Absolute Silence

Absolute Silence

Blogging Through the ABCs -A is for Absolute Silence

This is a concept that is totally foreign to me.  My house is never silent.  Even when the kids are all in bed asleep there is a creak from a bed as someone rolls over.  The obnoxious noise my rocking chair makes as I rock in it.  The dogs walking across the wood floor.  I’m sure you’re getting the picture by now.


Absolute Silence


It’s not that I don’t want silence.  Silence would be wonderful.  But I think I might go crazy if I had absolute silence.  For me silence is relative. Silence is the absence of the constant noise that happens in our house.  Silence is cherished.

But I also know that there will come a day when all I have is silence.  My kids will be grown up and gone and it’ll just be my husband, the animals, and me sitting around in my noisy rocking chair when the chores are done.  Chores become quite a shorter list when there isn’t a dozen people living in one house.

Somedays I think what it will be like when I can just sit for five seconds.  Somedays I wonder what will happen when the absolute silence comes.  And then it hits me.  I’ll remember. I’ll be full of memories of the years where silence was just a dream.  Where absolute silence was a concept that seemed foreign to me.  A concept I wondered if even existed.

I’m not saying I don’t have days that are hard.  I do.  I have them a lot.  Days where I just want to step outside and revel in the lack of noise. But I don’t.  Partly because I know my kids will keep getting into things or doing whatever it is their doing; or they’ll follow me.  And partly because I know that there will come a day where silence will be the reality and I’ll find myself wishing for the days of noise.


Absolute Silence is not Possible


It’s human nature to want what we don’t have at that point in time.  What I’m learning is it’s okay to think about and want something but that it’s more important to make the most of the day we have and to enjoy and embrace the noise.

As I type this I have kids doing chores.  They’re never silent when they do chores.  Brooms get dropped.  Toes get stubbed.  Playing happens instead.  It’s life.  It’s noisy.  It’s the furthest thing from absolute silence that there can ever be.  But I find it comforting.  It’s the sounds of home.  It’s the noises of family.  It’s childhood.  It’s kids playing and learning and growing.  It’s us as their parents doing the same.

And so, my A in Blogging through the ABCs is dedicated to Absolute Silence.  To a time when I’ll put on my makeup without an audience and remember when they were there trying to help.  Remembering the help getting mascara all over my cheek and laughing which turns to tears because they’re grown.  Then I’m washing my face just like I did that time and reapplying the makeup again in silence.  I’m trying to savor those memories now and hope you do too.  Make memories to keep you comfy when the silence comes to visit.

2015 Summer Challenge with Adventures in Odyssey

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Summer . . . a time that kids pine for during the school year and parents may anticipate with something akin to dread. Fearing refrains of “I’m bored” or hours spent on the couch playing video games can make moms and dads nervous about the long, hot months stretching before their family. Focus on the Family’s Odyssey Adventure Club offers an answer, encouraging parents and kids to embrace faith and fun with the Take the Plunge Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse magazine’s Summer Challenge.

Take the Plunge

The Take the Plunge challenge features:

  • Master Mind Monday — commit God’s Word to memory
  • Ways to Play Wednesday — spend active time with your family
  • Faith Sharing Friday — share God’s love with others

The Take the Plunge challenge helps families memorize at least five verses, engage in five activities together and share their faith with five people before the school doors swing open again. Those who sign up will receive an 11-week plan with suggested verses to memorize, activity ideas (such as visiting a war memorial) and ways to witness (such as passing out popsicles at the park with an invitation to your church), making this challenge the perfect tool for parents who want summer to be a time of spiritual and social stimulation for their kids.

“Research tells us that the more senses we involve when teaching children a principle, the more likely it is to stick,” Plugged In editor and Adventures in Odyssey podcast host Bob Smithouser says. “Bible memorization by itself is great, but it becomes even more powerful when put into action. Know it. Share it. Live it.”

Families who sign up to take part in the challenge at www.whitsend.org/summer will have access to weekly verses to memorize, ideas for family fun and suggestions for service projects that allow a family to share their faith. Additionally, anyone who signs up to participate in the Take the Plunge challenge will receive a free scene from the latest Adventures in Odyssey album, as well as a free story from the book Strange Journey Back.

This 2015 Summer Challenge with Adventures in Odyssey is going to be the best thing you’ve done all summer!  Seriously.  Your kids will love it and it will help structure your days and weeks a bit plus your kids are going to be learning and having fun!  

Bible memorization is a hug thing in our house and I love this program for giving us some incentive and support to get it done!  As a homeschool family, we don’t take the summer off of school but our schedule is much more relaxed.  This really helps to fill in the gaps to make sure we’re getting the most important thing done!


This post is in conjunction with Litfuse and their Adventures in Odyssey blogger program.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  My compensation is purely access to Adventures in Odyssey. 

Jesus is the Good News! @FamilyChristian

Have you ever wondered how to get your kids more interested in the Bible?  Wanted something that teaches them truth?  Well we’ve found that in What’s in the Bible.  What’s in the Bible is a great video series by Phil Vischer(one of the Veggie Tales creators).  Recently we received a copy of Volume 10 from Family Christian to review. Volume 10 Jesus is the Good News!  

Sounds like good news to us!  We have watched some of the What’s in the Bible movies and really couldn’t wait to watch this one.  They’re catchy, they’re cute, and they pack a punch with the kids.  My kids LOVE them!  


What's in the Bible


Buck Denver is the news reporter who hosts this series.  He’s a great guy!  Unless he has too much coffee, then you’ve got problems!  Maybe he’s a bit like me. . . . .   Anyway!  This dvd takes us into the New Testament and learning all about the Good News that Jesus brought.  Basically as the title says, that Jesus is the Good News.  We visit Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in this dvd.  

The whole dvd is 60 minutes in length.  There are two episodes within the same dvd.  They cover things such as Jesus calming the storm, and feeding the 5000.  We learn of Jesus dying but then we hear the “Good News” that Jesus wasn’t in the tomb when the stone was rolled away.  You get the whole salvation story all rolled up in a cute little show with catchy tunes and puppets!

My kids really have enjoyed this dvd.  We’ve shared it with friends who have enjoyed it as well.  I know some people who don’t like dvd’s like this because they take away some of the seriousness and sacredness of the Bible.  I like things like this for children because it brings the truth from the Bible to a language they can understand and a fun way for them to learn.  I approve of these for my kids.  They are based on the Bible and have sound teaching in my opinion.


What's in the Bible

The Discussion Guide for parents that comes inside the movie case.


My kids love the songs as well and go around the house singing them!  We love the singing cowboy and the pirate who never seems to fit in but always seems to get a part nevertheless.  Oh and don’t forget Sunday School lady.  It’s a great cast of characters(puppets) to go along with Phil Vischer himself.  The puppets as him questions and he then tells them the Bible stories that go along and explains them.  While he explains we see little clips of the puppets or flannelgrams or any number of cute sketches.  

Okay so I told you it is two episodes on one dvd.  The first episode is called God’s Perfect Timing.  It covers the 400 years between the Old and New Testament.  It goes into how Jesus arrives as prophesied and how everything was the perfect timing for His coming.


What's in the Bible

The coloring page that comes inside the movie case.


The second episode is called The Messiah Has Come(pretty self explanatory there).  It covers the life and ministry of Jesus.  

If you’re looking for a fun way to earn more about the Bible with your kids I would highly recommend getting the entire series for them.  It’s a great investment in something that your kids will love.  My kids are ages 18 months up to 9 years and they ALL love these shows.  Heck, I love them too!  You’re never too old to find something like this cute and funny.  

Things I liked as the parent.  Inside you’ll find a coloring page for your kids.  On the other side you have a discussion guide that you can use to discuss what they’ve learned with your kids.  I love that!  It helps to make sure they’ve learned what you want them to learn from this.  We give this show a big ol yes please and five stars!


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Beauty and the Beet #veggietales #review

Are you a Veggie Tales fan?  My kids are for sure!  They were super excited with our latest review from Family Christian!  We got to review the newest Veggie Tales Beauty and the Beet!  Talk about a great movie and a bunch of excited kids! 


unconditional love


First let me tell you about some great deals you can get with Family Christian right now!  These are limited so pay attention to the dates given!  From December 12-14 you can order your copy of Beauty and the Beet for $7.49 as part of the Doorbusters Event!  Pretty awesome price!  I’d go for that one!  If you miss that though you can purchase from December 15-24 for $9.99.  Still a great price!  After the 24th and into the new year it’ll be standard regular price.

Okay, so now that the formalities are out of the way lets talk some more about the movie and how much we enjoyed it.  You know, I’m going to say that “we” a lot.  Because it’s not just my kids that like the Veggie Tales movies, I do too!  I think they’re adorable and carry a message.  It may not always be a specific Bible verse that we can target, but it’s a great principle or life lesson that kids should know.  And who doesn’t want to learn it through cute and adorable vegetables!  Well and maybe a fruit or two.  I always was taught that tomatoes were a fruit.  

Beauty and the Beet features someone new to the world of Veggie Tales.  Kellie Pickler lends her voice to Mirabelle( the Belle of the classic Beauty and the Beast story tale) and so of course there are some Country Western type songs being sung throughout!  

In our story we follow the Veggie Tones, a family band featuring Mirabelle.  All the children in the family are in the band somehow and dad is the manager.  When they go through the mountains in bad weather to try to get to a new gig they get stranded at a run down resort where Mr Beet is the manager.  They can’t pay to stay so they work it off by cleaning, waiting tables, and singing.  Mirabelle even gives the Beast err Beet singing lessons!   But can she help to make him kind and feeling again?

The movie is approximately 56 minutes long so almost an hour of delightful sillyness with a great message.  

There are some bonus features on the disc as well.  You get behind the scenes with Kellie Pickler on playing the sweetest sweet potato, a very veggie jukebox, in the kitchen with Bob, Show You Love sing along, Deck the Halls sing along, downloadable activities, and my favorite—- Offering Unconditional Love: Family Discussion Guide.  I’m  a sucker for these discussion guides.  I love them!  They normally contain a great message and a great way to help our kids understand and retain that message.

I have nine children ages 9 and under.  They all sit and watch this.  They love it!  I think it truly is a great lesson in unconditional love for children.


silly songs with Larry


The new Silly Song with Larry is also cute and definitely silly as always.  It’s called Mac and Cheese and is all about how Larry’s ancestor invented Mac and Cheese and how he did it!

Okay so if you don’t want to see a few spoilers then please feel free to stop reading here.  Really you can stop now.  I’m going to talk about a few of my favorite parts as a mom.

Spoilers ahead.

Stop reading and go watch the movie.

Watched the movie now?

Okay so here goes!

In the movie we have a reporter.  A critic of resorts.  She gives them a one star rating because she came as someone who had no money to stay and they turned her away.  She hears good things starting to be said about the resort after the Veggie Tones come and goes back for a second review.  She is pleasantly surprised.  But the Veggie Tones aren’t there to entertain as they’re trying to get to their next gig.  The Veggie Tones decide to go back and help Mr Beet only to be involved in an avalanche.  True kindness wins out.  The kindness that Mirabelle had shown to Mr Beet, and really not just her but the whole family, has paid off and he is now a nice man who risks his own life to save them.

Great movie.  We loved it.  You will too.  Make sure to go purchase your copy.  


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Bedtime Bible Dramas for Kids #hsreviews

Do you have a bedtime routine with your kids?  Have you ever thought of adding some Bedtime Bible Dramas for Kids to your bedtime routine?  If so, you need to check out Wizzy Gizmo.  

Wizzy Gizmo Review
Recently, as a part of the TOS Crew Review Team, we received Book One:  Who Created Everything? to review.  Let me tell you, I knew as soon as I opened the package that this book was going to rock our world.  The cover was like nothing I had seen before.  This book is totally unique and eye catching.  My kids looked forward to reading it and honestly, it was way too short.  

The book is geared towards ages 4-12, but I used it with ages 3-9.  I can say that my three year old loved it just as much as my nine year old so I think going a little younger will work. Our 14 month old even sat and listened to the stories being read, but I don’t think she got very much out of it!  The book can be purchased for $12.99 off their website.  

Wizzy Gizmo Review
Book One: Who Created Everything covers the story of the creation in Genesis 1.  There is also a Book Two: In His Image,which focuses on Adam and Eve but we did not receive that one to review.  You’ll have to check out some of the other reviews for information on it.

The book as stated covers Chapter 1 of Genesis but in a very unique way.  It is told by Professor Wizzy Gizmo and is the product of his putting the Bible on Gizmovision.  There is an audio drama also available to purchase that is the exact as this book but without the extras.  Those extras include vocabulary words that are highlighted throughout the reading, a glossary, and review questions in the back.  

There are seven chapters in the book.  We spread our reading out to one chapter per night.  This made it last a week.  Each day of creation gets it’s own chapter plus a chapter at the beginning to introduce and share and plan what’s going on!  The Wizzy Gizmo series is written by Chris Del Aquila and Justin Cummins.  

Seven seems to be a recurring number in the book because there are seven main characters.  There is a page introducing them at the beginning of the book.  You have the Professor, his robot, his dog, and then four children.  The favorite of the children for my children was Olive.  Olive is seven years old and loves to be barefoot.  She also loves animals.  This was perfect for my children as we live on a farm and I have a very hard time keeping them in shoes.  Oh and did I mention she runs not walks everywhere?  I think the authors studied my clan when they wrote her.  

My kids loved me reading the story to them, but they really loved the pictures.  There are full two page photos throughout the book.  They are vivid and full of color and detail.  We had to stop and study them and talk about them when reading because they so drew the attention.  The artists did  a great job in our opinion!

Now, the Gizmovision machine.  I’m sure you’ve not heard of one before.  This machine takes a book, any book, and makes it into a real life action packed story that you can participate in when you’re in the bubble.  It creates a bubble that is the book and the readers are then part of that bubble.  The kids suggest all kinds of stories to use, but in the end Professor Wizzy Gizmo chooses the Bible.  Not just any section of the Bible but Genesis Chapter 1 because it goes back to the beginning of time before all of the suggestions of the children.  

Now, I don’t want to tell you too much more about the book.  It would be giving it all away and trust me when I say you are going to want to read this or listen to the audiodrama yourself.  Yes you, you might be the parent, but you’re going to enjoy this series as well as your children.  

The only thing that I did not specifically like about the books is that they use the New American Standard Bible for all their scripture references.  As we’ve mentioned before we’re a King James family.  So, what we did to fix this is just after we’d finished our chapter we looked up the verses that were in it in the King James Version of the Bible we have and read them that way.  Then we could discuss any major differences.

Interested in learning more about Wizzy Gizmo?  Check out the main Crew Blog Page to browse through the selection of reviews for the different products to see which one will be the best fit for your family.    You can also visit Wizzy Gizmo on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, and vimeo.


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