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Family Chore System

Homeschool Review Crew

It’s chore time!  How do you make chore time less of a battle in your house?  Recently we’re working on implementing a family chore system.  This comes from a review of The Everyday Family Chore System which is a PDF downloadable ebook from Everyday Homemaking.


The Everyday Family Chore System


Chore time can be a chore in and of itself.  We’ve always given our kids chores to do but that hasn’t stopped the whining or the nagging by me for them to get them done in a timely manner and done right.  How do you change this?  I know a lot of it is through good character training and we’re working on that.  More on character training and how that’s helping our daily life soon.

Today we’re discussing a family chore system as outlined in The Everyday Family Chore System.  It’s a 90 page ebook.  I printed mine out on 45 pages front and back after downloading it.  It downloads as a PDF.  The first half is just about how to use the system while the second half contains printables and lists that will help you effectively implement the chore system.

About the Program

Vicki Bentley is the creator of the Everyday Homemaking website and subsequently the products available through it.  She wanted to help parents by giving them practical tools and options for managing their homes effectively as well as their time.  As a mom of eight and also a foster mom of over fifty children she definitely has the experience to back up this desire.  This website and products combine all of her years of experience and wisdom in a fun and helpful way for both new parents and seasoned ones alike.  She’s here to help you make the most of your home and teach your children to help and be responsible all at once.


Everyday Homemaking
The Everyday Family Chore System is available through the Everyday Homemaking website for $15.99 in the ebook form or $19.99 in print form.  While I normally prefer a physical book this is one example where an ebook is a bit better as I don’t have to copy the pages from a book but can merely hit print and then print as many copies of the one page as I need.

And as a side note I want to put in a plug that you should check out the homeschool planner she offers.  It looks amazing and I’m wishing it was in my budget this month as we’re starting school again!

Our Thoughts

As we’re implementing parts of this system to fit our needs I love how flexible it is.  I really think it’s going to end up blessing our household once I work out all the quirks that I’m having.  With ten kids and having been a bit too lax in the character training area of our life lately I do feel it will take time to get to where I want to be.  But with everything in life it takes work and effort on the parts of all involved to make any system ideal.

As a mom I like this system.  It’s straightforward and I don’t have to come up with it myself.  No reinventing the wheel needed.  Am I using every aspect?  No of course not.  But that’s the joy of this.  I can pick and choose and customize based on the ages of my children and what their individual needs are.  As we get more confident in our chore system and I get all the wrinkles ironed out I’ll be sharing more!  We’re just getting started with our new school year so there is lots going on in our house these days!

Learn More

You can learn more about Everyday Homemaking by finding them on facebook.  For more information about how other people have used the family chore system as well as the other item available for the Crew to review called Everyday Cooking please check out the Main Homeschool Review Crew blog


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