Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit

Do you have a kindred spirit?  Someone that you would describe as the Diana to your Anne?  I do!  And I feel so blessed to call her mine.

Maybe you’re not sure what makes a kindred spirit or where the term even comes from.  Have I blindsided you?  Well let me explain.

Kindred Spirit

Growing up Anne of Green Gables was one of my favorite series of books.  I loved them.  I read them many times over.  And now, I’m reading them to my children.  And my children are loving them!  I also loved to watch the Anne of Green Gables movie and still do.  There’s just something special about the romance and relationship between Anne and Gilbert, but there is something equally as special in the friendship of Anne and Diana.  Maybe even more important than Anne and Gilbert is Anne and Diana

Our friendships are what shape us.  Having a kindred spirit is having someone who understands you.  Having one of those friendships where you don’t have to finish a sentence because they know what you’re going to say.  It is those times when you burst out laughing without saying a word because you know what they’re thinking.

It’s special.

Plain and simple.

Having a kindred spirit is like having yourself completed.  I’m not saying you can’t be complete without a friend like this, because you can, but it enriches and makes my life so much better to have mine.  I really feel blessed to have such a kindred spirit.

But what happens when you’re apart? What happens when life gets in the way?  When one person moves away things can get sad of course but guess what?!  Because you’re kindred spirits you can go weeks or months without talking and then get together and boom.  It’s like you were never apart.  The kindred spirits can start back up right where they were because that’s who you are.  You’re a part of each other.  You complete each other.

I have very few people that I call close friends.  The ones that I do consider my close friends I feel I can tell anything.  And the best part is that they are always there for me.  If I reach out even after years of not talking it’s like we have still been together.  Enrich your life by reaching out to your friends and finding your kindred spirit.  It’s worth it.