Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit

Do you have a kindred spirit?  Someone that you would describe as the Diana to your Anne?  I do!  And I feel so blessed to call her mine.

Maybe you’re not sure what makes a kindred spirit or where the term even comes from.  Have I blindsided you?  Well let me explain.

Kindred Spirit

Growing up Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite series of books.  I loved them.  I read them many times over.  And now, I’m reading them to my children.  And my children are loving them!  I also loved to watch the Anne of Green Gables movie and still do.  There’s just something special about the romance and relationship between Anne and Gilbert, but there is something equally as special in the friendship of Anne and Diana.  Maybe even more important than Anne and Gilbert is Anne and Diana

Our friendships are what shape us.  Having a kindred spirit is having someone who understands you.  Having one of those friendships where you don’t have to finish a sentence because they know what you’re going to say.  It is those times when you burst out laughing without saying a word because you know what they’re thinking.

It’s special.

Plain and simple.

Having a kindred spirit is like having yourself completed.  I’m not saying you can’t be complete without a friend like this, because you can, but it enriches and makes my life so much better to have mine.  I really feel blessed to have such a kindred spirit.

But what happens when you’re apart? What happens when life gets in the way?  When one person moves away things can get sad of course but guess what?!  Because you’re kindred spirits you can go weeks or months without talking and then get together and boom.  It’s like you were never apart.  The kindred spirits can start back up right where they were because that’s who you are.  You’re a part of each other.  You complete each other.

I have very few people that I call close friends.  The ones that I do consider my close friends I feel I can tell anything.  And the best part is that they are always there for me.  If I reach out even after years of not talking it’s like we have still been together.  Enrich your life by reaching out to your friends and finding your kindred spirit.  It’s worth it.

Balancing Homeschool and Housework

Balancing Homeschool and Housework

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents -Day 2

I don’t know about your homeschool, but mine is very time-consuming.  I have nine children.  I’m pregnant due in June.  We homeschool year round.  I have a tiny house.  My housework can pile up and my home quickly become unlivable if I don’t keep up with it.


Balancing Homeschool and Housework


It seems like all I’m ever doing is balancing homeschool and housework, or really just trying to.  It’s hard.  I won’t lie.  I have to do both at the same time and that means multi tasking.  It also means I must have a schedule.  A schedule set for when and how we do school and for when and how I do housework.

Balancing homeschool and housework is more than just making sure dirty dishes go in the dishwasher as soon as they’re done being used.  It’s more than making sure dirty laundry gets to the dirty hampers.  For me, it’s bigger things.  It’s keeping my house company ready(well good friend company at least).  It’s making sure my floors are swept at least twice a day.  It’s having a schedule for when I’m going to mop the floors.  But more than that!  It’s working in fixing meals and keeping a routine so my special needs kids aren’t floating in the breeze.

Balancing homeschool and housework isn’t just about the schooling and the cleaning.  It’s about me having time to do the things my kids love and I love.  It’s taken me several years to get to a place where I know I’m doing what I need to around the house without shirking on school and I know I’m getting done what needs to be done with school without shirking on housework. And within that delicate mix I’m also getting to spend quality time with my husband and kids.

What did I do?  

Well, for starters I realized that I couldn’t do as much of the homeschool planning as I had been doing.  I needed to make that easier on myself.  I couldn’t take a full day every week just to plan what I was going to do with my children for school.  Again, that was taking away from housework and then I’d need a full day to catch up on my housework!  It just wasn’t working.

We changed up our homeschool.  We still do school in the mornings but we don’t start until 9am.  That gives me time to get some morning chores like sweeping/vacuuming/mopping out-of-the-way and gives the kids time to get their own household chores done as well as eat breakfast.  I also do laundry daily.  This makes sure it’s not piling up on me.  My kids all have chores.  This has really helped me!  And I’ve learned to delegate more chores to my older children who can manage them.  Due to learning disabilities and delays children the same age may not be able to do the same chores, but everyone has chores they are capable of doing and they get a sense of accomplishment from doing them.  

When moms ask me how I do it all, I tell them I don’t.  And it’s true.  I don’t do it all.  My kids help me a lot.  They know that school time is for school and we have to get school done or we don’t get to go outside and play.  If school doesn’t get done we don’t go on nature walks, we don’t get to ride horses, etc.  Those are some powerful motivators!  I encourage other moms to take the time to teach their young children chores and responsibility.  

When I was in the worst of it(for me) was when I had 8 children ages 5 and under.  I was starting the older half on kindergarten or preschool but I was also trying to keep toddlers and newborns busy.  I was struggling to do anything with the house.  My house was a huge mess.  My house is so small that being a huge mess makes me depressed.  I quickly learned that I had to teach these little ones that they could help me.  Because they could.  Did you know a 5-year-old loves to help fold clothes?  That they can learn colors by helping to sort laundry?

Balancing homeschool and housework is tough guys.  I won’t lie.  But if you can get a plan in place you can do it.  That plan for me is one room a day.  I divide the rooms up so that I only have one room per day to deep clean.  That means every room gets fully cleaned once a week.  For example, on Monday I deep clean and scrub my bathroom.  It’s not neglected the rest of the week but merely surface cleaned.  One of my older girls is in charge of sweeping and picking up the bathroom daily.  On Wednesdays my kitchen gets deep cleaned.  It’s one of the few rooms that the kids don’t help with too much.  They sweep when I ask them but that’s about all.  I do a pick up of that room daily though.

Saturdays are our school free day.  That’s the day that I work on any and all housework that has gotten behind during the week.  I do bulk baking on this day.  Sunday is our day of rest and we do all kinds of fun things as a family.


5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents

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Homeschooling While on Bedrest

Day 1:  Homeschooling While on Bedrest

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents


I recently had the opportunity to be on bedrest for two weeks.  I needed to keep homeschooling my kids so we don’t fall behind.  This brings a new perspective to what I do and how we do it!  So for the first day of the 5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents that the TOS Crew members are putting on I bring you Homeschooling While on Bedrest.


Homeschooling While on Bedrest


Homeschooling takes commitment but we all know that coming in to the game.  What we don’t always understand is just how time-consuming it can be or how hard it can become.  Life throws us curve balls just to see if we can catch them I guess.

I caught such a curveball a few weeks ago.  I had some pregnancy complications which left me on bedrest for two weeks.  Homeschooling while on bedrest is not for the uncommitted.  I can tell you that.  I was committed to keeping the kids up on their schooling while I was on bedrest but that first day I really wasn’t sure how.  Not to mention the fact that I had two kids sick and wasn’t sure how to get them to the doctor!  My mom came to my rescue and took the kids to the doctor and we declared it a sick day while I figured this all out.

Homeschooling while on bedrest looked to me like me being in a reclining chair or on our couch so I could be out in our main living area.  Our living room is the largest room in the house which isn’t saying too much since we have a small house.  I knew I needed to find a way to move the kids into that room for their school or I wouldn’t be able to keep track of what they had done and what they still needed to do.

Enter solution for me!  We have a folding dining room table.  It’s not ideal but it does seat us all if barely.  We outgrew our old table and haven’t found a harvest table that meets our size requirements so we’re working with what we have.  My solution was to simply bring that folding table and our chairs into the living room with me.  So I set the kids to cleaning and sweeping the area the table would go in and getting it moved.

Once we had the table moved to the room I was resting in it made it a lot easier for me to watch the kids do their school.  They could then bring their books to me when they needed help and homeschooling while on bedrest began to seem doable.  But I still had two sick kids.  

So while I was in the chair reclining my two sick kids were on the couch resting.  The others were doing school.  The toddler was playing with her toy kitchen in a corner of the living room and the preschooler would play with her when she was done with her small bit of school.

Homeschooling while on bedrest was definitely not easy.  It’s also not something that I want to do again.  But, there is a chance I will have to.  So I’m making preparations now to make it even easier.  I think for me that’s the biggest hurdle to overcome.  I’m a planner and suddenly being thrown into something that wasn’t in my plans does not work well for me.  Having a plan in place if you’re pregnant and this does happen to you will really help your sanity and your thought process.

By thought process I mean it will help your can do attitude.  It will bring homeschooling while on bedrest from a I think  I can do this to an I know I can do this mindset.  I truly think that is the largest hurdle that has to be overcome.  Having a good support system will also help.  I have 9 children ages 2-11.  My husband works.  I was home alone all day and was overwhelmed with it all.  I mean how do you homeschool while on bedrest and take care of your home and your kids?  Thankfully my mom stepped in and came over around lunch time almost daily to help me out.  She was such a help!  I’d encourage you if you think you might have to homeschool while on bedrest to talk to other people and get a support system set up so if you need help you have it available.


5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents

Hope my little post helps someone else who might be faced with homeschooling while on bedrest and I’ll see you tomorrow with another installment of the 5 Days of Homeschool Tips for Parents right here!

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Just a Moment in Time

Just a Moment in Time

Blogging Through The ABC’s -Letter J

Just a moment in time.  Just a blink of an eye.  Just the time it takes a tear to fall.  Just the time it takes a babies laugh to sound.  

What are you doing with your moment in time?  Are you making it count?  Are you living for the future and what will be?  Are you living for the past and what has been?  Or is your focus on the here and the now?


Just a Moment in Time {Blogging the ABCs Letter J}


I think these are all questions we need to ask ourselves.  What are we living for.  We may only have just a moment in time but we can make that moment count.  I’m working on making my life not about what I’ll do tomorrow or next week. I’m learning to focus on today and make each day the best it can possibly be.

What am I finding out? I’m finding that just a moment in time is all it takes.  That’s all it takes for a hug.  That’s all it takes for an encouraging word.  Truly.  And guess what?  Those moments in time add up.  And they matter.  They matter to me and they matter to my children.  And by taking the time to make that moment in time special and memorable for that child I’m helping the next person they meet to not just have a moment in time but to have a good moment too.  

With bedrest comes long moments of reflection.  It also means that I could allow myself to be a captive audience for my child and all of my children.  I could take just a moment in time and dedicate it to making that one child feel loved and special.  I wasn’t looking at my to do list.  I wasn’t seeing all I needed to get done.  I was reading books.   I was kissing ouches.  I was making each moment I had count for me and for someone I loved.  

Having this time where I was literally just lying around thinking made me think(imagine that).  Not just think about myself and all I wasn’t able to do, but about all I WAS able to do and all that maybe I hadn’t been doing as much as I wanted.  I hadn’t been giving each child as much one on one time for school as I wanted to.  But now I was able to.  It has rearranged my days.  

Just a moment in time.  That’s all it takes guys.  Just think about it.  What are you doing with your moments?  Are you taking that spare moment to sit and check email?  Nothing wrong with that.  But is there a child asking for your help or your attention?  I know from experience that sometimes I need that moment to myself.  We all do.  But those moments shouldn’t add up to a long time.  Just remember that it’s just a moment in time.

That’s all we’re guaranteed you know.  Just a moment in time.  Just the moment we’re in.  Make the most of it.  Make it count.  I know I’m doing a lot more reflecting on what  I could be doing, what I should be doing.  I’m doing a lot more with my moments in time.  Those moments are meaning more hugs, more books read, and more feelings of love.  

My children won’t always be here.  When they’re grown and out of the house I’ll think back on these moments.  These moments that I thought were not that important.  They’re so important though.  We will never get to do them over.  Just a moment in time.  That’s all we get.  I think I’m going to go tickle a two-year old and cover a five-year old in kisses while I listen to another read me their read aloud.  Life is good.  This moment in time, it’s just a moment in time, but I’m owning it.  I’m making it last.  I’m making it count.

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Influencing Others Towards Good

Influencing Others Towards Good

Blogging Through the ABC’s -Letter I

In our daily lives we influence others.  I’m not talking about on the blog or internet, I’m talking about in our day to day lives, in our everyday lives.  We need to focus on influencing others towards good choices and good actions.  What are our actions and our choices telling them?  

More importantly, in my opinion, the others we need to be influencing are our children.  How can we be influencing others towards good if we’re not modeling that in our daily lives in front of them?  Now replace others with our children.  How can we be influencing our children towards good if we’re not modeling that behavior to them.


Influencing Others Towards Good {Blogging the ABC's Letter I}


I thought of replacing good with God in this title.  It would fit.  But I also wanted to be able to touch on some little things without having to tie them back into the theme and influencing others towards good just flowed better with that.  But do please be aware that I think we should always be living our lives in a way that is pleasing to God and influencing others towards Him.  Just be sure that that influence you’re having is a positive one.

In my daily life I like to think on how what I’m doing is influencing my children.  How is it affecting them?  How is it asking them to act?  Because they are going to mimic us.  If I’m sitting around all day on my phone or the computer chances are I’m not going to be able to get them to clean their room when asked.  If they don’t ever see me modelling a cleaning behavior they won’t consider it something that is part of daily life and needs done.

That’s why we have chore charts.  That’s why we have a daily schedule.  That’s why I’m trying to be very aware of how I’m spending my time and what I’m doing.  How am I influencing other towards good?  More importantly how am I influencing my children towards good.  

I love to read.  My mom loves to read and I’d see her reading.  I grew up reading.  Reading is a great activity.  But it can’t be the only activity we engage in.  My children love to read.  I like to think that part of that is because they see my love of reading and that I have influenced them in this way.  So daily we have a quiet reading time where we all sit somewhere that we find comfortable and read.  This has to be in their bedrooms or the living room.  

Now another aspect while we’re thinking on influencing others towards good and my love of reading is my blog.  I do book reviews.  I have an opinion on these books that I read.  I also only read and review Christian books.  So in this way I’m influencing those who may read my reviews towards good by pointing them towards good Christian fiction books.  Something so simple as what I read can be an influence.  

It’s also an influence to my children because they do pay attention to what I read.  I pay attention to what they read as well.  When we go to the library I look over the books they pick out and make sure that they are going to fit into what our family values and are appropriate for them to read.  I can explain this to them and also I can truthfully tell them that mommy would not read a book that I won’t let them read.  

What about you?  What in your daily life are you doing that is an influence to others?  Remember if you have children that they are always watching.  If you’re out and about or just spending a day at home, they’re watching you and wanting to imitate you.  Influencing others towards good seems to be a great motto to have while we’re training and growing our children.

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Growing Old Together

Growing Old Together

Blogging Through The ABC’s -Letter G

I don’t know about you or your view of marriage, but I went into my marriage with the thought of growing old together.  There was no thought of oh maybe we’ll make it.  It was clear to me that we would make it and I was going to grow old together with my husband.


Growing Old Together {Blogging the ABC's Letter G}


Through my life I’ve seen people who go into marriage with an attitude other than growing old together and they don’t grow old together.  It’s sad in my opinion.  I think marriage is holy and we should go into it with a thought of growing old together with our spouse.

Now before people start talking about well what if this and what if that.  Let me say that yes I do believe that divorce can and should be an option if one of the partners is abusive and in some cases when they are unfaithful.  Let me explain that one.  If someone is unfaithful and then repents and is truly repentant, I don’t believe divorce is immediately necessary.  I view some reconciliation as being needed there.  

Most of the time that I’ve seen divorce happen it’s because neither party truly wants to work on their marriage or maybe one party does but the other doesn’t, so they divorce.  The going gets hard so people end their marriage.  

My grandparents were married for 68 years before my grandma passed away.  That was my example growing up.  Well one of them.  My other set of grandparents divorced when I was two years old.  I had a choice you see.  I could choose to follow either set of grandparents.  I chose the ones that stayed together.  

They were my favorite set of grandparents.  I loved the teasing they shared, the banter, the love.  That’s what I wanted for myself when I was old enough to marry.  That’s the marriage I wanted to model for my children.  I knew I wanted to grow old together with my spouse and have all those memories to share with my children and someday grandchildren.

I’m not saying that growing old together is going to be easy.   On the contrary, it’s going to be hard.  You’re going to have to work together to overcome challenges and obstacles.  You’re going to have differences of opinion.  You’re not always going to feel “in love” with your spouse.  That’s when you have to remember that love is a choice.  And you chose to love this person enough to marry them.  Why?

If you can remember your why’s for marrying them you’re going to have much more success in growing old together.  Also, something that has been helpful to me is having an older couple to have as mentors.  They can help you know how to overcome some of the hurdles in your marriage.  

The most important thing though(in my opinion) is having God in the center of your marriage.  Before you get married really make sure that you’re following God’s path for your life and this is the person God has for your spouse.  Make sure that growing old together is the common goal.  Discuss what you’ll do when you have disagreements.  Do marital counselling with your pastor.  I can’t stress how important really getting in-depth together and in tune together with God will help your marriage.

What about you, what are your thoughts on marriage?  Do you believe it should be entered with the common goal of growing old together?  Why or why not?

I do want to say that yes I know there are instances when divorce is necessary as I stated above.  It was necessary for my aunt when she divorced.  Necessary for her and her daughters to be safe.  Not all divorces are necessary though.  And those are the ones that make me sad for all parties involved.  

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Everyday Routine

Everyday Routine

Blogging Through the ABC’s -Letter E


Everyday Routine


I don’t know about you, but having an everyday routine really helps my children and I to maintain the right attitude throughout the week and to know what is expected of us daily.  That doesn’t mean that everyday is exactly the same, but it does mean that the normal schedule is followed throughout the week.  Sundays tend to have a little more leeway of course because church is added in there.

What does your everyday routine look like?  My everyday routine stays the same Monday through Friday, as do my children.  Well for the most part.  You’ve got to figure in doctor’s visits and such in there but I try to keep that all limited to the afternoon so that our mornings can all be the same and include school.

Ready for a peek at my everyday routine?  Here goes!

I tend to wake up at 6am.  I should get up earlier and that’s in the process for me as I’m currently redoing a bit of my routine to include some early morning exercise and such.  If I don’t do it in the morning I don’t have the energy or the time it seems.  Of course, first on my agenda is going to the bathroom(I am pregnant after all) and then getting dressed and doing some personal hygiene type things.  

Next, I’m going to put the water on to boil for our morning oatmeal.  We have oatmeal most mornings as it’s filling and cheap for our large family.  I can buy oats in a 50lb bag from our Azure coop and we top with honey, dried fruit, and cinnamon.  So good. 

While I’m waiting for the water to boil I’m doing devotionals and saying good morning to my kids as they start to stagger out of bed.  I have some early risers who are awake before me and some that I have to drag out of bed.  We’re still working on waking up a bit nicer and being a bit faster for some of the kids, but we’re getting there!

By now I’m adding the oats and turning down the water.  The kids are getting dressed and doing their chores.  Morning chores are making the bed, getting dressed, and then they each have at least one other chore assigned to them, even down to the two year old.  They’re all expected to put their dirty clothes in the hamper and brush their hair/teeth.  But other chores would be cleaning their room, picking up the bathroom, matching socks, folding laundry, sorting hampers, taking dirty clothes baskets down to the laundry, etc.  Two also have outside chores to perform in the morning.

The goal is for everyone to have their chores done when breakfast is ready so we can all sit down and eat together.  That doesn’t always happen of course, but we’re getting closer daily!  After breakfast everyone takes care of their own dishes by putting them in the sink and then it’s free play or finish chores until school time.

I tend to also be sweeping and doing some household things likes dishes and laundry while I’m fixing breakfast and while the kids are having free play.  My chores rotate out in a schedule so that all rooms of the house get special attention at least one day a week from me.  This includes mopping, deep cleaning, etc.  My everyday routine has some variations during this time but only by what room I’m focusing on.

Next comes school.  The kids don’t all do the same subject at the same time because I can’t help them all at their different levels at the same time.  So two will do their math while two do handwriting and some others do their independent reading or spelling.  That way only one or two need my full help at a time.  We do school from around 9 until noon most days.  Noon is our lunch break.  We tend to do leftovers or easy lunches so that if not all the school was done before we can finish it.  Also afternoons are the running around time.  If we need to go take someone to the doctor, eye doctor, etc that’s done at this time.  Plus once a month I have a food coop called Azure we go to in the afternoon.  

I normally start supper around 4:30 and the kids have to start picking up any messes they may have made.  During the afternoon if we’re not going anywhere we may do some extra school or they may play outside, practice piano, or play board games.  Occasionally we’ll have a treat and watch a movie.  Or they can read books.  We’re avid readers in this house.

I do tend to work and play around with our everyday routine to try to get it to the best it can be for our needs.  For instance, trying to add exercise into my routine.  We also are relaxed on Saturdays.  Other than chores the kids are pretty much free to play or help daddy/mommy with things.  Sunday is our church day.  And there you have short and sweet version of our everyday routine.



Blogging the ABCs- a new blog series


Announcement: Blogging the ABC’s

Letting you know I’m going to be starting a series next year where I’m going to blog through the ABC’s! Blogging the ABCs is new for me so stick around!  It’s going to be random though guys. No central focus just whatever word or subject seems fitting for that letter that week!


Blogging the ABCs - a new blog series


I’ve seen several bloggers do this before and I’ve wanted to join but wasn’t sure I could work on their themes for that many letters.  Maybe for the second half of the year I’ll do a themed one for my blog!  For now it will just be the random ramblings of  yours truly but focusing on one letter of the alphabet each week.  I will be having these go live on Sundays so make sure you subscribe to my posts so that you’ll get each one in your inbox if you’re like me and tend to stay off the computer on Sundays in favor of family time.

Don’t worry, I won’t be writing these on Sundays.  I’ll be writing them in advance and scheduling them.  Blogging the ABCs is again something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now and am just now getting to!  I hope you’ll join me and feel free to throw out any suggestions of topics you’d like to see shared here!

I’m pretty excited to start my blogging the ABCs and will probably write and schedule out the last few weeks early(baby due beginning of June) but they’re all going to be there and relevant!  Well, relevant for me as a large family homeschooling mama!  I’ve promised myself no recipes though.  I might link to a few for you to spice things up.  I’m hoping to add some more in the coming year as my crazy life settles down.

For those who didn’t know, I went to work part-time outside the home(which turned into full time) to help bring in a bit of money for home repairs.  Our repairs are done and this pregnancy demanded I stay home more so I’m back to PRN and have more time to work on posting the yummy recipes I create!  And if you’re wondering what my job outside the home was, I am an RN.  

As tigger says, tata for now or TTFN and you’ll be seeing more of me in the near future!

Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler

My life has had a toddler in it since my oldest hit the toddle stage.  She’s now 10.  So my entire homeschool career has had a little toddler around while I’m working with the older kids.  Let’s talk today on Day 4 of Real Life Homeschool about Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler.


Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler


We tend to make cute little tubs that hold toys in them.  We have a tub with blocks, a tub of duplo, a tub with a baby and accessories, a tub with crayons and a coloring book/some colored paper, and several sensory activity type tubs.  Oh and we have a tub that has Thomas the Train engines in it for when she’s in a high energy must make noise time!   We also have a low shelf that contains books that she can look at and play with.  I plan on doing some posts next week about our toddler activity tubs.  There are some awesome ideas out there too!

I also keep snacks handy for the toddler.  Little things that are healthy and easy for her to eat without choking.  We get some awesome baby snacks that resemble cheerios but are actually made from veggies and fruits.  My toddlers have always loved these.  Keep a sippy cup of water in your school area as well!  Cut up grapes and put in a container in the fridge the night before and you’ve got a great little snack. 

Something that has saved my life with a toddler is babywearing.  I love to wear my babies and they love to be worn.  This seriously saves our school day when the toddler is teething or cranky or just in need of a nap.  Even if she’s in a great mood she still likes to be worn for around ten minutes at a time to have that closeness with me.

Of course, you get the fun toddler times too!  I cannot count the number of times we’ve had a toddler sitting on a school desk smack dab on top of their lesson so that they’ll pay attention to her instead of their work.  Another thing that happens countless times is the toddler deciding to take all the school books off their shelf and resort them.  So, if you visit and wonder why the 4th graders reading materials are mixed in with the kindergartener, just giggle and say “I see the toddler has been here.”

I have come to learn that Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler can be very challenging.  There are going to be days you want to pull your hair out, days where you’re looking for the closest school to put your kids in or at least a daycare for the toddler!  But there are also going to be the days where you are filled with joy at all your children have learned.  When your toddler comes over to you and can count to 10(she’s not even 2 yet!!!) or when the toddler is recognizing letters and numbers and colors and you haven’t worked with her at all yet!  Those are the moments it’s all worth it and those are the memories that will stick with you.  Though I do have to say she’s pretty adorable sitting on the kid’s school books while they give her the “yes you’re adorable now please move” look.  

So remember, mama just starting to homeschool with a toddler, you can do this.  It does get easier and the memories you’re creating will last a lifetime.
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Real Life Homeschool Year Round

I’m so glad you’re back for day three of the Real Life Homeschool Series!  Today we’re going to talk about Real Life Homeschool Year Round.


Real Life Homeschool Year Round


I tried homeschooling just during the normal school year like the public schools do, but it didn’t work for our family.  We tend to take a month-long break in the winter and smaller breaks when my husband has down time from his business(self-employed).  So, it made more sense to us as a family to school year round.  I also find that my special learners tend to forget things if they go more than a week without working at them.  With that being said we really try not to take more than a week off from the main subjects.

So for me, Real Life Homeschool Year Round was the answer.  Now don’t get me wrong.  My kids aren’t bent over notebooks and workbooks all day every day with no end in sight.  We do unit studies and whenever possible we do them outside!  Even when they were sick with the stomach bug this past month we all went out on the porch on the nice days and had read aloud and silent reading time.  I’m afraid a few times it wasn’t quite so silent as someone got sick, but such is life in a large family!

I want learning to be fun.  I want learning to be non stop.  For us, year round homeschooling is this.  We do Civil War Reenactments.  My children are learning that entire weekend.  That is more school for them even if they’re not realizing it.  They’re learning history.  They’re learning about and experiencing nature as well.  Plus I throw in some random things like doing math with helping me plan meals and measuring ingredients.  I might even be sneaky and have them read some old-time schoolbooks and do spelling words on slates.  I can be devious like that!

Like I mentioned above, Real Life Homeschool Year Round is what works best for us.  I’ve heard others do two months on and one month off.  Whatever works for you and your children is what you should!  Homeschooling is all about being able to be flexible and do what works for you.  

 Day One:  Real Life Homeschool On A Farm

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Day Four:  Real Life Homeschool with a Toddler

Discover real life in other homeschools with the Schoolhouse Review Crew bloggers! Join the blog hop to read more!

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