Printable Homeschool Worksheets {Crew Review}

Printable Homeschool Worksheets

Homeschool Crew Review

Join me in exploring a new to us site!  I’ve been enjoying our last days before we hit our more structured school time with some printable homeschool worksheets and videos over on!  We received the Help Teaching Pro Subscription to review as a member of the Homeschool Review Crew.


Printable Homeschool Worksheets {Crew Review}


We received a one year subscription to the online Help Teaching Pro Subscription from for the purposes of this review.  On this site you find worksheets and helpful teaching videos focused on math, English language arts, and science.  You can also make your own worksheets and tests through the site.

For this review we’re focusing on the younger grades(elementary) which works wonderfully for me as that’s all I currently have!  My oldest is only in fifth grade this year so we didn’t use anything about the sixth grade level on the site.  Each course is listed with a corresponding grade level so it’s easy to see what might fit for your student. The site does provide lessons/worksheets/etc for grades kindergarten through 12th though so if you have older children this will still work for you.


Primarily, we have been using the science section.  There are some great resources hidden in there.  When you login and head to lessons you’ll find a key to guide you to where the lesson is and what company has compiled it.  That’s the fun thing with this printable homeschool worksheets site.  They give you access to specific lessons that you can only access through their site plus lessons from other places like Khan Academy and YouTube.  We steered clear of anything YouTube just because you never know what those will lead to.

We started out doing six lessons in Biology.  These are between 15-30 minutes long for the lesson portion plus however long is needed to answer the worksheet questions.  There are also tests available to go with the lessons.  These particular Biology lessons are listed as third grade but my older children were able to do them as well as we had not studied these subjects yet.

We did not do a lot of the tests as I’m not a huge testing person.  The tests that we did do I approached more as a “review” than a test.  I have a few children who will get very anxious when they know it’s a test and then you have no idea what they really are remembering.  They can’t focus and take the test as a test.  Thus, why we do a lot of reviews around here.  Another great thing we use is having them teach the lesson to a younger sibling.  You will find now that even my three and five year olds have a passable knowledge of what we studied simply by being taught from the older siblings.

We explored Earth Science as well as that is what we are studying this school year along with Astronomy.  I’m looking forward to adding these in as we go along to supplement what our current curriculum is teaching.


Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
We explored the math section a bit as well.  This I used more with my younger ones.  The ages for these are three, five, and six.  Grade wise I’d say we’ve got two preschoolers and an advanced kindergartner.  

In exploring the math section it is set up like the science in that you’re being told what grade the lesson will correspond with.  Again, there is a video to watch and then questions to answer.  For these children a lot of the questions I was asking them instead of them reading them.  

There are fewer lessons in the math section.  We exhausted the kindergarten level ones though we could watch them several more times without my kids complaining.  They really enjoyed being able to do “big kid school” and I love that I can give them review worksheets using the printable homeschool worksheets that go with the lessons.

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Interested in learning more about these printable homeschool worksheets and  Simply head to the Main Blog and check out all the reviews or find them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest


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Homeschool French {Homeschool Crew Review}

Homeschool French

Homeschool Crew Review

I love foreign languages and have always wanted to share them with my children as well as learn them along side them.  The past few weeks we’ve been trying out some homeschool French!  Armfield Academic Press has been kind enough to let us review their Getting Started with French homeschool curriculum through the Homeschool Review Crew(formerly what I would call the TOS Crew).


Homeschool French {Homeschool Crew Review}


Getting Started with French is a physical product so it was mailed to us.  Part of it is accessed online though in the form of downloadable audio to go with your lesson. You get a book in the mail for you to use and then access to the online portion for your downloads.  Everyone knows the best way to learn a foreign language is to hear it spoken.  It’s a bit hard to speak it if you don’t know what it should sound like!

I was pleased that this review came when it did.  We are doing a book study of Madeline with my younger children so we were able to incorporate learning some French words as well as studying Paris.  Lots of fun to be had and this homeschool French was the perfect addition to our book study!

Homeschool French

The daily lessons are short which makes doing them everyday very simple and fun.  They’re really pretty hassle free, you don’t need extra things to complete them.  My kids thought they were very fun as well so that always adds a positive spin to things!

For our purposes, I sat with all the kids and we went over the lessons together.  I find that when studying a foreign language with my kids it’s easiest if I study it with them so that we are all helping each other.  They like having mommy learn with them and it of course is great when they’re all learning and helping each other.

This book would be great to give to an older junior high or high school student and letting them learn on their own.  It can easily be self guided at that stage where they can attend to it themselves without a parents help.  

There are 172 lessons within the book.  As I stated above they are short and quick so they really don’t add a lot of time to your homeschool day.  If you work on this four days a week it would take 43 weeks to finish it.  That’s our plan anyway!!

Learn More!

Armfield Academic Press has two other Getting Started with. . . . language books already with another on the way.  Right now they have Latin and Spanish.  I’ve been wanting to start Latin with my children again so I’ll be looking into that one.  Coming soon is Getting Started with Russian which would be very interesting to learn I think!

Homeschool French has added not just a subject to our homeschool but also a fun family time as we enjoy learning a language together.  The younger children can’t read the words and don’t understand all of it. Nevertheless, they are quickly picking up the words and using them appropriately.  It’s amazing how well the little ones can learn languages.  They do better than me!

Interested in learning more about adding Getting Started with French to your routine and making it your go to homeschool French?  Check out the Main Blog where all the reviews are linked up as well as find them on facebook.


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Homeschool Supplements {TOS Crew Review}

Homeschool Supplements

TOS Crew Review

As part of the TOS Crew we get an opportunity to review lots of products.  Recently as I was thinking of what homeschool supplements I was going to need to purchase this year a new review through came through.  We received an annual subscription(so a year subscription) to the CHSH Download Club.


Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}

As evidenced by it being a download club, these homeschool supplements are downloadable and entirely online.  It’s really simple to use.  You go to their website, log in, and browse.  Find something you like and you can just download and print it off.  Easy as can be.  

I was pleasantly surprised with the vast amount of downloads that had available for us.  There is a vast array of different subjects and subject matter that can be used.  If a homeschool parent wanted to create unit studies using the resources on CHSH Download Club, they could!

My favorite discovery when browsing through all the downloads was that they have the McGuffey readers on there!  I love these readers and have the complete set on my school set of bookshelves.  In my mind these are still a great resource for us to use when teaching our children to read.  If you don’t own a set the option to download them through here is wonderful.


Homeschool Supplements {TOS Crew Review}


Back to the homeschool supplements.  My favorite section to use and print off for my children now is the holiday studies.  Through the summer and fall we aren’t hard-core into school due to the weather being nice and living on a farm.  We’re still doing school, don’t get me wrong, but we’re not in our books all day everyday.

Holiday studies are a great way to be learning in addition to your regular studies and covering fun things.  We could go outside to do these or take them with us when we walked out to find the horses.  A great spot for schooling is a small area we have set up in our wooded bluff area.  We have benches to sit on and it has a natural cathedral type effect to it.  So peaceful.  Well, peaceful when there aren’t ten kids there maybe.  

The other section that we have used the most during our review period is the Bible section.  I’m loving using their Bible memorization sheets with my kids.  I want them to have a large memory bank of verses when they leave my house and this gives me a great place to start.  Right now we’re working through the A-Z memory verse cards though I’m looking forward to using their Bible copywork pages for the holidays they correspond with too.

I’ve discussed the homeschool supplements that I’ve used and found on the CHSH site.  What I haven’t mentioned is that this is more than just a spot where you can go to find curriculum.  It’s also a community where you can add curriculum or worksheets you have created as well.  You can find help and support through this site in addition to the homeschool supplements.  There is a forum available to chat with other homeschool parents who utilize the site as well where you can find friendship and moms in your situation can offer helpful hints and tips.

Personally, I have not had a lot of time to chat with others in the forum, but I have browsed some of the topics for special needs homeschooling and found them helpful.  The forum has lots of different topics or threads that you can browse such as groups by student grade/age or laws that homeschoolers should be aware of.  There is also a section for unlimited downloads which is where you can find the resources that other homeschool moms have decided to share.

If you’d like to learn more about and the homeschool supplements they offer make sure to head over to the Main TOS Crew blog and look at all the other reviews.  You can also find them on their facebook page or group, twitter, pinterest, google + group and page, Linked-In, and Tumblr.  

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Prayer Journal for Kids {TOS Crew Review}

Prayer Journal for Kids

TOS Crew Review


Spiritual Circle Journal
Recently we received a prayer journal for kids.  I wasn’t too sure what to think of it as I myself have never even used a prayer journal.  Spiritual Circle Journal sent us one of their Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids and Teens.  This is a physical product.

This prayer journal for kids is probably not what you’re thinking.  It’s not just a blank journal with notebook type pages.  It is instead a very pretty and colorful journal with a scripture passage for your child to read.  They then fill in nine unique shapes where they apply the scripture they read to those areas of their life.  

The nine areas of life that the scripture is being applied to are:

  1. journal entry
  2. lyric/verse
  3. message 
  4. confession
  5. God moving
  6. Lesson Learned Light Bulb Moment
  7. Prayer
  8. Thank you/Adoration
  9. Actions


Prayer Journal for Kids {TOS Crew Review}

What is it?  How do I use it?

The prayer journal for kids has a sturdy plastic cover and is spiral  bound.  There are three pages of parent instruction at the beginning which help you teach your child how to use the journal.  This journal is geared for ages 8 and up.  They will write a few sentences under each heading, so it’s best if they can read and write of course.  We found that this helps improve penmanship if you have someone who writes really big too.  When they only have a small space to write in it helps them make their letters smaller for sure!

There are 66 blank journal pages within the Spiritual Circle Journal.  It’s up to you whether you want your child to use a page a day or a page a week or even one a month.  The recommendation is that you as the homeschool parent(or possible Sunday School teacher) assign the child using the journal to one page per week.  Monday is the recommended day.  

Our Thoughts

My 11 year old daughter got to be the one using this prayer journal for kids.  She did her page per week on Wednesday since this is a day that our school schedule is a bit different due to children having therapies and being out of the house. It’s also our homeschool group day so it’s a day we’re more lax with structured school.  I really like that this requires them to think.  The answers to go under the bubbles or in the spaces aren’t just easy to find within the reading.  It requires thought on the part of the child. 

The last 15 pages of the journal are summary pages to write down and share what they have learned and how they have grown through using the Journal.  I like this concept.  It brings back to their minds what they have learned and causes them to dwell or think on them again.  This also allows them to see how they’ve grown and what areas they now don’t even have to really think about anymore in their prayer life/quiet time.

If you’re interested in hearing more about this new prayer journal for kids please head over to the Main TOS blog page and check out all the reviews linked up.  You can also find out more about Spiritual Circle Journal by visiting their facebook, instagram, and twitter


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PE for the Homeschool {TOS Crew Review}

PE for the Homeschool 

TOS Crew Review

WAY Comes Home Kit
When it comes to PE for the homeschool we can often get stumped or in a rut.  After all, doesn’t just running around count as PE?  Recently as part of the TOS Crew we received a large box in the mail of a new curriculum to use for PE for the homeschool.  WAY Comes Home Kit from HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company.

My state does not require that I teach health or wellness.  As a parent and a homeschool mom I see that it is definitely an area that should be covered.   Many states I have found out do dictate more what must be taught in their homeschools and this fills the requirement for them.  


PE for the Homeschool {TOS Crew Review}


Fun fact!  WAY stands for wellness, academics, and YOU.  Truly trying to combine learning about wellness into a fun unique child centered activity.  

This is a physical product.  We received literally a large box chock full of fun things to help us on our journey to learn about health and wellness.  Everything is included in this box.  My kind of curriculum guys!  I hate having to go find weird things for experiments or activities.  

Here’s what we received:

  • 3 journals, one for each grade level
  • DVD lessons
  • cards for each level
  • posters
  • parent guidebook
  • all the things needed for experiments and activities

Three journals were sent in the kit.  They are each for a different level.  Level 1 is K-1 and titled Health Safari.  Me Mysteries is level 2 for grades 2-3.  Innerspace Adventures for 4-5 is the last level.  As you can see, the levels correlate to what grade your child is in.  We aren’t in the same grade with each subject for ANY of my kids so I went with what grade level they are close to for reading purposes.

We got to try out all the levels since I do have several children.  I placed one of my 8-year-old boys in the level 1, a just turned 10-year-old girl in level 2, and my oldest 11-year-old girl in Level 3.  Since we haven’t done any health/wellness/PE curriculum this was a fun way to test what they’ve learned just from me being mom(and a nurse).

The workbooks are consumable as are the cards.  If you’re going to use this for more than one child you’ll need more workbooks.  It’s designed for one child to go through all three levels.  Obviously, this would mean they would do one level per year and it would grow and expand for them.  They would study the same basic information each year but expound on it and get more in-depth so they were still learning something new.

There are five modules within the curriculum.  The teacher/parent guide shares how to add activities to include younger and older students in the activities. This makes it easier to teach it as just one class instead of having to split everyone up and re-teach it to each level.  I like this!  I really am not a fan of having to teach the same thing three different times.  It also allowed those who were not going through a journal to have some fun and learn too.

The journals cover two grades each. Because they are covering two grades each they actually have a page for grade 1 and then a page for the second grade as well.  This can be confusing.  It was especially confusing to my children because they as I mentioned above, don’t have a set grade that they’re in.  To make it easier I went through and highlighted on the top of each page that would correspond to the grade they were supposed to be using.

My kids loved this program. It’s a great PE for the homeschool but covers so much more than exercising and staying active.  There are activities for eating right and fun ways to see how what we put in compares to what we put out through exercise.  

Learn more about PE for the homeschool and WAY Comes Home Kit from all the other Crew reviewers who received the kit.  Just head over to the Main TOS Blog and check out all the blogs linked up.  You can also find them on facebook, twitter, and pinterest


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Multi-Sensory Learning {TOS Crew Review}

Multi-Sensory Learning

TOS Crew Review

In conjunction with our review of Jolly Literacy and Jolly Grammar we received another product to review from just2ducks LLC.  We received Can Do Cubes from  These are great for multi-sensory learning for those beginning to read and do phonics as well as those who are struggling.

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review
This is a physical product.  We received a box in the mail.  In the box were two trays of blocks or cubes.  These Can Do Cubes are the main part of the review.  They help to teach phonics and spelling in a multi-sensory learning way. 

The first tray contains 27 cubes.  It’s stage one.  Stage one gives us the simple alphabetic code, so the letters of the alphabet.

Underneath the first tray of cubes is where we found the extras.  The extras as I call them are the handbook for Stage 1 and Stage 2.  A DVD with interactive demonstrations of sounding out the letter/phonic sounds.  The star of the DVD is Debbie Hepplewhite who is a synthetic phonics consultant.  Next out came a phonics chart and a words chart.  

What We Received

multi sensory learning



Also included in our review items was online templates and worksheets in PDF format.  You can use these by printing them off and letting your child build with the multi-sensory learning blocks.

Last out of the box was the second tray.  The second tray contains the cubes for stage two.  There are 30 cubes plus two cubes that are connected with a string.  Stage two is for the more complex alphabetic code.

Since we were also reviewing Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, we used the Can Do Cubes with that curriculum.  Multi-sensory learning is a great way to go.  I have several children and have found that some of them really learn when they can both see, hear, and touch what they’re learning.  So being able to say the sound of the letter, hold the letter sound, see the letter sound, and hear someone else saying the sound really helps to cement the sound into their minds.  This makes it easier to spell out the words when they can recall the sound and the letter it goes with.

Can Do Cubes

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

There are 44 sounds total that your child is going to be learning with the Can Do Cubes.  Each sound is represented on one side of a cube.  The cubes are six sided.  They are a fine polished wood so no splinters will be gotten off of these.  Plus they’re fun.  Think really fun.

My five year old who was the main child using Jolly Phonics really loved to play with the blocks.  We’d find the block to go with the sounds we were using for the day and go from there.  Of course, my three year old also liked the blocks.  She liked to make towers.  The towers then gave us some fun sounds to sound out.  So much fun to be had and let me just say that a three year old with no phonics awareness can really make up some crazy sounding words.

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Early Grammar with Jolly Phonics {TOS Crew Review}

Early Grammar

A TOS Crew Review of Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review
Grammar is something I’ve been focusing on in our homeschool lately.  Early grammar to be precise.  My five year old is dying to learn to read and already knew how to sound out all her letters before we started Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar from is a part of just2ducks LLC.  


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

 What We Received

We received physical product for this review.  What we received in our box:

  • The Jolly Phonics teacher’s book in print letters
  • Jolly Phonics student books 1, 2, 3 
  • The Jolly Grammar 1 Teacher’s book in print letters
  • One Jolly Grammar 1 Student Book
  • Jolly Songs in print letters

In correlation with this review we are also using Can Do Cubes which I’ll share more about tomorrow.  They work wonderfully with the Jolly Grammar and Jolly Phonics to help the student learn.


Early Grammar {TOS Crew Review}

About the Program

Jolly Phonics is a beginning phonics program for your child.  It can also be used for someone learning English as a second language.  It shows that it’s for elementary, but the child really should have little to no prior phonics experience for it not to be boring.  For instance, my five year old has done other phonics books and already knows all her letter names and sounds.  Starting her off in book 1 would have just made her really bored and possibly turned her off on learning.

Jolly Grammar is for after Jolly Phonics has been completed.  They calculate Jolly Phonics taking about a year to complete.  Jolly Grammar helps to develop good early grammar habits.  It focuses on spelling rules, beginning grammar rules, and punctuation.  This is done through fun activities like unscrambling words.  There are also spelling tests and more fun to be had.


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

The other aspect of the products we received is the Jolly Songs.  This is a CD and book that allow children to sing about what they’re learning.  I have long held the belief that singing and doing things in rhyme or to a rhythm will help children and even adults remember things better and longer.  I still remember the times tables that I was taught to a rhythm as well as the Books of the Bible!

How We Used It

I started the review out by putting my 6 year old in Jolly Phonics book 1.  She has no prior early grammar or phonics knowledge really as she is a bit developmentally behind for her age.  Because of her being behind I haven’t pushed her to learn before she’s ready.  We decided to give school a try with her this year.  


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

The work is not long which is great for the short attention span she has.  Just one page a day and you can see she’s making progress.  She loves it because it’s school!  Plus, she loves that she can show daddy that she did something at the end of the day.  Whereas when we were just working on learning our letters and numbers I mostly used a wipe off board with her so there was nothing completed at the end of the day for her to show off.

Something that really encouraged her and made her so excited was that in the first few weeks of doing one page a day five days a week she was able to sound out a few small words.  This was huge.  In a child’s mind once they sound out their first two or three letter word, they’re reading.  It’s immensely gratifying to them to be able to do that.

We used the Jolly Grammar curriculum as well.  One of the great things with having a large family is that I have a child at almost every stage of learning.  My just turned 8 year old son used Jolly Grammar.  He has finished his normal phonics program and is reading on a solid beginner level so I thought it would be a great fit.  

He loved the ease of the program though he really didn’t care much for the spelling tests.  This was his first encounter with them.  I have seen an improvement in both his reading and his writing which I attribute to Jolly Grammar and the early grammar learning he’s getting.


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

Read More

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Choosing Curriculum for your Homeschool

Choosing Curriculum

5 Days of Homeschool 101 -Day 1

Choosing curriculum is a vital part of homeschooling.  It’s right up there with deciding to homeschool.  For me it’s also an ordeal.  I overthink for one.  And of course, I really want to find something that can work for more than one child or better yet for everyone in our homeschool.

5 Days of Homeschool 101
Some subjects are easier to find a solution with.  Choosing curriculum for history is far easier than math for me.  For history I want and found something that I could use with all of my school age children that we all could understand.  It’s simple.  It’s thorough.  And best of all I can use it with everyone and then make the changes to what level their at for the discussion and extras we do.  For history we use Story of the World.  

Choosing curriculum for math is a bit more difficult.  I don’t like using lots of different companies.  I’d rather have everyone in the same company so that I myself don’t have to alter or remember which version of teaching I’m using with each child.  We’ve used lots of different math curriculum.  The one that I’ve found that works for all my children is Horizons from Alpha Omega.  I have some who are gifted in math and some who struggle but they all seem to be able to use this one.

Other math we have used and do like and recommend are Math Mammoth and CTCMath.  You can check them out in my reviews when you get a chance or research them on your own.  The concept that they both use for math is more mastery versus the integration that Horizons uses.  My children who have some special needs need the integration so they don’t forget what they’ve learned while my gifted son really enjoys the mastery method more.  Of course, he also likes that the two I mentioned here are online.  He loves getting to use the computer.



Choosing Curriculum


Science.  Oh science.  This subject really gives me troubles.  I finally decided to follow a Charlotte Mason approach to this and use a living science curriculum that is focusing more on nature this year.  We’re doing a lot of journalling and exploring.  Because of this we can do this one on the go and call our park play-dates field trips as well as fun. Our science is in the photo above.  We’re also adding in some Apologia Astronomy to go with the astronomy part of our Living Learning Books.

We also have to think about reading and writing, phonics and spelling.  I’ve found that the best way to teach reading to my children involves using Explode the Code.  I love it.  My kids love it.  And learning to read comes along with it.  Once my children have completed the entire Explode the Code series I start them into Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

Because we follow a more Charlotte Mason approach I love using curriculum that highlights her approach.  We use copywork that is Bible verses or other things that I want my children to memorize and learn.  It works on handwriting as well as memorization.  We also tend to add in more books and reading than most of our curriculum requires.  Libraries are one of our best friends and we have cards for four different ones.

Let’s see, what’s left?  What other curriculum do we choose?  The extras we do with each year differ a bit.  We always have some kind of music though.  All of the kids take piano lessons while my husband is also teaching them guitar.  Art is the subject that I have the most trouble with as I am severely challenged in this area.  Because of this I try to let my children do a lot of art within each subject.

Some other things to think about while choosing curriculum are your home management and homeschool planning methods.  You need to make sure that you will have the time needed in your daily schedule for the curriculum you’ve chosen.  Different curriculum require different amounts of time.

Make sure to check out all the blogs linked up below and the Main TOS Crew page for what others have to say about choosing curriculum and what’s important to them.

Everyone Does Math {TOS Crew Review}

Everyone Does Math

Everyone does math.  Think about that.  We all do math.  Recently all of my school aged children have been using a math program called CTCMath.  Through the TOS Crew we received a one year online subscription to CTCMath Homeschool Membership.  This is an online program that can be used by up to 10 children.  This is perfect!


CTCMath Review

Why is this perfect you might ask?  It’s perfect because everyone does math.  Plus(hey that’s a math word!), I have ten children!!  Of course, the two youngest at age 3 and age nine weeks don’t do math for school yet.  They will someday though.  While they are doing kindergarten math their older siblings can do algebra and trigonometry or calculus.


Everyone Does Math


CTCMath is an online digital subscription math program.  We received access to a one year subscription for up to 10 children.  Not all of my children are in active school yet.  That is to say, all my children are learning things but only seven of them are currently using some kind of curriculum.  Learning and play go hand in hand here in our homeschool.  I believe learning should be fun, exciting, and engaging.  Children should want to do school.  

After all, everyone does math.

Each math lesson that is taught is a short video.  The videos are between four and nine minutes long.  Nothing that is going to tire or tax the brain.  We all know children don’t have the longest attention spans when you want them to also retain the information.  After the lesson is taught the questions test on how well they learned the information.  Students can go back and re-watch each lesson as well as retake the questions.  This can be done until they are fully comfortable with that material. 


Everyone Does Math


This is where we are at with CTCMath Homeschool Membership.  My nine year old son begs to do his math on the computer.  Math is his favorite subject.  He loves to sit at the computer and listen to his math lessons.  CTCMath does lessons through video.  You sit down, click on the video lesson you want to watch, watch and listen, then you answer the questions.  Easy peasy simple as pie.

CTCMath allows you to choose where your child should be.  Say I start my oldest who is 11 in 4th grade.  It’s too easy for her.  I can move her to 5th grade math with the click of a mouse.  Simple.  Easy.  She is doing math that challenges her and I can see what she has done and whether she has gotten the concept or not.

Parents Have Access Too

As the parent, I can see what lessons my children have done.  I can see which lessons they spent the most time on, which were the hardest for them.  Basically, I can see everything they’ve done and this shows me what they might need more work on.  Available for each lesson are worksheets that can be printed off for additional help.  Plus of course, the lessons can be watched again to help refresh memories and cement the concept.  I love having a parent account where I can track all of my children instead of having to get into each of their accounts.


Everyone Does Math


My kids love CTCMath.  They love being able to do math on the computer.  Another fun thing about CTCMath is the accent.  The person doing the talking and teaching on the videos has a nice Australian accent and my kids love it.  We have cousins who live in England and the kids are always fascinated with how they talk differently than us.  Teacher having an accent ensures that they have their best listening ears on.

Everyone Does Math

Another fun aspect of CTCMath is that each child has their own login.  They can login to their own account without having to go through the parent or teacher account.  This makes them more independent.  Really, this program does not require much parent teaching or involvement.  Students can be self sufficient.  The only ones that I really have to help are the young ones.  

My five year old is doing kindergarten math this year.  She’s almost done with the second book of kindergarten math that we use.  She loves doing math on the computer, but I do have to help her some as her reading skills aren’t as strong as her math skills.  She’s sharp as a tack with math.  For CTCMath she’s using first grade math.  I’m pretty proud of her and she’s super pleased with herself.  


Everyone Does Math


Check out CTCMath for the US and Canada on facebook, twitter, Periscope, pinterest, and youtube.  

Interested in hearing about other levels of CTCMath?  Maybe want another opinion?  Check out the Main TOS Crew blog page to find out what other crew members thought of CTCMath.  Remember everyone does math so everyone has an opinion.  Whether this math program is right for you or not, everyone does math and everyone needs a math curriculum.  



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Transitioning to Cursive {TOS Crew Review}

Do you teach cursive in your homeschool?  We recently reviewed a curriculum with the TOS Crew that is helping us with transitioning to cursive in our homeschool.  We are loving Patriotic Penmanship Transition (manuscript to cursive) from Laurelwood Books.


Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}

This book which teaches transitioning to cursive does it in a way so your child can not only write in cursive but also read it.  On one page the book has the copywork written in manuscript and on the same page directly underneath it is written in cursive.  This way your child sees the same copywork written both ways and knows what they are writing.  It helps their minds see and learn that the letters are the same.


Transitioning to Cursive {TOS Crew review}


There is no set grade that this works for.  Of course, your child needs to know how to read to use this book.  I personally used this with my 9 year old son who works at a 4th grade level.  He is one of those children who can write in cursive but couldn’t read what he’d written to me.  This book helped us immensely.  He can now read me what he has written as well as read passages in cursive that might come up in books he’s reading.

This is a trace and write book.  So your student will trace the manuscript, write the manuscript, trace the cursive, write the cursive.  Realistically it’s probably a first to second grade level program, but any grade can use it.  My son who is 9 who has been using this did not do the tracing.  He skipped it unless there was a cursive letter he needed to practice and I asked him to trace it.  

There are 20 lessons in the book.  It’s up to you how quickly you go through it.  Each lesson is two pages long.  You can do one lesson a day, five days a week and be done within a month.  Or you can do one lesson a week and make it last a year.  For the purposes of this review we did a lesson a day four days a week, it is the summer and all you know.  

I think if I were going to use this during the school year I would be doing one lesson a week.  They would do the tracing and writing on day one and on the other four days they would copy the passage once in their very best handwriting in their notebook.  Well copy it twice, once in print and once in cursive.  

Patriotic Penmanship transition retails for $13.95.  They also offer Patriotic Penmanship by grade level from Kindergarten to grade six as well as a book for Junior High and a book for High School students and a cursive review book.  

The author of Patriotic Penmanship and helping us with transitioning to cursive this summer is Mary Ellen Tedrow.  She’s a homeschooling mom of 7 and has been the owner/operator for over 20 years of Laurelwood Books.  She’s definitely got the experience and I for one am grateful she chose to use her experience to help out other homeschool moms.  

With Patriotic Penmanship you’re getting an education in more than just handwriting.  While transitioning to cursive my son was also learning passages.  I love that it’s a more Charlotte Mason approach to handwriting in that the passages are famous quotes, speeches, and passages from the Bible. 

Make sure to head over to the Main TOS blog to see all the wonderful products that our Crew members were allowed to review from Laurelwood Books.  We’re loving our book on transitioning to cursive.  I personally would love to look into more of the Patriotic Penmanship books as well.  You can also find Laurelwood Books on facebook.



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