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Online Art Classes

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I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again.  I’m not an art person.  Drawing is not my strong point at all!  In fact, I’m horrible at it!  That’s why I’m so thankful for reviewing these online art classes from ArtAchieve.  We received the Entire Level 1 online subscription.



An entire Level of online art classes for my kids to use.  Level 1 is geared towards ages 5 and up or people with little to no background in drawing.  This would be me!  And this also encompasses all but one of my school age children.  My three year old is able to do some of these as well even though she is under the age level.  She’s also not the best at it, but it’s the fact she tries that is the best!

I do want to mention that some of the lessons will also list individual age ranks and such.  So for the level one Owl lesson it says for 2nd grade and up.


Online Art Classes


About the Program

ArtAchieve offers four levels to their online art classes.  They are progressive so Level 1 is the easiest and Level IV is the hardest.  The art supplies needed are easy to obtain and don’t cost large amounts.  Classes are easy to follow and explained well online.  

Some of the lessons contain what is called a Cross-Curricular Connections.  This is additional information that can be used to learn about the object of the drawing lesson.  Such fun!  It allows you to add in and make this a unit study almost.  Literature, history, geography, and music are included in most of these.  As a Charlotte Mason and unit study loving homeschool mom I’m all for these!


online art classes


Our favorite lesson would have to be the Welsh sheep because we loved all the extras and using this as a unit study.  Plus, we raise sheep so it was close to home for us too.

Though our favorite was the sheep we really enjoyed all the Cross Curricular Connections included with the Owl lesson.  Owls are so fun to learn about and now we can’t wait to the weather to warm up and stop raining so we can go look at them up close!


online art classes


Our Thoughts

My kids love arts and crafts time.  Even though they love it, it’s still something that I struggle with getting into our days.  Mainly because I’m not good at it and it’s messy.  Thankfully these online art classes don’t require a lot of clean up or prep work.


online art classes


As you can see from our attempts at the lessons my kids think it’s great fun!  I love watching them learn about art and growing in their art skills.

I enjoyed that he says to be silent while you draw.  Also that it’s okay not to like everything you’ve done.  To me this teaches that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well and also that no one is perfect all day everyday.  I love being able to teach some life lessons during school.

online art classes


online art classes


My youngest who worked on this program is 3.  Obviously, she did not do these correctly or even close to correct.  But she had fun and she is learning about lines and curves while using the program.  Also history!  And music appreciation are amazing things to be learning at age 3.

Learn More

If you’d like to learn more about the other levels of the program or what other reviewers of Level 1 thought hop over to the link up on the Main Homeschool Review Crew blog.  All the reviewers are linking up their reviews there and indicating which level it is so that it’s easier to tell which might interest you.  You can also find ArtAchieve on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, and instagram


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Homeschool Art Program {TOS Crew Review}

We recently got to review a new to us homeschool art program through the TOS Crew.  This program came to us from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.  We chose to review their Early Elementary K-3 Book One since almost all of my children fit into that age range.  And even the ones that are a bit older or a bit younger were still able to use the program with us.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. offers curriculum for art spanning from preschool through high school and also a few specialty type courses like sculpture.  A fun fact about this homeschool art program is that it not only teaches art but also some art history as well.  It also teaches about art appreciation and teaches observational skills.  It’s really an all around curriculum with the main focus being on art.


ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

I have to admit I’ve never found a homeschool art program that was the perfect fit for us.  I’m not an art person.  In fact, I’m horrible at art.  But this homeschool art program doesn’t require me to be an artist which is very helpful!

This homeschool art program that we received is for Early Elementary K-3 Book One- An Introduction to the Visual Arts.  It has 36 lessons with projects and is written by Brenda Ellis.  I used this book with all of my children ages almost 3-11 years old.  Since we really haven’t done a structured curriculum for art that we’ve loved it seemed a good idea to start everyone at the beginning!  And it saved me having to purchase a different level.  The age level on the book is age 5 and up.  I only have one child under 5 now so it worked well for us.  The list price of this book is currently $47.95 on their website.

A few things I really loved were that most of the art supplies we needed for the majority of projects in this book were ones we already had at home so I didn’t have to go out and try to find art supplies just to do a project.  Of course, some of the projects did require some special supplies, but we were able to skip those until we were able to find the needed supplies.  You can pick and choose how you go through the book without causing major problems.  


Homeschool Art Program {TOS Crew Review}


I do want to mention that the ARTistic Pursuits Inc. website does sell art packs as well.  There are three art packs to choose from for the particular level we used.  

We love how colorful the pages inside our physical book are.  Not only is it full color for the projects we’re working on but it’s full color for the original art work that we’re studying as well.  It’s engaging and definitely captures my children’s imagination and attention.  

The first section is on what artists do.  They compose, they imagine, etc.  It’s a great way to introduce art to a preschooler(or any child) and help them also learn who artists are and what they really do besides just make nice paintings.  There are great discussions and questions for each piece of art and step by step instructions on how to correctly use the technique being taught.  

For the artists imagine section of the book we worked with watercolors.  Not watercolor paints but watercolor crayons.  This was a totally new experience for my kids but they loved it!  Watercolor crayons were something that I did not have around the house so I had to purchase those.  We skipped this lesson until those came and it didn’t cause any problems with our art program.  We did talk about how artists imagine as we went through this section of the book and then came back for a more indepth look and to do the art project.

If you’re interested in seeing other grades and titles from this homeschool art program please feel free to hop on over to the Main TOS Crew Blog where you’ll find reviews of other levels and titles from other crew reviewers.  You can also find ARTistic Pursuits Inc on Facebook.


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