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Homeschool Printables

Homeschool Review Crew

I love homeschooling.  It’s an amazing learning experience for both me and my children.  But it can also be challenging at times when I can’t find the resources I’m looking for to help substitute some topics.  Super Teacher Worksheets is the perfect answer!  I’m loving the individual membership we received for a year through the Homeschool Review Crew!!  Thousands of worksheets for grades kindergarten through fifth are available for a yearly membership of $19.95.


 Super Teacher Worksheets

Imagine a world where all the homeschool printables you can imagine exist?  I’ve found it!  Homeschool printables have never been easier.  There are literally thousands of prewritten ready for me to print pages and even a way for me to design and print out my own!  Every subject under the sun is there as well as ones that I hadn’t even though to look for.

Some highlights!  I love that there is a literature section.  I have a hard time coming up with questions for my kids over the books they read.  Instead of me just letting them tell me about the book they’ve read we’ve been able to assign books that are already available with homeschool printables of the study guides.  Some fun ones that we’ve read before and that I had some of my second to third grade readers read and do the corresponding study guides are The Boxcar Children and The Magic Treehouse Series #1.  I can’t wait to explore that selection more for my older kids as well.  


Homeschool Printables


Another fun area for us is geography.  I’ve really been wanting to work with my kids on memorizing the names of the states and their capitals with the hope that someday we can start travelling and visiting some.  I was super excited to find a printable worksheet that gives all of the state names, their capital city, and their abbreviation.  My children each got a copy of this to read and study and then they can quiz each other with it.  Tons of fun and then they test their knowledge on car rides by reading license plates.  One child says the name of the state, the next child makes a tally mark by that state abbreviation, and a third child calls out the capital.  The only time we’ve been stumped was with a Canadian license plate! 


Homeschool Printables


Because we’re in the midwest and near a refuge that really draws Monarch butterflies we decided to grab the science homeschool printables about butterflies.  A super fun one we printed off to read and learn is about the difference between a butterfly and a moth.  Lots of good information there!  They also have homeschool printables about the life cycle of butterflies which is pretty neat to study too.


homeschool printables


I don’t know where to begin on the fun pages to print for your preschool and kindergarten learners.  You really would never need to buy them a curriculum because of all the great games and pages that are available.  We printed off some trace and write worksheets for the alphabet for my four year old.  She loves that she can work on school with the big kids!


Homeschool Printables


I’m personally so excited for all the fun games that you can print off and play too!  It’s going to be raining all week her this week so we’re planning on checking some out!  Normally I have to resort to letting the kids watch some educational programs but not this time!

 Super Teacher Worksheets

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If you’d like to learn more about homeschool printables and Super Teacher Worksheets please check out the main blog post on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.  You can also check them out on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram.


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Early Grammar with Jolly Phonics {TOS Crew Review}

Early Grammar

A TOS Crew Review of Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review
Grammar is something I’ve been focusing on in our homeschool lately.  Early grammar to be precise.  My five year old is dying to learn to read and already knew how to sound out all her letters before we started Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar from is a part of just2ducks LLC.  


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

 What We Received

We received physical product for this review.  What we received in our box:

  • The Jolly Phonics teacher’s book in print letters
  • Jolly Phonics student books 1, 2, 3 
  • The Jolly Grammar 1 Teacher’s book in print letters
  • One Jolly Grammar 1 Student Book
  • Jolly Songs in print letters

In correlation with this review we are also using Can Do Cubes which I’ll share more about tomorrow.  They work wonderfully with the Jolly Grammar and Jolly Phonics to help the student learn.


Early Grammar {TOS Crew Review}

About the Program

Jolly Phonics is a beginning phonics program for your child.  It can also be used for someone learning English as a second language.  It shows that it’s for elementary, but the child really should have little to no prior phonics experience for it not to be boring.  For instance, my five year old has done other phonics books and already knows all her letter names and sounds.  Starting her off in book 1 would have just made her really bored and possibly turned her off on learning.

Jolly Grammar is for after Jolly Phonics has been completed.  They calculate Jolly Phonics taking about a year to complete.  Jolly Grammar helps to develop good early grammar habits.  It focuses on spelling rules, beginning grammar rules, and punctuation.  This is done through fun activities like unscrambling words.  There are also spelling tests and more fun to be had.


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

The other aspect of the products we received is the Jolly Songs.  This is a CD and book that allow children to sing about what they’re learning.  I have long held the belief that singing and doing things in rhyme or to a rhythm will help children and even adults remember things better and longer.  I still remember the times tables that I was taught to a rhythm as well as the Books of the Bible!

How We Used It

I started the review out by putting my 6 year old in Jolly Phonics book 1.  She has no prior early grammar or phonics knowledge really as she is a bit developmentally behind for her age.  Because of her being behind I haven’t pushed her to learn before she’s ready.  We decided to give school a try with her this year.  


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

The work is not long which is great for the short attention span she has.  Just one page a day and you can see she’s making progress.  She loves it because it’s school!  Plus, she loves that she can show daddy that she did something at the end of the day.  Whereas when we were just working on learning our letters and numbers I mostly used a wipe off board with her so there was nothing completed at the end of the day for her to show off.

Something that really encouraged her and made her so excited was that in the first few weeks of doing one page a day five days a week she was able to sound out a few small words.  This was huge.  In a child’s mind once they sound out their first two or three letter word, they’re reading.  It’s immensely gratifying to them to be able to do that.

We used the Jolly Grammar curriculum as well.  One of the great things with having a large family is that I have a child at almost every stage of learning.  My just turned 8 year old son used Jolly Grammar.  He has finished his normal phonics program and is reading on a solid beginner level so I thought it would be a great fit.  

He loved the ease of the program though he really didn’t care much for the spelling tests.  This was his first encounter with them.  I have seen an improvement in both his reading and his writing which I attribute to Jolly Grammar and the early grammar learning he’s getting.


Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

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Learn Phonics with Memoria Press #hsreviews

Have a little one eager to learn to read?  I have a little girl who is 4 and simply has been begging me to let her do school since the start of the school year when she was only 3!!  Recently we got a review item from the TOS Crew just for HER!  She is working on reviewing First Start Reading from Memoria Press.   We have found a great way to learn phonics with Memoria Press and she is now constantly asking me to do school with her.


Teach your child to read
We received physical copies of the Student Books A-D as well as the Teacher’s Guide.  On their site they state that this is for Kindergarten.  They don’t define that by an age, but I can say that my four-year old is adoring the program.  She loves learning and often begs me to let her do school and then begs me to let her do more school.  She has been writing her name for a few months now and knows most of her letters.


Memoria Press Review


If you have been reading about me and my blog you know I actually have two little four-year old children.  If you are going to use this with more than one child you will need to purchase a student set to go with the full set.  You’re going to want the teacher’s book too, so don’t just buy two student book sets thinking you’ll just figure it out.  Honestly.  Don’t do that.  You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration by just getting the book.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t always buy the teacher’s book, but for this set I can honestly say that I would buy the teacher’s book for myself.  

Want to know why this program is so great?  The first for me is the way it teaches your child to read.  It doesn’t teach them to sound it out by putting the first letters together in the way some programs do, but by word families.  Using the word family approach the child learns a vowel-consonant sound.  So they would learn how to say the letters -at together and then start adding letters in front of that so cat would c-at instead of going at it like ca-t.  This may not be a big deal for some people, but this is a deal breaker for my family.  I tried to teach my older children in the second way when they were little and they just couldn’t get it.  Once we switched to the word family learning it went so smoothly!

Not only does your child learn how to sound out words with the vowel-consonant or word family approach but they are also going to learn common words so they don’t have to sound them out all the time.  In the four workbooks they learn a total of 45 common words.  They also learn all the consonant sounds as well as long and short vowels.  Being that this is a complete phonics course in four books you also are given short stories(total of thirty-one) that your child can read and assessments in each book.  Your child will learn proper pencil grip(oh so important) as well as the proper formation of letters, how to sound out the letters and so much more.

When you go through the book it is eye catching without being loud and obnoxious.  There is room for the child to draw and write without feeling squished but not an overabundance of white space that can seem daunting to young children(and even adults).  There are cute pictures to help them learn what sound the letter makes.  They also have a spot for them to draw their own picture of something that starts with the letter you’re working on as well.  You as the parent are merely helping them with this to make the correct sounds and letter formation with proper pencil grip.  You will also be telling them how the letter sounds in different spots in words(beginning versus end) so that they can use that knowledge to write words that they are hearing.


Memoria Press First Start Reading



This is a great set for learning to read.  I had used a different phonics program for my older kids when they were learning to read and comparing the two in my head I really like that this program works on how to properly hold the pencil as well as shape and form their letters.  It not only works on reading but also on handwriting as well as thinking skills.  

Some things that my little girl loves about this is that it makes her free independent and like such a big girl.  She has known most of her letters for a while and some of their sounds but she has really wanted to learn to read.  She was so excited that she could read a word her first day.   She is enjoying getting to color and read at the same time.  The writing is not her favorite part but she is doing so well with it.  She has better handwriting already than some of my older children!  Not sure if that is this program or if it’s just the fact that she is more of a fine detail type girl where the others could care less.

I really enjoy that the teacher’s book contains all I need to know.  I don’t have to prep a lot of stuff.  It’s already figured out for me so all I have to do is work with her.  This is great for me because I have nine children.  With adding my four-year old to the schooling mix I now have seven of those nine doing school on a daily basis.  And yes I said daily.  My sweet little four-year old would already be done with all four books if I let her go at her own pace.  She is so excited!  So driven to learn and ready to take on the world!  Love seeing her learn and want to learn.

We’re still working on this program and haven’t finished it yet but I can say that it has already become a favorite.  If your little one is eager to read you should let them learn phonics with Memoria Press and First Start Reading.

Want to connect with Memoria Press and learn more?  Check them out on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google +, and instagram.  Still want to learn more?  Make sure to head over and check out the other reviews on the Main TOS Crew blog page.  


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