Exercising During the Holidays

Are you following an exercise routine?  Having trouble keeping up with exercising during the holidays?

This is me.  I can be on an exercising kick and doing great.  But then something comes up.  Normally it’s things that you’d think I’d plan for, like the holidays and birthdays.  But I’m not very good at planning(something I’m working on) and tend to forget and then get sidetracked.  My plan for exercising during the holidays is normally just to skip it.  I mean, we’re all super busy and life is busy and then there are all the candies and cookies that we’re baking.  What?  You mean that’s a reason to exercise?

Okay, so now we’ve established that yeah I definitely need to keep exercising during the holidays let’s talk about how and what.

For me exercising has to be simple.  It has to just be me being active or moving around.  Normally that can be accomplished simply by putting music on!  I love music and I love moving to the beat.  I know several ballroom dances and really love to take a slow ballroom dance like the waltz or the cha-cha even and uptempo it to a contemporary tune.

I’ve been having so much fun doing this recently with two new cd’s!  I was sent Amy Grant’s In Motion the Remixes and Mandisa’s Get Up the remixes as well as a glass water bottle!  Yeah for these cd’s and yeah for a glass bottle!  I don’t use plastic and SO many companies want to send me plastic water bottles and then get mad when I say I can’t recommend them.  I don’t like plastic. 

These cd’s contain fast and upbeat songs that make you want to get moving.  I find myself dancing to the beat while folding laundry and sweeping the floors as well.  Exercising definitely gives me a positive boost too!


glass water bottle



I have to comment on the water bottle as well.  I already said that it is glass.  It’s also NOT dishwasher safe. . . . . yes this has been learned in our house.  While I was recovering from thyroid surgery my husband was on dishes duty and he put it in the dishwasher.  The lovely verse on the bottle is no longer there.  The bottle is still fully functional though!  A bit of  a testimony to how well the water bottle holds up though I do miss the nice verse on the side!  The verse is a great one too.  Philippians 4:13.  I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.  Somehow they also knew one of my favorite colors!  The one I received was this gorgeous aqua but they also have other colors available on the website.  The bottle holds 20 ounces and costs $9.99.  Would make a great stocking stuffer for someone!

Now a bit back to the exercising part.  I try to get in several short sections of exercising rather than trying to do an hour straight.  There is no way I’d have an hour to myself in this house unless it was when I am supposed to be sleeping.  I need my sleep so that is not an option.  So doing four or five fifteen minute intervals works wonderfully for me.  


remix exercise routine


I try to do one first thing in the morning while the kids are getting their chores done for the day.  This is a simple one for me.  I stick in a cd(I really like Mandisa for first thing in the morning).  Then I pull up a workout routine on YouTube.  YouTube really has some great ones.  I play it on my computer with NO sound.  Just trying to do whatever moves the one on the computer is doing.  The best heart pumping workout for me first thing in the morning is either ReFit or Zumba.  Both can be found by simple searches.  And both are great workouts to do to a great beat!  

My next interval of exercise comes mid morning.  This is the break for kids from school so it’s my time to exercise!  They’re running off energy and I need to get some more too!  Again I’ll stick in a cd.  Some days I just leave Mandisa in the player and others I’m ready for a change so we pop in Amy Grant.  If it’s a nice day outside we’ll go out to play.  I take the music with me and do stretches outside to the beat.  After I’m thoroughly stretched it’s jumping jacks and chasing the kids around the house.  Let me tell you, chasing children around while pretending to be a monster with a 22 pound 18 month old on your back is definitely a great workout!  And everyone wins!  The kids are happy, the baby is laughing so hard I’m laughing as I run and I am definitely worn out when we’re done!    

Okay so the next break  for exercise is mid afternoon around 2 or 2:30.  Baby is napping at this time(while she still naps–she’s working on being a no nap girl) and I can get something done!  I’m normally lacking in energy about this time too.  This would be the time I’d reach for coffee or a soda to kick up my energy level before but now I do a big of fast exercise and get myself going!  My favorite thing to do in the afternoon is about 15 minutes of fast paced cha-cha.  If you’ve ever done the cha-cha properly you know this is a killer workout!  Make sure to stretch first.  I always have kids ready to be my partner even if I’m just dragging them around the room.  Probably the best workout is when my petite four-year old wraps her little legs around my waist as I’m dancing her around.  Not only am I getting a great lower body workout but now I’ve got an extra 28 pounds that I’m holding too!  And people say being a stay at home mom is easy!  As for music I tend to pick who ever I didn’t listen to in the morning.


exercise holidays mandisa



My last workout comes as the kids are picking up before bed.  I tend to be sweeping or folding laundry at this time.  When you put on a fast paced cd it’s easier to do a little dancing and get  a little workout in while you’re doing your chores.  If it works for me it works for the kids too!  I think they get their chores and picking things up done faster when they want to get back in and dance with mommy!

All in all I loved these review products from Family Christian.  They are a perfect fit into my busy schedule and definitely a hit with the kids and I.  I think  my husband would prefer a bit more variety.  He’s been listening to them quite a bit this past month as he has had more time at home.  Don’t take my word for it, get your own today!


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My Crazy Hectic Wouldn’t Trade it Day!

crazy hectic day

My Crazy Hectic Wouldn’t Trade it Day 

This picture is a favorite of mine because it is a centerpiece I made from flowers and a dead butterfly that my kids found for me on a nature walk this past year.  Examining the butterfly and talking about the different parts and being able to look at it up close really helped the kids understand the beautiful creatures.
     Now for my crazy hectic wouldn’t trade it day!  It’s Sunday which means church.  We’ve recently started attending a new church where several of our homeschool friends go.  They actually have a Sunday school program as there are so many kids!  At our last church my kids were the only kids so we never had a Sunday school.  I decided to take the kids to Sunday school today(remember my husband is gone until tomorrow night).  Sunday school actually went really well!  I think the kids did great for a first time!  Of course three of them went into one class and the other 5 were in the same class. . . I think we doubled the size of that class.  On to church!


    My kids love the worship service at church.  Before the music even starts Colin has his hymnal open and is “singing” the song.  He is only 3 but loves to sing.  I’ve caught him many times singing to his baby sister Fionna.  So Colin is singing, Fionna is laughing(she’s 14 months) and the rest are behaving really well.  Worship goes really well except they forget to come to our row for offering.  Thanks to the young man who noticed and had them come back, my kids were about to go ballistic because they hadn’t been able to give their quarters to Jesus.
    Sermon time.  I’m sitting there with the kids all around me listening to the sermon when a little voice speaks.  “I like the poocher,” says Colin. . . . I’m wracking my brain to try and figure out what a poocher is.  So I ask him, “Mommy doesnt’ know what you mean can you explain?”  Colin gives me a look and shakes his head.  “Mommy you know the poocher he sings for us.”  Ok so I’m still clueless.  I ask him again to explain.  Exasperated now he points up front and says, “Right there Mommy he’s talking, he’s the poocher.”  Ok, new word for mommy poocher=preacher.  By this point Fionna is sitting on the floor coloring on a Sunday school paper and Zyera(18 months) is asleep in my lap.  Church ends and we all  make it to the van unscathed.
     Home!  Kids change clothes and play outside while I fix lunch as it’s in the 50’s out(in January!).  Then I happen to notice that Fionna managed to get a sticker off her older sister’s paper stuck to her. . .it’s a monkey. . . .how appropriate!
    After lunch more time playing outside and swinging.  In for a supper of peanut butter and honey on homemade gluten free bread, baked tuscan herb potato chips, dill pickles and yogurt topped with strawberries and blueberries(frozen from what I put up last year).  Whole milk plain yogurt(I’ll post soon about where we get it) with fruit is my kids favorite dessert!  I’m so glad my kids love good for them foods.  Now a short movie and to bed they go!  Then Mommy has to get busy and do the dishes and laundry.  Should be fun.  I may just watch a movie and have some warm apple cider. 



God is Faithful

      God is Faithful


    I had a rough night last night.  My husband is gone for a conference.  He left Thursday and won’t get back until late Monday night so it’s mommy home alone with the 8 kids and animals.  Normally it’s not bad but last night I had a little one who was sick.  My littlest one, actually was up sick until 2 am.  Anyone knows with kids that it’s no fun to have a sick child but when that sick child is only 14 months old it’s especially hard as they don’t understand.  The good news is she’s up and going having tons of fun this morning.  Mommy on the other hand is a big draggy, lol.  To top that off last night I got a bit of news that has upped my penchant for worrying.

    I got out my devotional this morning and was reading and was struck by a verse that they were talking about.  The lesson today was about how Faithful God is, God is faithful. 

Deuteronomy 4:31(KJV)
          “( ) He will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget the covenant of they fathers which he sware unto them.” 

God is there.  God is faithful.  God cares and He is watching us.  He is not going to give us more than we can handle with Him.  That’s the key, making sure we go to Him with our worry and our problems and not try to carry them and handle them on our own.  I know that I sometimes don’t run to God as fast as I should with my problems.  I try to handle them on my own and get consumed with worry and try to work out my own problems.  We just have to trust in Him and put everything we have in His care trusting that He knows what is best for us and will never leave or forsake us.

My devotional ended with this quote that I really liked and wanted to share.

God’s designs regarding you, and His methods of bringing about these designs, are
infinitely wise.
Madame Guyon
The picture of the roses are actually of my rose bush this past summer.  I LOVE roses!  God is faithful.  Look at the flowers and the animals around you for reassurance.