Making Math Fun {TOS Crew Review}

We’ve been making math fun here in our house recently thanks to a review from Sunya Publishing as part of the TOS Review Crew!  We received a fun math game focusing on multiplication and division which is perfect for my 11 and 9 year old who are working on that skill.  This game we received is called Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Multiplying & Dividing.  


Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}

I don’t know about you, but making a subject or something you’re learning fun and into a game helps my kids learn it better and retain it as well.  My son who is 9 loves math and it comes very easily to him while my daughter who is 11 has to take a little more time to think about it.  This game was perfect for them to play together and help hone their skills!

We received a physical package containing the game and instruction booklet.  The game is meant for players aged 9 and above though if you wanted to partner a slightly younger child with an older child that would work as well to help them start to get the hang of multiplication and division.  When playing this game you can have anywhere from 1-5 players.  We tended to have two to three players for this.  Sometimes I’d play along with my two children as I loved math as a child and even went to math competitions making it to the state level.


Making Math Fun {TOS Crew Review}


Because Sunya Publishing is a fairly new company they do not have a link to their games on their website yet(or even social media), but don’t worry they soon will!  You’re going to find that this is a company to watch.

The company name is Sunya Publishing.  Sunya comes from an ancient language from India called Sanskrit and it means to be empty.  When a player wins they say Sunya which means that they are empty or have used all their cards.  That is the object of the game, to be the first player to use up all of your cards.  

In our package I mentioned an instruction booklet containing 25 pages.  It tells you how to play the game and also some alternate ways of play.  It has a few pages in color and the rest is in a grayscale.  Since they are new we’re their guinea pigs of sorts and they value our opinion.  Thus, our booklet had the different formats asking us which we preferred.  For us, the full color version would work best as it is more pleasing to the eye, eye catching, and tends to help the kids focus on where they are when they’re reading.  

Not only did our package include the instruction booklet, but it also contained a deck of 60 cards and a deck of 30 cards as well as a number line.  The deck of 60 cards has the numbers, mathematical signs, and wild cards that you use to play the game.  The deck of 30 cards has the math and science riddle cards to go along with the game, just a chance for making math fun all over again.

As I’ve said before, the main goal of the game is to get rid of all your cards first and say Sunya.  To do this, you make math equations like 5 x5 =25.  It’s a great practice for using those multiplication facts and can be great fun as well.  My kids loved playing the game instead of doing some extra math practice to help them learn their multiplication tables.   

Make sure to hop over to the Main TOS Crew blog to check out all the other reviews of Sunya Publishing and their games for making math fun.  Reviewers got the choice of the  multiplication and division game or the addition and subtraction game.  So, you’re sure to see plenty of both reviews!  Make sure to check them out and see how we’re all making math fun in our homeschools these days.



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Mayan Mysteries {TOS Crew Review}

I don’t often let my children play games on the computer.  They never do so on my phone.  But recently we were allowed to review Mayan Mysteries from Dig-It! Games with the TOS Crew.  This is definitely an exception for me and a learning game which puts it more in the school category!

Dig-It! Games has created online games and apps to help your children learn.  Their main course is history with a side of puzzle solving, math, geography, and adventure!!  These games will keep your children entertained while also working their minds and broadening their horizon of learning.  Right now they have several free apps that you can download!


Dig It! Games Review

The online version of the games can be purchased for a single user or an entire classroom.  We were given the single user version of Mayan Mysteries to review.  My son who is 8 has enjoyed doing the game himself as well as with his daddy.  I’ve never been big on computer games myself but loved watching him learn!  In fact, we have had to have the whole family research and learn more about some of the artifacts and sites of the Mayan people he has learned as well as more about the Mayans themselves. 

Mayan Mysteries will introduce you to seven different unique Mayan sites.  While looking at these places you’ll face 25+ challenging puzzles that will stretch your mind and improve your problem solving skills.  With this online game you get 9+ hours of unique game play.  Depending on the age of your child they may have more play time as well as it takes them longer to solve the puzzles.  The game has wonderful graphics as well as great music that does not detract from the game.


Dig It! Games Review

This particular game is designed for grades 5-9.  My son who is 8 is doing fourth grade work.  He required minimal assistance with this game.  Mainly, he worked on the game himself but often called his daddy over to work with him so he could show him how the game worked and what he was working.

A quick overview of the game simply put is that you are to discover who is looting artifacts from the ancient Mayan culture and put a stop to them.  You work alongside a team of others known as Team Q.  It’s a great educational game!

You can also download and print off lesson plans to go with the game.  Because I wanted to use this with all of my children in a way(not actually doing the game but learning none the less) I did create my own set of lesson plans to incorporate the knowledge from the game.  However, my son using the game used the lesson plans.  They are well written and do help cement the learning as well as allow your child to dig deeper and explore more.


Dig It! Games Review

To make more of the game and to improve the minds of all of my children, we began small unit studies on each of the artifacts and Mayan sites that were visited in the game.  We also researched the Mayan people and how we came to find them in the new world to correlate them into our history time table.  

To help build excitement and a sense of accomplishment before mastering the entire game, achievements are awarded along the way.  It’s always fun to see how you’ve progressed and what you have left to win over!  


Dig It! Games Review

I love that in their description of this game they tell you that it is for history, geography, social studies, math, language arts, and critical thinking!  Oh and to help enrich their reading and vocabulary!  So many things being done with just a game!  Great reminder that nothing is just a game or just a book when you homeschool!

Within the game is an encyclopedia with a score of knowledge that your child can call on to help them solve the mysteries.  If your child is anything like my son, they’ll love the independence that being able to use and look things up in their own little encyclopedia can create.


Dig It! Games Review

If you’d like to learn more about Mayan Mysteries or Dig-It! Games please read the other reviews of Crew members over on the TOS Blog Main Page.  Also feel free to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!  Members of the TOS Crew were allowed to choose between reviewing Mayan Mysteries and Roman Town!  My son now wants to play all the other games that Dig-It! Games has to offer.  They really are a great learning resource.  I hope you’ll check them out.


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Board Games for Fun and Learning {TOS Crew Review}

We love to play board games here at our house.  They’re so fun!  Board games are for fun and learning here though.  You won’t find a game that doesn’t make them use skills and think.  I’m not a mean mom and they have tons of fun while they learn!  Recently we got the chance to review a new board game called Expanders from SimplyFun through the TOS Crew.  


Board Games for Learning and Fun



SimplyFun is a company that is still new to our world.  They want to make learning fun and enhance the fun of learning through play.  One of their goals is to help parents identify stumbling blocks that their children may have early on so that they can be corrected before they become a big problem.  This makes a lot of sense to me!  Through this they want to build smarter children and stronger families.  

SimplyFun has games for all ages as well as being awarded several awards.  I believe I read that they have in their lifetime as a company received over 100 awards!  That’s a great thing for a company still so new.  

I love that board games can be played by the entire family and can be fun as well as a learning experience.  I don’t want to trick my children and tell them they’re just playing a fun game.  Rather, they know that if we’re playing this game it’s for counting, and this is for the alphabet, and this is for this, etc.  We’re all working together to make learning fun and board games can be both.


Simply Fun Review

The game we are reviewing is called Expanders.  Skills that Expanders works on are reverse addition, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking.  So if you want to categorize it as a subject I’d place it in the math box.  This game is geared towards children 8 and older and can be played by one up to four players.  Your goal to win is to cover the most space on the board by using reverse addition to move around.  The first one to fill the mainframe of the game with their tokens wins!  

While this game is for ages 8 and above you also need to gauge it to their skill level.  I have a ten-year old who is only at grade two this year and this would be very hard for her to do now.  But my eight year old boy tends to win this game as he’s at grade four this year.  For my children who can do this on their own, they each play on their own as a player while I play as a partner to one of the girls who doesn’t have the skill mastered.  This way I can help them learn and do.  It’s always exciting when you’re learning a skill and you can see yourself on the board getting more tokens and SEE that you’re learning.


Board Games for Fun and Learning -Expanders

You can adjust the difficulty level of the game as well by whether you have your addition going all the way up to 12 or stopping at 8.  When we started playing this game we stuck with the side that goes to 8 as a way of reinforcing what some of the children could do and making it easier for the others to learn.  If the two that are in the fourth grade are playing they use the side that goes up to 12.  

If you’re not sure what game would fit what skills your child has feel free to contact SimplyFun or take one of their questionnaires.  They like to help families find the correct games.  They also offer a homeschool discount program so make sure to check that out when you go to order some games for your school.  Board games for fun and learning is definitely a specialty of theirs!


Simply Fun Review

If you’d like to hear of other board games for fun and learning check out the rest of the Crew Reviews over on the Main Page.  We got to choose between the game we reviewed, Expanders, and another called Shape Whiz!  You can also connect with SimplyFun on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  


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