Sweet and Sour Pork Loin Recipe

Sweet and Sour Pork Loin

A Gluten Free Dairy Free Large Family Recipe

Sweet and Sour Pork Loin Recipe

I love to cook and I love to come up with delicious, nutritious, and yet affordable foods for my family.  Being a large family with allergies to gluten, dairy, and soy this can sometimes be tough.  Today I bring you our Sweet and Sour Pork Loin recipes.  I love this one and it’s super simple!

A bonus is that this recipe is also Trim Healthy Mama friendly in addition to being delicious and it requires no special ingredients on your part. 

Sweet and Sour Pork Loin Recipe


What you’re going to need is a big pork loin, a red onion, a green pepper, and a large gallon size can of pineapple(no sugar added).  The pork loin I used was roughly 15 lbs.  You’re going to slice it up into one inch thick slices.

Okay, so for the prep you slice up your pork loin into one inch thick slices.  Slice up the green pepper into long strips.  Cut up the onion.  I like to leave my onion whole and slice it into thin circle type slices so that they remain large when cooking.  The reason behind this is I have a few picky eaters who will be picking them off.  

That’s it.  Pretty simple prep work for this one.

I bake mine in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit but I can see this being a wonderful crock pot meal as well.  Just make sure you cook it on slow for all day(6-8 hours) if you’re using the crock pot.


Sweet and Sour Pork Loin Recipe


The key to this is making sure that you marinate the pork loin in the pineapple and juice to get a good fully juicy meat.  I marinate for at least 24 hours.  We love our meat nice and moist plus it pulls apart so much nicer.  No knives needed.


Sweet and Sour Pork Loin Recipe
A delicious sweet and sour pork loin family the whole family will love!
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  1. 1 large pork loin (approximately 10 lbs)
  2. 1 medium red onion
  3. 1 large green bell pepper
  4. 1 gallon size can of pineapple
  1. Cut pork loin up into 1 inch thick slices.
  2. Place pork loin in the bottom of a large roaster or in layers in the crock pot.
  3. Pour the gallon of pineapple and juice over the top of the pork loin.
  4. Cut up the onion into circle slices and spread over the top of the pineapple.
  5. Cut the green pepper up into strips and layer over the top.
  6. Allow to marinate for at least 24 hours.
  7. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 hours.
  8. Serve over brown rice.
  1. If using the crock pot I recommend letting it cook on slow for 6-8 hours.
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Gluten Free Kielbasa Casserole

An old time family favorite is kielbasa casserole.  Thankfully it was one that we didn’t have to change much when we made our diet switch a few months ago.  It is very good and the kids all ask for seconds, plus it’s easy to make!  

gluten free kielbasa casserole

You can make this dairy free by subbing dairy free cheese in for the recipe.

Gluten Free Kielbasa Casserole

    rice(separate from casserole)
    frozen sweet peas
    frozen sweet corn
    cream of mushroom soup(recipe here)
    shredded cheddar or cojack cheese
cooked rice(I use brown rice–how much depends on your family size–I use 3 cups of uncooked rice)
    Since I use brown rice I have to boil the water, add the rice and then let it cook for 45-60 minutes.  While it is cooking I work on the other part of the casserole.

First take the kielbasa and cut it up so that you have bite size circles of meat.  Brown these in a skillet for a few minutes.  To this add the cream of mushroom soup, peas, and corn. 

Cover and simmer until the frozen veggies and tender and warmed throughout, stirring occassionally. 

Top with cheese and mushrooms and simmer until the cheese is melted. 

By now the rice should be done.  Place a spoonful of rice on plate and flatten out.  Ladle a spoonful of the gluten free kielbasa casserole over the rice and enjoy!