mimic us.  If I’m sitting around all day on my phone or the computer chances are I’m not going to be able to get them to clean their room when asked.  If they don’t ever see me modelling a cleaning behavior they won’t consider it something that is part of daily life and needs done.

That’s why we have chore charts.  That’s why we have a daily schedule.  That’s why I’m trying to be very aware of how I’m spending my time and what I’m doing.  How am I influencing other towards good?  More importantly how am I influencing my children towards good.  

I love to read.  My mom loves to read and I’d see her reading.  I grew up reading.  Reading is a great activity.  But it can’t be the only activity we engage in.  My children love to read.  I like to think that part of that is because they see my love of reading and that I have influenced them in this way.  So daily we have a quiet reading time where we all sit somewhere that we find comfortable and read.  This has to be in their bedrooms or the living room.  

Now another aspect while we’re thinking on influencing others towards good and my love of reading is my blog.  I do book reviews.  I have an opinion on these books that I read.  I also only read and review Christian books.  So in this way I’m influencing those who may read my reviews towards good by pointing them towards good Christian fiction books.  Something so simple as what I read can be an influence.  

It’s also an influence to my children because they do pay attention to what I read.  I pay attention to what they read as well.  When we go to the library I look over the books they pick out and make sure that they are going to fit into what our family values and are appropriate for them to read.  I can explain this to them and also I can truthfully tell them that mommy would not read a book that I won’t let them read.  

What about you?  What in your daily life are you doing that is an influence to others?  Remember if you have children that they are always watching.  If you’re out and about or just spending a day at home, they’re watching you and wanting to imitate you.  Influencing others towards good seems to be a great motto to have while we’re training and growing our children.

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Homeschool History Lesson

Homeschool History Lesson

Blogging Through the ABC’s- Letter H

In our homeschool we love history.  It’s one of the things that drew my husband and I together as we met at a Civil War Reenactment.  So it’s only natural that we’d want to do our homeschool history lesson together.

Because my husband is self-employed his schedule can be different from most people’s.  He doesn’t have a 9-5 job and emergencies do happen.  He is home for supper though so our homeschool history lesson happens after supper!


the story of the world


Right now we are using a wonderful history curriculum called Story of the World.  We’re in volume 1 which covers Ancient Times right now but I can already tell that we’ll be continuing this curriculum.  We restart our homeschool year on January 1st so that’s when we started our new history.

I’ve talked to people about our homeschool a lot.  You’ll find when you’re around people who homeschool you do talk about homeschooling and what curriculum you use and how you implement it just because it’s something you’re all curious about.  When they heard how we did our homeschool history lesson I got a lot of mixed reactions.  People couldn’t believe that our kids could learn that late in the evening.  They wondered if the kids were retaining their knowledge.  They were also curious how we could work that in our schedule at that time.

It’s not always easy.  Yes they do retain it.  And we all love it!  Prior to making our homeschool history lesson at this time we would read books out loud together.  We expected our children to sit and listen and retain that knowledge.  They had to answer questions and we really wanted to make sure they understood the books we read to them.  We read things like the Chronicles of Narnia series, Anne of Green Gables, and other classics.

Switching to a homeschool history lesson really didn’t change our dynamic all that much.  We still were gathering as a family after supper and before bed preparations.  We were still reading a “story” together.  Because this curriculum is written as a story. It’s not written like a history textbook, and it’s geared towards kids.  It’s a perfect fit for us and our range of ages.

We do the activities and workbook type work the next day during our regular homeschool hours.  I can tell you that they do retain the information and normally they have some good questions for me the next day.  It’s a fun time to discuss again what we read and make sure the information sank in.  It’s also a great way to make sure that both my husband and I are involved in their schooling.  It doesn’t all happen during the hours he’s at work so that he can be present and a presence in their school lives.  After all, that’s half the joy of homeschooling!

Because we’re reading our homeschool history lesson in the evenings it is spacing it off from the rest of the school day.  I found with some of my kids that they were zoning out before we got to history during the day.  They did great with the other subjects but were schooled out by the time history came around and they weren’t retaining any of it.  This is a great way to make sure their brains are receptive and gives them a fun activity to do during the school day instead of having to sit and listen to me read when their brains have shut off.

What history curriculum do you use?  Is your homeschool history lesson fun and engaging or do your children struggle?  Mine were struggling.  I was struggling to maintain their attention and they were not learning.  That made me stressed which in turn stressed them more.  This has really eased some of the stress of our homeschool day and made homeschooling more of a joy again for us.


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Growing Old Together

Growing Old Together

Blogging Through The ABC’s -Letter G

I don’t know about you or your view of marriage, but I went into my marriage with the thought of growing old together.  There was no thought of oh maybe we’ll make it.  It was clear to me that we would make it and I was going to grow old together with my husband.


Growing Old Together {Blogging the ABC's Letter G}


Through my life I’ve seen people who go into marriage with an attitude other than growing old together and they don’t grow old together.  It’s sad in my opinion.  I think marriage is holy and we should go into it with a thought of growing old together with our spouse.

Now before people start talking about well what if this and what if that.  Let me say that yes I do believe that divorce can and should be an option if one of the partners is abusive and in some cases when they are unfaithful.  Let me explain that one.  If someone is unfaithful and then repents and is truly repentant, I don’t believe divorce is immediately necessary.  I view some reconciliation as being needed there.  

Most of the time that I’ve seen divorce happen it’s because neither party truly wants to work on their marriage or maybe one party does but the other doesn’t, so they divorce.  The going gets hard so people end their marriage.  

My grandparents were married for 68 years before my grandma passed away.  That was my example growing up.  Well one of them.  My other set of grandparents divorced when I was two years old.  I had a choice you see.  I could choose to follow either set of grandparents.  I chose the ones that stayed together.  

They were my favorite set of grandparents.  I loved the teasing they shared, the banter, the love.  That’s what I wanted for myself when I was old enough to marry.  That’s the marriage I wanted to model for my children.  I knew I wanted to grow old together with my spouse and have all those memories to share with my children and someday grandchildren.

I’m not saying that growing old together is going to be easy.   On the contrary, it’s going to be hard.  You’re going to have to work together to overcome challenges and obstacles.  You’re going to have differences of opinion.  You’re not always going to feel “in love” with your spouse.  That’s when you have to remember that love is a choice.  And you chose to love this person enough to marry them.  Why?

If you can remember your why’s for marrying them you’re going to have much more success in growing old together.  Also, something that has been helpful to me is having an older couple to have as mentors.  They can help you know how to overcome some of the hurdles in your marriage.  

The most important thing though(in my opinion) is having God in the center of your marriage.  Before you get married really make sure that you’re following God’s path for your life and this is the person God has for your spouse.  Make sure that growing old together is the common goal.  Discuss what you’ll do when you have disagreements.  Do marital counselling with your pastor.  I can’t stress how important really getting in-depth together and in tune together with God will help your marriage.

What about you, what are your thoughts on marriage?  Do you believe it should be entered with the common goal of growing old together?  Why or why not?

I do want to say that yes I know there are instances when divorce is necessary as I stated above.  It was necessary for my aunt when she divorced.  Necessary for her and her daughters to be safe.  Not all divorces are necessary though.  And those are the ones that make me sad for all parties involved.  

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Fashion for Today

Fashion for Today

Blogging Through the ABC’s -Letter F


Fashion For Today {maternity edition}


My fashion tends to stay the same.  The fashion for today focuses on maternity though.  Since I’m pregnant my fashion has to have a few tweaks so that I can remain modest and yet comfortable through the months of pregnancy.

Fashion for today for me is different than it is for many people.  I like to wear skirts and dresses.  I never realized how hard it was to find skirts and dresses that were modest and yet also maternity until recently.  When you do find them, they’re normally pretty expensive. 

I recently decided to give stitch fix a go.  They now offer maternity boxes which is just what I needed!  I got my first box the other day.  I had left notes for the stylist to tell them about my style but I’d forgotten to say what colors I enjoy and what colors definitely don’t look good on me as well as styles, etc.

For those who might not know, Stitch Fix hand chooses via a stylist five pieces for you and your wardrobe and they mail them to you.  You get a few days to look them over and then send back what you don’t like.  If you like it, you keep it.  There is a $20 styling fee but that is taken off the price of any of the articles you choose.

My box contained an infinity scarf in a lumberjack type shirt flannel print.  I’m not a huge scarf wearer and definitely did not keep this one.  Red and black lumberjack print is not my thing.  I have red hair.  Just did not go together well.

Next I  pulled out a pretty blue dress.  It was a gorgeous color but had ruching on the side that did not line up with where my natural waist is and just didn’t look very nice on me.  It was lined and a nice knee length so it could have been worn with or without leggings.  A nice dress was on my list of things that I wanted but sadly I had to send it back.

The next piece I didn’t even try on.  It was a cardigan.  I love cardigans!  This one was an open drape front which is fine with me but it was tiny black and white checks.  For some reason this style of print just did not appeal to me so back in the box it went.

Fourth item I pulled out was a blue and pink print loose type maternity top with a pocket.  It was a bit see through and the pink was a coral that made me looked washed out.  


Fashion for Today {stitch fix maternity}


At this point I was beginning to despair a bit.  And then I pulled out my keeper item.  A nice black t shirt with ruching on the side.  It can be longer or shorter depending on the ruching and I was in love. It easily dresses up a skirt for church or works with a denim skirt for everyday!  Also a cardigan looks super cute over it.

I do apologize that I’m having to take the photos inside and with my phone in a mirror, but it’s cold outside.  And I don’t have anyone else handy to take photos unless you want just the belly which is what my kids focus on!


Fashion for Today {stitch fix maternity}


So all in all my first stitch fix and my fashion for today brought me a new top to style several ways.  I learned that I needed to add more information to my stitch fix profile and notes and can’t wait to try again.

Some of their items are pricey while others are reasonable.  Others might find all their prices reasonable, but as a frugal mom of 9 soon to be 10 I would have a hard time spending almost $100 on a dress.  I mentioned this in my review as well.  They have you review all the items in your box and give them feedback so they can better style you next time.  I think this is going to be a great service for me and am looking forward to hopefully getting a few new spring pieces next month.

Did I mention that you get a prepaid envelope to send the pieces you don’t like back in?  That really sealed it for me.  I can just toss that in my mail box and I don’t have to go to the post office with all the kids.  It’s easy!  I really don’t like clothes shopping either so if I can get the stylist to understand what I do and don’t like then this is going to be awesome I do believe!  Have you tried stitch fix before?  What was your experience like?

So my fashion for today remains the same.  Maxi type skirts or denim skirts that are maternity with t shirt type tops and cardigans.  I’m hoping to branch that out and change it up a bit but for now it looks to be staying the same.

Let me mention that both the skirts I’m wearing in these photos are from Deborah and Co.  They’re both awesome maternity skirts as well and so so so comfy.  If you’ve never tried their clothing line you should check it out!


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Everyday Routine

Everyday Routine

Blogging Through the ABC’s -Letter E


Everyday Routine


I don’t know about you, but having an everyday routine really helps my children and I to maintain the right attitude throughout the week and to know what is expected of us daily.  That doesn’t mean that everyday is exactly the same, but it does mean that the normal schedule is followed throughout the week.  Sundays tend to have a little more leeway of course because church is added in there.

What does your everyday routine look like?  My everyday routine stays the same Monday through Friday, as do my children.  Well for the most part.  You’ve got to figure in doctor’s visits and such in there but I try to keep that all limited to the afternoon so that our mornings can all be the same and include school.

Ready for a peek at my everyday routine?  Here goes!

I tend to wake up at 6am.  I should get up earlier and that’s in the process for me as I’m currently redoing a bit of my routine to include some early morning exercise and such.  If I don’t do it in the morning I don’t have the energy or the time it seems.  Of course, first on my agenda is going to the bathroom(I am pregnant after all) and then getting dressed and doing some personal hygiene type things.  

Next, I’m going to put the water on to boil for our morning oatmeal.  We have oatmeal most mornings as it’s filling and cheap for our large family.  I can buy oats in a 50lb bag from our Azure coop and we top with honey, dried fruit, and cinnamon.  So good. 

While I’m waiting for the water to boil I’m doing devotionals and saying good morning to my kids as they start to stagger out of bed.  I have some early risers who are awake before me and some that I have to drag out of bed.  We’re still working on waking up a bit nicer and being a bit faster for some of the kids, but we’re getting there!

By now I’m adding the oats and turning down the water.  The kids are getting dressed and doing their chores.  Morning chores are making the bed, getting dressed, and then they each have at least one other chore assigned to them, even down to the two year old.  They’re all expected to put their dirty clothes in the hamper and brush their hair/teeth.  But other chores would be cleaning their room, picking up the bathroom, matching socks, folding laundry, sorting hampers, taking dirty clothes baskets down to the laundry, etc.  Two also have outside chores to perform in the morning.

The goal is for everyone to have their chores done when breakfast is ready so we can all sit down and eat together.  That doesn’t always happen of course, but we’re getting closer daily!  After breakfast everyone takes care of their own dishes by putting them in the sink and then it’s free play or finish chores until school time.

I tend to also be sweeping and doing some household things likes dishes and laundry while I’m fixing breakfast and while the kids are having free play.  My chores rotate out in a schedule so that all rooms of the house get special attention at least one day a week from me.  This includes mopping, deep cleaning, etc.  My everyday routine has some variations during this time but only by what room I’m focusing on.

Next comes school.  The kids don’t all do the same subject at the same time because I can’t help them all at their different levels at the same time.  So two will do their math while two do handwriting and some others do their independent reading or spelling.  That way only one or two need my full help at a time.  We do school from around 9 until noon most days.  Noon is our lunch break.  We tend to do leftovers or easy lunches so that if not all the school was done before we can finish it.  Also afternoons are the running around time.  If we need to go take someone to the doctor, eye doctor, etc that’s done at this time.  Plus once a month I have a food coop called Azure we go to in the afternoon.  

I normally start supper around 4:30 and the kids have to start picking up any messes they may have made.  During the afternoon if we’re not going anywhere we may do some extra school or they may play outside, practice piano, or play board games.  Occasionally we’ll have a treat and watch a movie.  Or they can read books.  We’re avid readers in this house.

I do tend to work and play around with our everyday routine to try to get it to the best it can be for our needs.  For instance, trying to add exercise into my routine.  We also are relaxed on Saturdays.  Other than chores the kids are pretty much free to play or help daddy/mommy with things.  Sunday is our church day.  And there you have short and sweet version of our everyday routine.



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Decidedly Feminine

Decidedly Feminine

Blogging Through the ABC’s- Letter D

I don’t know about you, but I like to be feminine.  I like for other people to know that I’m a lady.  I consider myself decidedly feminine.  


Decidedly Feminine


There have been times that I wasn’t quite so feminine.  It was all I could do on days to pull on a pair of pajama pants and one of my husbands t-shirts.  I’d throw my hair in a ponytail and that’s all I’d do for the day.  I would be embarrassed if anyone just happened to pop over.  My husband didn’t especially feel I was attractive.  I personally did not feel good about myself or the way I looked either.  I was worn down.  I was tired.  I was overwhelmed.

I decided to take action.  I decided to be decidedly feminine.  Now I make sure that I get real clothes on everyday.  And I do it early in the day soon after rising.  I put my hair up or half up in a pretty flexi clip from Lilla Rose.  They help me to feel feminine.  

I like to wear skirts.  I feel feminine and pretty in a skirt or dress.  Dresses don’t make up as much of my wardrobe simply because I’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding so many years that they weren’t practical.  At some point in my life I’m hoping I can bring them back!

I have a favorite skirt.  It’s the Rainbow Denim Skirt from Deborah and Co.  I have it in regular and maternity and I find that it’s my go to skirt for wearing around the house or out and about.  I’d love to add this dress to my closet at some point!

Another decision I made was to stop wearing my husbands t-shirts.  I could find something that fit me that emphasized I was a woman without making me feel on display or being uncomfortable for me to move.  I settled on plain colored t-shirts in a feminine cut.  They fit well and look nice on me.  Sometimes they’ll have a v in the front but that’s okay because I normally layer them with a tank top or a nursing tank so that I feel more covered.  It also helps me to feel that my extra weight is held in a little better.

I also wash my face every morning when I get up.  Simply washing my face is a great way of helping me wake up and feel actually awake and capable of taking on the day!  I love my L’Bri facial system.  It’s a face wash, toner, and lotion trio.  I use the Deep Pore Trio currently and it’s amazing!!

After washing my face I’ll get the kids breakfast and start my coffee for the day.  After I set them down to eat breakfast I’ll go back to the bathroom and quickly apply some makeup.  On days I stay at home I love a soft natural neutral low key doesn’t take much look.  When I’m going to be out and about I take more care with my makeup.  Even  if I’m extremely rushed and behind I try to always put on mascara and eye shadow/liner.  It makes me feel pretty and feminine so it’s worth it!  You can check out one of my makeup posts for more information on what I use and how it looks!

If I’m going out I’ll try to spruce up a bit with some jewelry.  I don’t own a lot and none of it is high dollar, but I do have a few favorite necklaces and I love earrings.  I found that I rarely wore earrings.  The dangly ones would get caught in my hair.  So now I wear the dangly ones that I love when my hair is all up!  

Another fun way that I’m being decidedly feminine is in my aprons!  I love a good frilly cute apron.  Come on ladies!  If you’re going to wear aprons at least make sure they’re cute.  I even got two sets of matching mom/child aprons.  They’re so pretty.  I need to find a pattern and make some more aprons for myself.  They cover my clothes and still make me feel pretty.

I’m also finding a love of sweaters.  I don’t wear them much around the house since we have a woodstove and we stay toasty, but they’re replacing the sweatshirts that I’d throw on when I left the house.  There are so many cute sweaters and sweater designs out there ladies.  Try some on and find one that makes you feel lovely.

Another small thing that I’m doing is trying to have my nails done.  I don’t like to paint my nails because I hate when they chip.  I also don’t like the chemicals in commercial nail polish.  Instead I use Jamberry nail wraps.  They’re non toxic and work wonderfully.  They tend to last 1-2 weeks even when all the stuff I throw at them.  Plus they have some super cute decidedly feminine designs!


Blogging the ABCs- a new blog series


Let’s Talk Makeup

Let’s Talk Makeup

Recently I’ve been striving more to take care of myself and make myself feel better about who I am and how I look.  I’ve struggled with self image quite a bit from my early years on up through present day.  I also want to be a good role model for my girls which means I need to stop being so hard on myself.

So let’s talk makeup!


let's talk makeup


Makeup can be a great tool to help you feel a bit better about certain parts of your face, but it should never be used as the only show of your worth.  I may not wear makeup every day.  I may not even wear makeup to go out.  I don’t feel I have to have it in order to feel good about myself.  It’s just something I use to help me feel better about myself.

A weird fact is that wearing makeup tends to give me more confidence in myself and make me more productive.  I think this has to do with the fact that we don’t feel as vulnerable when we’re wearing makeup.  We have more confidence because we feel we look our best, to the point where wearing permanent makeup seems like a viable option.

I have three primary brands that I use for makeup.  I love them all, but for different products and reasons.  I’ll be sharing more about them and will also do a mascara comparison between three brands that I like to use.

Today let’s talk about L’Bri.  I stumbled across L’Bri on another blog actually.  I was actually coming to my wits end about facial products.  Not makeup mind you, we’re talking cleansers and such.  I had been using name brand products that you can buy at the store and they weren’t working.  I was still breaking out with cystic acne and my face was oily in spots while dry in others.

This blog raved about L’Bri.  I trusted this blogger and decided to sign up as a consultant with the company.  My kit included full size facial cleanser, freshener, and moisture lotion.  I experimented and found that the deep pore or combination skin care sets worked best for me.  I was sold on this company.  My cystic acne was all but gone and my skin looked and felt better.


lbri skincare


In my kit I also got makeup to try out.  Now I wasn’t really interested in the makeup.  I thought I had a brand that I loved and trusted.  A brand that was good for my skin too I thought.  Nope.  I started comparing ingredients and tried out the L’Bri makeup. Let’s talk makeup from L’Bri.  The number one ingredient in all L’Bri products is Aloe.  Aloe is so so so good for your skin.

A part of the consultant kit is this awesome glamour kit.  It has several foundation shades to try out, blush colors, eye shadows, and even some brow colors!  It also has a handy chart that tells you your cools versus neutrals versus warm colors.  That was so helpful to me as I was still trying to figure that out for myself.  I knew I was a cool but I didn’t know what colors complimented that!  I was still really new to wearing makeup at all.  Maybe the reason I’m all let’s talk makeup is because I didn’t have anyone saying that to me!


Let's Talk Makeup Collage


I soon found that I loved most of the makeup from L’Bri and started wearing it.  I’ve found that their products are great combined together.  They layer well and compliment each other.  Plus I was so in awe that I didn’t get oil spots all over my forehead, nose and chin!

If I’m wearing a full face of L’Bri(as in if I’m dressed up to go out of the house), I’ll put on concealer under my eyes to cover up the circles and on any blemishes I might have.  Next comes the liquid foundation.  i use foundation #1 because I’m a fair type of girl.  Next comes my powder foundation.  A light dusting of blush follows.  After that I move to my eyes.  I use two different eye liners and three shadows plus mascara.  Right now L’Bri is reformulating their mascara so the only one available is their 3D Cashmere.  I loved their old brown mascara though and can’t wait to see the new formula.  As for lips, I love the lipstick.  I tend to put on some vitamin E stick and let it soak before I go to bed and then apply lipstick once I have my makeup on.  I love the cool shades.  I have cool skin tones and love that L’Bri helps me find out which shades of their makeup compliment my skin tone.

In the picture below you can see these products!


Let's Talk Makeup


During the month of February L’Bri has some great customer specials going on!!  Spend $75 and get a FREE makeup bag.  All sales over $60 get FREE shipping PLUS a free gift that you get to choose.  Also ALL makeup is 25% off this month include two new lipstick shades.  I’m pretty excited about this and hope you are too!


Let's Talk Makeup


I also have a special that I can’t wait to share with you for the month of February.  The first four people who sign up as consultants under me will be sent a number to redeem that will give you $100 coupon for FREE L’Bri products.  Imagine how much makeup that would buy while they’re on sale!  Simply sign up or contact me for more information.  I love to talk makeup so let’s talk makeup!  Send me your questions or sign up and be added to some awesome support groups.


Let's Talk Makeup


Please feel free to share your questions below.  I’m always happy to answer them!  Do you have a favorite makeup brand?  I still have two more to share about as well as compare some mascara photos with you.  So let’s talk makeup this month!!




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Chaos Combined

Chaos Combined

Blogging Through The ABC’s– Letter C

Guys let’s be honest here.  My house is chaos.  Chaos combined with chaos.  


Chaos Combined


In our small house we have 11 people(and a baby due in June) plus three German Shepherds and two cats.  We have four bedrooms.  They’re small but all of them are bigger than my kitchen.  The kitchen that I’ve squeezed two refrigerators and soon two stoves into.  Only possible because there is no counter space.  We’re talking small house here.

Chaos combined upon chaos.  We have currently nine children.  The oldest turned 11 yesterday.  Soon we’ll have 10 children age 11 and under.  Four of those children have special needs.  Add to that the three dogs and two cats, oh and of course we can’t forget the two parents!  This 1100 sq ft house gets small fast.

Some of the ways I control our chaos is by having a schedule.  Chaos combined upon chaos can’t be fully contained by a schedule but it’s a great way to start.  I’ve found by implementing a daily routine the kids know what is expected of them when(even if they don’t do it) and things can run a little smoother.

A major thing that has helped to control our chaos is decluttering.  I’m not sure it that is actually a word, but it’s something I do weekly.  I ask myself a series of questions.  Is this something I need?  Do I use this?  Is this something I think is beautiful?  Is this something that I value?  Is this something that is helping our family?

That may seem like a weird list of questions, but it stems from some wise words I read once stating that you should only keep things that you felt were beautiful or that were useful.  It’s very true in our small home.  Clutter makes me feel horrible.  It can actually make me feel physically ill.  So it’s very important to me that our house does not have clutter.  Clutter adds to chaos.  

The actual quote that stems from is “If you want a golden rule that will fit everybody, this is it:  Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”  This quote was made by William Morris(1834-1896) and is something that I have taken to heart.  Now there are things in my home that are not beautiful that are useful or that my kids have a special attachment to.  But my chaos is not chaos combined upon chaos due to those things.  They’re not worth upsetting our household over.

Chaos combined upon chaos to me is excess clothing and laundry. It’s my kids having so many clothes that they can’t decide what to wear.  To help control this chaos I have a minimalist approach to our clothing.  Now don’t get me wrong here.  All my children have plenty of clothes.  This is something that I often have to do though.  My kids have a set area for their clothes to fit in.  If their clothes are overflowing and spilling out it’s time to purge some clothing.  

I used to store tubs of clothes for the off season and I don’t do that anymore.  That has decreased my chaos because I don’t have stacks of tubs everywhere in my storage area!!  They were not beautiful and truly they were no longer useful. You see, I’m blessed to have people who care about us and give us their hand-me-downs.  My mother and I are both great seamstresses as well.  Of course, the chaos combined that is my life doesn’t exactly give me time to do much sewing, but my mom volunteers to do our mending.  She also works at a thrift store and can get us clothes if we need something specific.

So you see the chaos combined that is called clothing clutter was something that I could eliminate from my life.  It made me happier and decreased our clutter and our chaos.  It also helped my children to not become overwhelmed when they were choosing clothes for the day.

Another way that I have decreased the chaos in our life is to be a bit creative in our storing of things.  I buy things in bulk.  We’re blessed to have a friend who can get us buckets with locking lids.  I store our bulk goods in these and place them in our cellar.  That decreases the space they take up in our house but allows me to be a good steward of our money.

Another creative storage that I was able to do last year was to buy a pot rack.  The pot rack hangs over my dishwasher.  I can hang our pots and several baskets filled with teas and coffees and sippy cups, etc on the hooks from that pot rack.  I can also place pots and bowls on top of the pot rack.  That really helps because as I mentioned, I have almost no counter space which creates chaos on my available work space.  

I could go on with other ways on how I decrease the chaos combined upon chaos in our house, but I’ll save that for another post.  Make sure you take the time to pop over and read the other Blogging Through the ABC’s posts as well.  I’m really enjoying this series and hope you are too.  Hopefully I’m not just rambling!!


Blogging the ABCs- a new blog series