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Over the last month we’ve been utilizing an online math program from A+ Interactive Math as part of a review through the TOS Crew.  We received 6 months access to the Family Math Package for up to 10 kids.  We are using it for six of our nine children currently.  I’m not a huge fan of online math normally but my kids all agree that A+ is their favorite!


A+ Interactive Math Review

Somethings I love about the Family Math Package are the ease of the program and the fact that there is no grading for me.  I really like the fact that I can move the kids around by where they fit rather than have them stuck in a specific grade as well.  Also the exams are online as well so that I still don’t have to do any grading and they are recorded for us.  It makes it easy at the end of the school year to print off a record to attach into each child’s portfolio.

To make it easier, we’re going to focus on my oldest son for this review because he loves math.  His favorite subject is actually math and he’ll stay on the computer and do math for hours if I’d let him!  He is 8 years old and does math on the 4th grade level on A+ Interactive Math.  His normal math is workbooks based and has him finishing up grade 3 now so I thought it would be safe to stick him in level 4 on A+ Interactive Math.  So far he’s doing mostly review materials but that’s okay with him because he can do more lessons per day and he loves seeing 100% on his progress report.


Online Math with A+ Interactive Math


The grades for A+ Interactive Math are from 1st grade up through Algebra.  I don’t need Algebra yet but do find it great that it’s offered and available should we get that high up.  Kindergarten math is not included though older kindergartener might be able to do level 1 math.  My two kindergarteners are in the first workbook out of two and just weren’t ready for the 1st grade yet.

Something I personally would like changed from what I’ve been doing with the Family Math Package, is adding in a Kindergarten math.  My two four year olds felt very left out as they are doing kindergarten work in school and really wanted to do math as well, but 1st grade was just a bit much for them.  A kindergarten grade level would be great for making them feel involved in the online math program as well. 

I’m really in love with the admin panel on the Family Math Package from A+.  I can go in and see exactly what my kids have been doing.  I can complete the lessons they have mastered and assign them new lessons if I wish.  I have just used already planned out lesson plans because that makes my life easier and I’m all about easier now!  


A+ Interactive Math Online


You do have the option of printing off worksheets and exams and then entering what they scored on those as well.  As of now, we’ve only done our exams online and have not done any of the printed worksheets.  I do have some of my kids who might do better if I printed off their exams but for now we are experimenting to see if full online or full workbook works better for them and then we can tweak that to see about the exams as well.  There are so many variables when you have 9 kids with different learning styles!

A+ New Family Packages allow flexible access to ALL grade levels.

When we agreed to this review with the TOS Crew it was agreed that our main reviewing student would use the program at least three times a week.  I have to say that there were some weeks my main boy reviewer used this 6 out of 7 days.  We laid down the law and wouldn’t let him do it on Sundays, but he would still ask!!  He really enjoys this program.  I also recently went to a seminar that talked about learning styles and how they best learn.  His learning style indicates that he does well with online programs so this has really been eye-opening for me.  He’s always been really good at math but he has advanced in this program quite a bit faster than he ever has in his workbooks.  Definitely something for us to keep in mind when deciding what he’ll use for next years math curriculum.  Online math with the Family Math Package might be the key and then I can let the others use it as they need help or full-time if their learning style corresponds!  I love having options.


Family Math Package


So a quick summary, the A+ Family Math Package is great for families that have several students.  It allows you to make your own lesson plans or follow their premade ones.  The lessons are short and your child can easily do several a day if they choose too.  While the A+ program can be used for supplementation in weak areas of your childs, it is also a complete math curriculum that contains all the math your child will need from 1st grade up to Algebra.  Your child can move through at their own pace which could mean three lessons a week or three lessons a day.  The exams are also all online and can be done online and graded online or done by printing it out and grading it yourself.  If you do print them out you will need to input their score.

As I put the finishing touches on this review my 8-year-old son is in fact doing more online math with A+.  I have a feeling he won’t be in 4th grade math still when we start a new homeschool year on July 1st.  This is awesome!  I love that he can learn math at his own pace.  If he ever has problems with a lesson he can listen to the description again or redo the lesson.

Want to learn more about the A+ Family Math Package?  Check out the main TOS Review Crew Blog Page.  You’ll also see reviews for the A+ Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plans.  Still wanting to know more?  Connect with A+ Interactive Math on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest


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