Why Each Day is Special

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series

I’ve touched on this before in other posts, but thought I’d reiterate why each day is special in my Why on Wednesdays series.  

You never know what day may be your last on Earth or what day might be the last day for a loved one.  I think I get this a bit more than others do in my head and my heart because we are still in limbo with some of our children.  By limbo I mean that we are not their biological parents but we’re also not their adoptive parents.  We are their parents, but we do not have all the legal rights.  The court could decide one day that they no longer like the placement of the child with us and remove them.  That scares me!  I mean really scares me!  I love all my kids.  They each have a part of my heart and it makes no difference how they came into this world.  They are all created by God to be in our family.

Now back to the topic at hand.  Whether you are a parent or a sibling or a child, this pertains to you.  Life is short.  You are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Make the most of today.  Make each day special.  Yesterday we moved the dining room table into a new and unique position so that two games of Candyland could be played simultaneously by my children while baby and I swept and cleaned the floor.  

THIS is what life is about.  Making memories.  You don’t have to forego all your chores or not keep a clean house, but make it fun!  Play games!  Let your kids help you cook and clean.  Teach them in ways that you won’t regret if you don’t get a tomorrow with them.  Show them God’s love in your love.  Show them how to love and to live each day to the fullest as if it is their last.  Dance to the music only you can hear and sing the songs that no one else knows the words to.

I can tell you now, my kids remember better the things we do in fun.  They are remembering how much fun it was to do this or that with mommy, and the great thing is that they are also learning.

Each day is a gift.  There was a quote that was all the rage when I was in junior high school that went something like “Each day is a gift, that is why it’s called the present.”  Keep this in mind.  Each day is a gift, make it special, make it count, and leave a mark that is positive for those you love.

Why Having a Fire Plan is Important

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series

This week on Why on Wednesdays, I want to talk about fire safety and why having a fire plan is important.  If you have kids or even if you don’t, you should have a plan in place for your home in case you have a fire.

You may be wondering why I’m suddenly talking safety with you guys.  I know this is sudden, but we had a small house fire the other day and it made me really start to think about fire safety and what my kids know.  Do they know what they should do in case of a fire?  Do I know what to do in case of a fire?

So, first off where are the exits in your home?  Do your kids know how to get out of your house?  You should have an exit or exit plan for each level of your home.  If you have a second story make sure there is a rope ladder or someway that you can get out without having to go to a separate floor.  If you have a basement, you need an access as well.

Where are you meeting?  Do you have a designated fire spot?  We used our van for our fire.  It was in the middle of the night and cold out so the we all went to the van.  It was very easy to change our safe location due to the kids all having been asleep and me herding them out half asleep.  It just needs to be somewhere that everyone knows that is a safe distance from the house.

Other important things to think about.  Do you have a fire extinguisher?  Is it somewhere accessible?  Do you have working smoke detectors?  Have you checked the batteries lately?  These are all important things to consider when you’re wanting to avoid any extra stress during a stressful time.

And remember, a fire is very scary for a child.  Firemen are scary to some children.  So, if you have access to a local fire station, it would make a great field trip!  Let the kids see the fire engine and the men in their full equipment so it won’t be as frightening to them when it is the real thing.

Remember to take precautions to help prevent fires and to make sure you have your exits cleared and accessible at all times.

Why Birthdays are Important

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series

This Why on Wednesdays post about why birthdays are important is a bit different than the others I’ve posted because this week marks 9 years since my oldest was born.  On the 30th my daughter will be 9.  Now you might be wondering what this has to do with anything?  Well keep reading!

I know some people who don’t celebrate birthdays.  It’s just another day.  Nothing special about it.  They don’t do presents, they don’t do special foods, they don’t do ANYTHING.  Well, we’re not one of those people.

I believe that birthdays are important.  I think we should celebrate.  We should not only celebrate that our child has gotten another year older and all they have learned and accomplished, but we should celebrate that God chose to give them to us for yet another year.  Really we should celebrate every single day that we have with our children, our spouse, or merely our loved ones.

Each day we are on this Earth is a special day.  Each day that we get to spend with our family is a special day.  How many days do you say “I can’t wait until today is over” or “Is it bedtime yet?”  I know that I have done the second one more than I want to admit.  In the evenings, as the day is done and the kids are tired and cranky, I am ready for them to go to bed.  I can admit it.  But what I should be doing is reminding myself that these are my kids and what would happen if this was the last day I had with them.  Maybe their cranky could be cured by a hug?

My challenge for myself and for you is to remember as you’re about to snap at a child or when you’re ready to throw in the towel, is to find something good about the day.  Focus on that good.  Then thank God for the good AND the bad.

Remember each day is a gift and we should thank the Giver of all.

Why I Love Genealogy

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series

So, I was talking with a new friend the other day and we happened to get on the subject of genealogy. That made me go “Oh I know what my next Why on Wednesdays blog post is going to be!” You guessed it! I have a neat genealogy story to share with you.

I love history. So, it stands to reason that I’d love my history and want to know about my genealogy. Luckily for me(I’m super busy for some reason) my parents both like genealogy as well and have some wonderful stories to share with me!

This is a story that my dad has passed to me that I want to share with you.  It is a tale about part of my family during the Revolutionary War.  No name changes needed, oh wait. . . . maybe they are or were rather.

Yes, that’s right.  There was a name change in my family tree during the Revolutionary War.

Here is how the story goes.  My way too many greats to count Grandfather was on his way home from a meeting when he was stopped by a British officer.  On his person was a card saying simply this “SWAIM”.  When questioned about this card my grandfather(who didn’t want to be in trouble) simply said that was his last name.  Swaim.  Well, that was not his last name but it was from that day forth.  You see, the card actually said S.W.A.I.M. (or would have if they believed in punctuation) because it stood for Sworn Warriors Against Invading Monarchs. . . . umm yeah I think telling the officer the true meaning of SWAIM just might have gotten him into a wee bit of trouble!

And so, in history from that time forward my family name was Swaim.  There are still some out there.  Of course, in my tree the Swaim married another and the last name changed, but it is still a neat bit of genealogy to me.

Do you have any neat, crazy, or interesting things in your family tree?  I have others and someday I’ll share my grandma’s story with you but this one was on my mind and I thought some of you might think it was fun.  I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

Why I Homeschool

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series


As we begin a new year I thought I’d share a bit of why I do what I do.  This week let’s talk about homeschooling.

People homeschool for a variety of reasons and many of those reasons play a part in why my husband and I decided to homeschool.  But my number one reason is not about my kids education per say.  Shocked? Now what if I told you my number one reason is purely selfish?  Yeap it is!

The number one reason I homeschool is because I can’t imagine being away from my children for that long five days a week, every week.  Yes I know they’d get breaks and summer off, but that’s not the same.  Where we live the schoolbus goes by at 7am and doesn’t come back past until a bit after 4pm.  So that is 9 hours that my children would be away from home.  So say they’d get up at their normal 6 am and get ready for school in a rush so they could get on the bus, and our bedtime was still at 8pm that would only leave a total of 5 hours that they would be awake and I’d be able to interact with them, but you’d have to add doing homework and chores in there too.  How would I spend time with each of my kiddos?  As soon as they started school the only time you could spend more than a few minutes at a time would be on the weekends.  They would still have their homework on weekends too.  Oh and that’s not counting any extra after school stuff either.

I’m selfish.  I want to be the one seeing that look of understanding come across my kids face when they get that new math concept or sound out their first really big word correctly.  I want to be the one they read their first book to.  See I told you I was selfish.

Another reason is that I want my kids to know what they’re learning.  I want to make sure that they’re not learning something I don’t approve of.  And I’m not just talking about what the teachers are teaching them.  I’m talking about what the kids are saying too.  Let’s face it, kids teach kids more than teachers teach kids.  Now that being said, my kids do still play with other kids.  They’re not hermits!  In fact as my daughter now is making out a list of invitations for her birthday party I’m wishing we were hermits!  Wow, that’s a long list.  They have homeschool friends, they have church friends, they have more cousins than I can count, they have neighbors, and the list goes on.

I love homeschooling my kids.  I love getting to spend time with them every day.  I love the questions.  I love the learning.  I love my learning with them.  I learn patience.  I learn how to connect with them on their level again.  I love that I can teach them life skills as I’m teaching them school.  We get to count helping mommy cook as school.  We get to count grocery shopping as school too if they help make the list, calculate cost per pound, etc.  We get to do field trips anytime we want!  I mean really?

Homeschooling is not easy though.  You have to be dedicated.  You have to be able to keep yourself on a schedule as well as your kids.  But that’s a whole different post to come at another time.

Now before I end this post I do want to also mention that some of my best friends send their kids to public school.  Their children are fine.  They have great relationships with them.  I am not saying that everyone has to homeschool or that homeschooling is the only way to go or saying you’re a horrid parent for not homeschooling.  Homeschooling is not for everyone.  Not everyone can do it and not everyone should do it.  It is a decision only you or you and your spouse can make.

If you have any homeschooling questions please feel free to ask them.  But please keep it nice guys.  This is not meant to point fingers or poke fun or start a war of who is a better parent.  This post is simply meant to share my thoughts and why I do what I do.  We’re all different.

Why I Blog

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series

To kick off my blog series titled Why on Wednesdays I wanted to start by sharing why I blog.  I started my blog back in January of 2012 on free blogger.  The change to wordpress was a recent one.  Anyway that’s not about why I started blogging.

I am a stay at home mommy to 9 children and the only other “grown up” I see on a daily basis is my husband.  I wanted to be able to interact with other adults somehow and what a better way than to share my thoughts and opinions on my own little corner of the internet.  It was one of those things where I’d seen so many people making blogs and then abandoning them and I wanted to make sure I was going to want to continue with mine.  There have been times that I had to take a small break or needed to step back for a bit, but all in all I have felt that this was still something I should be doing.

I love having this little outlet into a world where I can talk to someone in Australia or Germany as easily as I can someone next door.  This is wonderful!

I have continued to blog for the outlet it gives me and also for some of the wonderful opportunities it has given me.  I have been blessed to become a part of the TOS Review Crew that gives us access to homeschool curriculum that we would otherwise never be able to afford and try out.  This is a true blessing for myself and my children as they get to try things and hopefully find what works best with their learning style.

In addition to homeschool reviews occasionally you will get to see other product reviews and even sometimes giveaways that I get to share with you because I blog.

One of my favorite things is to share recipes.  I love to cook, though I have less time to do it these days that I used to.  When I cook I like to post my recipes on here so that you have access to them.  They are going to be gluten free and sometimes dairy free as well.  Always they will have options or suggestions to make them allergy friendly.  I know how frustrating it can be at times to cook meals that fit into an allergy lifestyle.  In our house we are allergic to gluten, milk, and soy so those are things we avoid.  I also do some experimenting with egg free as we have friends who have to cook that way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of getting to know me and are looking forward to next weeks installment.  Please feel free to comment and let me know what you want to see more of here on this blog!  I love getting comments!


Why on Wednesdays

Why on Wednesdays

My new Weekly Series

Hello all!  I have decided to start this new year with a new series.  I am going to be doing a weekly series on Wednesdays called “Why on Wednesdays”.  Each week on Wednesday I will post an article that the title begins with the word why.  These will vary in topic from why I breastfeed to why I cloth diaper to why I like the color green.  Just random thoughts and things to help you get to know me and the thoughts behind my blog a bit better.

As always feel free to comment away on them and share around!  I want to get to know you just as much as I want you to get to know me!