Why Having a Fire Plan is Important

Why on Wednesdays

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This week on Why on Wednesdays, I want to talk about fire safety and why having a fire plan is important.  If you have kids or even if you don’t, you should have a plan in place for your home in case you have a fire.

You may be wondering why I’m suddenly talking safety with you guys.  I know this is sudden, but we had a small house fire the other day and it made me really start to think about fire safety and what my kids know.  Do they know what they should do in case of a fire?  Do I know what to do in case of a fire?

So, first off where are the exits in your home?  Do your kids know how to get out of your house?  You should have an exit or exit plan for each level of your home.  If you have a second story make sure there is a rope ladder or someway that you can get out without having to go to a separate floor.  If you have a basement, you need an access as well.

Where are you meeting?  Do you have a designated fire spot?  We used our van for our fire.  It was in the middle of the night and cold out so the we all went to the van.  It was very easy to change our safe location due to the kids all having been asleep and me herding them out half asleep.  It just needs to be somewhere that everyone knows that is a safe distance from the house.

Other important things to think about.  Do you have a fire extinguisher?  Is it somewhere accessible?  Do you have working smoke detectors?  Have you checked the batteries lately?  These are all important things to consider when you’re wanting to avoid any extra stress during a stressful time.

And remember, a fire is very scary for a child.  Firemen are scary to some children.  So, if you have access to a local fire station, it would make a great field trip!  Let the kids see the fire engine and the men in their full equipment so it won’t be as frightening to them when it is the real thing.

Remember to take precautions to help prevent fires and to make sure you have your exits cleared and accessible at all times.