Gluten Free Dairy Free Herbed Cheese Bread Recipe

Allergen Friendly Cheese Bread

Gluten Free Dairy Free Herbed Cheese Bread

I don’t know about you, but I love a good loaf of bread.  The smell of it baking is heaven to the senses.  I missed being able to eat a good cheese bread since going gluten and dairy free.  So, of course, I decided to create my own!  I’ve decided to share my newest creation the Gluten Free Dairy Free Herbed Cheese Bread Recipe with you today!

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Now onto my recipe!

Proof your yeast.  I place 1 Tb yeast and 1/4 Tb sugar in 1/4 cup warm water.  Allow this to rise and proof while you prepare the rest.

In your mixer bowl(or large mixing bowl) combine:

1 cup brown rice flour

3/4 cup millet flour

1/2 cup quinoa flour

1/2 cup tapioca starch

1/3 cup sweet rice flour

1/3 cup potato starch

1/4 cup flaxseed meal

1 Tb guar gum

1 tsp salt

1 Tb thyme

1 Tb basil

1 Tb oregano

1 tsp dill

Mix these all together to combine.

In a small mixing bowl combine 3 eggs, 1 Tb molasses, and 1/2 Tb apple cider vinegar.

Prepare 1 cup warm water and 1/4 cup olive oil in a separate measuring cup.

You will also need 1/4 cup chopped onions carmelized and 1 cup of Daiya dairy free mozzarella cheese(you can use any other cheese but this is what I prefer).

Now your yeast should be proofed.

Add the egg mixture to the flours and mix with the mixer.

As the mixer continues to mix add in the yeast mixture.

I normally gear up the mixer a notch here and add in the water and olive oil.

Allow this to knead in the mixer for 15 minutes or knead by hand.

At the end of the 15 minutes add in the onions and cheese and just knead them in.

Now you can place this in a loaf pan to double and rise or you can do my favorite.

I place my loaf in a round loaf on top of my Good Cook pizza stone.  Because we like a crunchy crust I sprinkle brown rice flour on the pizza stone and then dust the top of the loaf with the flour as well.

herbed cheese bread dough

Allow your bread dough to rise until double in size.

This to me makes and excellent loaf of what my kids call “soup bread” as opposed to sandwich bread.

Allow your bread to rise or double in size.  Depending on the heat and humidity of your house, this can vary.

Once the bread has risen bake at 350 degrees F until done.  This normally takes 45 minutes, but again can vary.

fresh bread from the oven

Fresh from the oven, ready to eat.

This cheese bread is best eaten warm but can be reheated well.

If you have any leftovers, I recommend refrigerating them due to the cheese.