Gluten Free Sourdough Starter

Sourdough! Oh sourdough! How I love thee.  But that gluten free sourdough starter proved elusive for a while.

Having a good sourdough bread has been impossible since going gluten free. I’d tried unsuccessfully several times to start my own sourdough starter to no avail. They just wouldn’t ferment up! I didn’t know why and it was very frustrating.


gluten free sourdough starter

I finally decided to order a dehydrated flake starter. First I got one from Cultures from Health. I tried twice with their starters and couldn’t get them to work either. At this point I’m wondering if maybe I’m just not meant to ever have sourdough again.  But I really wanted sourdough.

Then I happened upon another company who makes and sends out sourdough starter dehydrated packets. I decided to order the teff starter to try out. Prior to this I’d always been using brown rice flour because it’s cheap and what I have on hand.  I also ordered their brown rice starter but I never even tried it!

This teff starter was what I needed!

gluten free sourdough starter


It fermented up and I’ve been having wonderful luck baking with it. I highly recommend this starter if you’re needing a good gluten free starter to give you the sourdough experience you’re missing.

It feeds well.  Has tons of bubbles and activity and smells divine.

I followed the instructions that come with the starter for how much flake to use with how much water and flour to start the gluten free sourdough starter. 

Once my gluten free sourdough starter was established I decided to play with it a bit.  I found that for me I feed it twice a day on my counter with 1/2 cup brown rice flour and a scant 1/2 cup water.  If I put it in my refrigerator I feed it once a day when I remember with the same amount of flour/water.  But to be honest, I feed it probably two to three times a week.  You just need to make sure you give it two good feedings before you use it if you want it to be fully activated and ready to bake.

Watch for some amazing recipes coming soon!! Because I’m baking everything sourdough with my amazing gluten free sourdough starter!

Here is my everyday super delicious gluten free sourdough bread recipe that can be made as a boule or a loaf pan bread.  It’s my go to for sandwich bread.