Fashion for Today

Fashion for Today

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Fashion For Today {maternity edition}


My fashion tends to stay the same.  The fashion for today focuses on maternity though.  Since I’m pregnant my fashion has to have a few tweaks so that I can remain modest and yet comfortable through the months of pregnancy.

Fashion for today for me is different than it is for many people.  I like to wear skirts and dresses.  I never realized how hard it was to find skirts and dresses that were modest and yet also maternity until recently.  When you do find them, they’re normally pretty expensive. 

I recently decided to give stitch fix a go.  They now offer maternity boxes which is just what I needed!  I got my first box the other day.  I had left notes for the stylist to tell them about my style but I’d forgotten to say what colors I enjoy and what colors definitely don’t look good on me as well as styles, etc.

For those who might not know, Stitch Fix hand chooses via a stylist five pieces for you and your wardrobe and they mail them to you.  You get a few days to look them over and then send back what you don’t like.  If you like it, you keep it.  There is a $20 styling fee but that is taken off the price of any of the articles you choose.

My box contained an infinity scarf in a lumberjack type shirt flannel print.  I’m not a huge scarf wearer and definitely did not keep this one.  Red and black lumberjack print is not my thing.  I have red hair.  Just did not go together well.

Next I  pulled out a pretty blue dress.  It was a gorgeous color but had ruching on the side that did not line up with where my natural waist is and just didn’t look very nice on me.  It was lined and a nice knee length so it could have been worn with or without leggings.  A nice dress was on my list of things that I wanted but sadly I had to send it back.

The next piece I didn’t even try on.  It was a cardigan.  I love cardigans!  This one was an open drape front which is fine with me but it was tiny black and white checks.  For some reason this style of print just did not appeal to me so back in the box it went.

Fourth item I pulled out was a blue and pink print loose type maternity top with a pocket.  It was a bit see through and the pink was a coral that made me looked washed out.  


Fashion for Today {stitch fix maternity}


At this point I was beginning to despair a bit.  And then I pulled out my keeper item.  A nice black t shirt with ruching on the side.  It can be longer or shorter depending on the ruching and I was in love. It easily dresses up a skirt for church or works with a denim skirt for everyday!  Also a cardigan looks super cute over it.

I do apologize that I’m having to take the photos inside and with my phone in a mirror, but it’s cold outside.  And I don’t have anyone else handy to take photos unless you want just the belly which is what my kids focus on!


Fashion for Today {stitch fix maternity}


So all in all my first stitch fix and my fashion for today brought me a new top to style several ways.  I learned that I needed to add more information to my stitch fix profile and notes and can’t wait to try again.

Some of their items are pricey while others are reasonable.  Others might find all their prices reasonable, but as a frugal mom of 9 soon to be 10 I would have a hard time spending almost $100 on a dress.  I mentioned this in my review as well.  They have you review all the items in your box and give them feedback so they can better style you next time.  I think this is going to be a great service for me and am looking forward to hopefully getting a few new spring pieces next month.

Did I mention that you get a prepaid envelope to send the pieces you don’t like back in?  That really sealed it for me.  I can just toss that in my mail box and I don’t have to go to the post office with all the kids.  It’s easy!  I really don’t like clothes shopping either so if I can get the stylist to understand what I do and don’t like then this is going to be awesome I do believe!  Have you tried stitch fix before?  What was your experience like?

So my fashion for today remains the same.  Maxi type skirts or denim skirts that are maternity with t shirt type tops and cardigans.  I’m hoping to branch that out and change it up a bit but for now it looks to be staying the same.

Let me mention that both the skirts I’m wearing in these photos are from Deborah and Co.  They’re both awesome maternity skirts as well and so so so comfy.  If you’ve never tried their clothing line you should check it out!


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Seasonal Skirt Wearing -Spring #seasonalskirt plus a linkup

Seasonal Skirt Wearing -Spring Edition


Season Skirts

I don’t know about you, but I think that wearing a skirt makes me feel more feminine and like a lady.  Now, I’m not saying you can’t be feminine or ladylike in a pair of jeans or slacks.  You can.  But for me, I get that special feeling from skirts.   I didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures of myself this past week so I’m sharing a picture a friend (photographer friend) of mine did for me last year this time while I was pregnant with our youngest who is now 10 months old.


spring skirt


I live on a farm and I love a good long skirt.  This can be a bit problematic at times and requires me to have a free hand to hold up my skirt when I’m walking around the farm due to all our wonderful animals.  Yes those are our free range chickens.  I’ll show you how the look can change through the seasons, but today on seasonal skirt wearing it’s the spring edition!


seasonal skirt wearing- spring


This shows how I hold up the skirt to walk around.  See the little bucket behind me.  That’s the scrap bucket we feed to the chickens.  Gotta love it!  This is actually a super simple denim skirt I made out of some maternity jeans.  I’ll be showing you how to make this type of skirt in my summer post so make sure to pop back over for that one in a few months!

A big thing about wearing skirts in spring or even jeans to me is layering.  I layer my tops.  I love to wear a camisole on bottom.  Now if you’re breastfeeding I recommend the Undercover Mama tops.  They are great and modest.  Otherwise I buy regular camis and make them into my own nursing tanks(yeap coming to a blog post near you soon).   If you are not nursing then a normal cami top will do.  Then a short sleeve top comes next for me.  I like the cami under because then I don’t have to spend as much time looking for a modest neckline.  On top of that I like to pair a sweater.  I’m a sweater lover.  I love big bulky sweaters that keep you good and warm.

Now, I’m not pregnant anymore so let me talk about what skirts I like to wear.  I’m a denim lover.  90% of my skirts are denim.  I have a few soft jersey type material skirts that I use when I’m working out or just hanging at home with the kids.  I also have a few cotton skirts that I use when I’m going out on a date with my husband or church.  I have 2 dresses.  Only 2 dresses, and neither of them are ones I can wear currently because they are not breastfeeding friendly.

Let’s talk length now.  I have to have my knees covered up.  My knees I don’t like to show.  That really isn’t that hard for me to do because I’m so short!  The problem I have is the one shown above by everything being too long.  So the easiest solution is to make my own.  That’s not always the best though because of the time factor.  I rarely have time for sewing these days with 9 kids!  So, the  next thing I do is go to thrift stores because I can’t afford to buy brand new.  I also go to places like ThredUp and Twice for clothing for myself and my kids.

seasonal skirt wearing spring

Kierrah Jane showing off how to walk in a dress. 

I had to bring in a few pictures of my girls in dresses.  This time it’s the baby.  Here she is in a super cute little GAP dress(they are adorable) that I got at a thrift store for 25 cents.  Yeap one quarter.  Because it was a chillier day I layered it with a long sleeved loose t shirt.  She is in cloth diapers so I try not to do onesies as they require more fastening and unfastening and I like to make diaper changes fast.

I know some people often tell me that they can’t believe or don’t think that little girls can crawl or learn to walk in dresses and I shouldn’t put mine in them until they are older.  Well let me see Kierrah is 10 months old.  Kierrah loves wearing her dresses and skirts and she was crawling at 5.5 months and walking at 7.5 months.  Now, she is running everywhere and her dresses do not slow her down!

Seasonal Skirt Wearing

Spring in a skirt!

Okay so this was too adorable not to share.  Here is my little enjoying some sun on our deck.  She has on just a tshirt and a homemade skirt.  This is another design I’ll be sharing about in a coming post.  Super simple to make and super cute to wear!  Oh and don’t forget the cute little Flip diaper peeking out!  She hates shoes though so we put little gripper booties on over her socks when we go outside as an extra protection on her feet.

I know this post is shorter than I wanted it to be as life happens and I didn’t get pictures taken.  Keep looking for the summer post which will contain links to at least two different skirts that I’m hoping to teach you how to make plus more on what my daughters and I wear when we’re gardening, hiking, and just plain having fun!  And some on how to stay cool, because everyone knows that summers in MO are hot and humid.

Make sure to visit the other blogs that are participating in this link up and see what they have to say about their Seasonal Skirt Wearing for Spring.  If you have a post about wearing skirts or what you do for spring fashion feel free to link it up below as well!  Please share around with all your friends!


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