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Elementary German

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One of the many many languages I have always wanted to learn is German.  I want my kids to learn several languages as well.  Recently through the Homeschool Review Crew we got access to an elementary German course from Middlebury Interactive Languages.  Their German Courses are available for grades 3-12.  We received online access to their Elementary German program for grades 3-5.  


Spanish, French, German or Chinese {Middlebury Interactive Languages}

While this course is for Grades 3-5, I find that my younger children can also learn from it.  We love to listen and practice this together as a family during our homeschool mornings.  Even my three year old is picking up short phrases and words.  It’s so fun to see the kids interacting and using German words during our days!

The program itself is fun and engaging.  It uses fun stories and videos to teach language.  It’s a bit of immersion since they tell a story fully in German to start the lessons.  But the stories are ones that everyone will know so you can get the gist and make your own inference as to what the words mean.

My thoughts

I love that at the beginning of the course you have access to a list of all the stories that are going to be used.  This list allowed me time to make sure that I had the English versions in our house.  I’m a bit of a nerd and love to add more literature into our homeschool day so I made sure that we were reading the same books in English and in German at the same time.   Fun for me and the kids!  

Also, when you go back to the section mentioned above, you can click on a button that allows you to see all of the German phrases they’ll show on the screens and the English next to it.  I LOVE this!!!  It’s printed and in a binder for my use with the kids.  This way I can write some of our phrases on a blackboard or whiteboard throughout the house for practice away from the computer.


Elementary German (Homeschool Review Crew)


Another fun feature I took advantage of was the list of vocabulary for all 15 units at the beginning.  I printed those guys off too!  I have a chalkboard sticker on my refrigerator door.  Yeap vocabulary words in German get written on there!  It also let me plan ahead.  If I knew say we’d be learning fruit words one week I can make sure I have the fruit in question in my refrigerator so we can eat an apple while we learn the word for apple.  I’m fun like that!!

About the Program

Lesson 1 is all about family.  We learn the names for brother, sister, cousin, etc all while listening to the German version of Rumpelstiltskin.  It’s such a cute and fun way to learn the words!  Be prepared for your kids to run around calling each other brother and sister in German.  It’ll happen.  Ask me how I know.  

We’re working through the program doing one unit per week currently.  Though there have been a few weeks we did two units because my kids really got the words learned quickly.  It’s self paced though.  All the lessons are available when you’re ready for them and you can go back and do them again if you need to.

I highly recommend using Middlebury Interactive Languages Elementary German program.  Again, while it says grades 3-4 I personally am using it with some kids who are in Kindergarten, first, and second as well as a few preschoolers in addition to those grades and they are doing really well learning the words.

Learn More

If you’d like to see more about the other languages that are offered from Middlebury Interactive Languages make sure to check out the Main Post on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.  You’ll also find other levels of German and more reviews about Elementary German as well.  Middlebury Interactive Languages can also be found on social media through their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  



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Learn a Foreign Language Online {TOS Crew Review}

Have you or your child ever wanted to learn a foreign language?  Now you can learn a foreign language online with Middlebury Interactive Languages.   We recently got to review Elementary German 1: Grades 3-5 through their online program and the TOS Crew.    

 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
Why German?  German is a language I’ve always wanted to learn and one that we do hear spoken around us occasionally.  I took one semester of it in college and loved it.  I knew then that I was going to want my kids to learn German as well as expand my knowledge.  But, when you live in the country near a small town, there aren’t many language instructors available.

I was thrilled when I learned that you could actually learn a foreign language online.  But then there were all the different courses!  And they of course all had varying costs and reasons that they were the best.  I was so relieved when we got offered this review so that I could stop researching them all!

The course we received is the first semester of the year one German.  You can take Elementary German I and II(so a full year), Middle School German I and II, and High School German I and II.  So all in all they offer three years worth of the German language.  Each course is paid for separately, but that’s a lot of foreign language!


 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
This is an immersion based program.  Middlebury Interactive Languages is different than other immersion based programs in that they bring world culture into their lessons.  So really you’re not just learning a language, you’re learning about a people and a culture as well.  You’re going to get experience and reinforcement in learning how to listen, read, speak, and write the language as well as the cultural enhancement.  It’s really a well rounded program.

We used this program three days a week.  There are 45 lessons.  I would have loved for us to be able to use it more, but it just didn’t fit into our schedule.  When you use this way to learn a foreign language online, you’re not just watching videos.  You’re getting much more.  You’re watching videos, being exposed to the written German, hearing it, and seeing images.  It helps to make sure all the senses are engaged and ensures more children learn!  We were right on with using this three days a week as the suggestion for grades 3-5 is 2-3 lessons a week.  So doing three lessons a week with 45 lessons it will take us 15 weeks to finish one semester of German!


 Middlebury Interactive Languages Review
I have to say that I may have loved this program just as much as my kids and I could easily see us continuing with the German course.  I learned some new things and would love to take some other languages myself!  My kids are also really excited by it!  They for one really love being able to use mommy’s computer as it’s not something they do everyday.  They also like knowing that they’re learning a new language.  While learning this language they can pick up bits and pieces of other conversations!  They also think they have a secret language that they can talk to each other in.  I hated to burst their little imagination bubble and tell them that there is a whole country that speaks their secret language!  They were shocked to say the least.  

Oh and hey mom this is for you.  You don’t have to grade their work!  The computer does that!  Your child will love this.  Well at least mine have!  The student using this is in 4th grade.  Really all of my kids were crowding around to listen and learn.  But only one got to control the keyboard!

Make sure you check out all the other Crew Reviews on the Main TOS Blog Page.  We got to choose a language and a level so there is going to be some variety available to help you choose which language and level is right for you.  Also check out Middlebury Interactive Languages on twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest, and google +.



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Kids Learn German with Middlebury Interactive Languages #hsreviews

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review

I don’t know about you, but I think learning foreign languages is a great thing for children.  They absorb it so quickly.  As adults it is more of a struggle to learn and remember.  I was so excited when a chance came that allowed my kids to learn German through Middlebury Interactive Languages.  We were given access to a full course(one semester or six months) of the German Courses.

The course we received that would help the kids learn German is Elementary German 1: Grades 3-5.  By the time the course ends over 600 vocabulary words have been learned in an immersive multi-media experience.  This is an online course.  There are two choices for the course.  You can choose the without teacher course for $119 or the with teacher course for an additional $175 making the total course $294.  This course is geared for older elementary students or grades 3-5,equivalent to ages 9-12.

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review


It is recommended for this age of course that students use the program 2-3 days per week for a total of 45 lessons.  This is what we were attempting to do.  We wanted to use the course on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so that we could use it on an evenly spaced routine.  I feel that helps retain more if you’re not leaving large gaps in between that you’re not using and hearing a language.  Most weeks we were able to keep to this schedule though there were a few weeks when life and extra activities got in the way.  We used Saturday as our makeup day and would do our missed coursework on that day.   


My kids were so excited to be learning a new language.  They have done a semester of Spanish before as well as some work in French.  I really want them to learn German though as it is a language that was spoken by my husbands family and a language that I have always loved.  I took a semester of it in college and have wanted to learn more since then.  I was hoping that I could make sure I haven’t lost my knowledge by helping my kids with the program!

This is a very cute program that makes learning fun.  I have always though that teaching kids a foreign language was going to require a lot of rote memorization and drilling, but this online program provides cute pictures and ways of helping them work on their language without feeling they’re being drilled.  Through this they do learn and memorize their vocabulary words as well as learn to site read the words.  They associate the word on the screen with the sounds they are speaking and it has then become a site word.  Every time they see it they know what it says and can read it even if they don’t know any of the other words in the sentence.  

Middlebury Interactive Languages Review



This is a self paced course.  You can do one lesson a week(but you won’t finish during the semester) or you can do 7 lessons a week.  You have access to your course for the entire semester.  While they do offer a full course of languages from K-12, not all languages are available for the younger grades.  German is not available for the K-2 age group.  Our course for grades 3-5 provides the kids with an introduction to basic expressions, words, and phrases.  As I mentioned above, they will have learned over 600 vocabulary words by the end of the semester which to me is a huge thing!  That’s a great start to learning any language.  



Middlebury Interactive Languages Review



We have really enjoyed our work so far in our German course.  My kids are loving the learning of German and normally beg to do extra work on our days.  We have allowed them to do work by reviewing things we have learned instead of a new lesson.  I don’t want to get done with the course and then have nothing else to do for half the semester.  My kids have already informed me that they want to do the next German course which is the Course 2 for grades 3-5. 


Our first lesson for German had us singing the German equivalent of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  The kids loved it!  I had previewed the lesson and knew what was coming so we sang the English version in our normal morning song section.  It was pretty funny for me to watch my kids rolling around the German words and then realizing that they actually knew what that word meant!  A great way to make a child feel like they’ve accomplished something immediately.



Middlebury Interactive Languages Review


You can find Middlebury Interactive Languages on social media through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +.   Through listening and making sure the pronunciation is correct your child can communicate in an everyday setting knowing they can at least follow the key points.  



Middlebury Interactive Languages Review



Interested in learning more about Middlebury Interactive Languages?  Do you want a program to help kids learn German?  Or maybe you’re interested in another language.  There are a variety of languages through Middlebury Interactive Languages for a variety of ages(K-12) as well.  You can find out more about the courses and ages through going to the Main TOS Crew Blog Post and reading what other reviewers thought of their courses.  We were allowed a choice in what we used so there are going to be different reasons for courses and feelings on what was liked or disliked.



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