Why Birthdays are Important

Why on Wednesdays

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This Why on Wednesdays post about why birthdays are important is a bit different than the others I’ve posted because this week marks 9 years since my oldest was born.  On the 30th my daughter will be 9.  Now you might be wondering what this has to do with anything?  Well keep reading!

I know some people who don’t celebrate birthdays.  It’s just another day.  Nothing special about it.  They don’t do presents, they don’t do special foods, they don’t do ANYTHING.  Well, we’re not one of those people.

I believe that birthdays are important.  I think we should celebrate.  We should not only celebrate that our child has gotten another year older and all they have learned and accomplished, but we should celebrate that God chose to give them to us for yet another year.  Really we should celebrate every single day that we have with our children, our spouse, or merely our loved ones.

Each day we are on this Earth is a special day.  Each day that we get to spend with our family is a special day.  How many days do you say “I can’t wait until today is over” or “Is it bedtime yet?”  I know that I have done the second one more than I want to admit.  In the evenings, as the day is done and the kids are tired and cranky, I am ready for them to go to bed.  I can admit it.  But what I should be doing is reminding myself that these are my kids and what would happen if this was the last day I had with them.  Maybe their cranky could be cured by a hug?

My challenge for myself and for you is to remember as you’re about to snap at a child or when you’re ready to throw in the towel, is to find something good about the day.  Focus on that good.  Then thank God for the good AND the bad.

Remember each day is a gift and we should thank the Giver of all.