Classical Education Latin Curriculum {Homeschool Review Crew}

Classical Education Latin Curriculum

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As a nurse I know quite a bit of the do’s and don’ts of Latin.  But I am not even close to fluent.  And I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to teach.  Enter a great classical education Latin curriculum to take the pressure off me and do the teaching.  Memoria Press has just that for us in their Latina Christiana Complete Set which we have been reviewing through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Classical Education Latin Curriculum

About the Curriculum

The Latina Christiana Complete Set includes a student book(each student will need their own), teacher’s manual, pronunciation disc, DVD, and flash cards.  Within this are 25 lessons plus five review lessons.  Review worksheets are also available for purchase separately.  Currently this set retails for $98.90 on the Memoria Press website.  This particular classical education Latin curriculum is recommended for grades 3-6.  It can be used after the Prima Latina complete set or it can be used on it’s own with a student who has no Latin background as well.

This whole curriculum has been redone recently.  It now corresponds quite well with the Famous Men of Rome set so that they can be used together for history and Latin.  We unfortunately have not been able to use them together but I can see how they would fit together well.  I’m big into history and we do a lot of History in our homeschool so this would be a great addition.  Once this curriculum is finished your student can move onto the First Form Latin curriculum.

The student book contains all the necessary information for your student to complete it.  The teacher manual also contains the student information with overlaid answers.  So grading is super easy.  I appreciate this as a busy homeschool/farm mom.  Another aspect that I love is the pronunciation disc and dvd’s.  I don’t always have time to learn for myself to pronounce things and then teach them to my children.  

Let’s chat about the DVD quickly.  This to me is one of the biggest assets to the program.  There are three discs adding up to 5.5 hours.  Each lesson has about a 15 minute lesson on the dvd to listen to and watch.  I don’t have to do all the teaching work.  That to me is amazing.  I can just let my kids watch the DVD and answer any questions they have.  The CD for pronunciation works well and is easy to listen to and understand.

Memoria Press

Our Thoughts

My oldest daughter was our tester for this curriculum though I do have to admit that my other children listened to the CD and watched the DVD as well.  Mainly because they always want to be included in things.  She really has enjoyed learning Latin.  Part of her plans for the future include being a vet so this will be great for her to have in her knowledge data-banks.  We had previously done some Latin though not enough to make me qualify her as having a firm basis to build upon.  

So according to my daughter gets a positive rating.  She likes doing it and is eager to do her lesson daily.  I follow more of a Charlotte Mason approach to learning but have to admit we’re enjoying this classical education Latin curriculum more than I thought we would.  I think it would definitely be a good addition to our school year to give us Latin understanding.

Learn More

Learn more about Memoria Press and their classical education Latin curriculum plus the other products offered up for review by visiting the Main Homeschool Review Crew blog page.  Crew members reviewed different products and they are all linked up there.  Check out Prima Latina(comes before the set we received), First through Fourth Form Latin, The Book of Trees, and Nature’s Beautiful Order.  You can also find Memoria Press on facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, instagram, google +, and LinkedIn


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Learn Latin at Home {TOS Crew Review}

Have you ever wanted to learn Latin?  I self taught Latin when I was in high school by borrowing books from my English teacher.  I have always wanted my children to learn but never really knew where to look for a curriculum.   In 2013 we got the chance to review Prima Latina through Memoria Press.  I was very excited that my children could continue their study to learn Latin this year through our review of Latina Christiana I thanks to the TOS Review Crew.


Memoria Press Review

Latina Christiana I is the continuation of the Latin series.  This course is recommended for grades 3 and up.  We received the complete set to review( a $98.90 value) which includes the student book, teacher’s manual, pronunciation cd, instructional dvd’s, and flashcards.  This course is ready to teach the beginner or novice all about Latin!  Because we were able to review the Prima Latina before we may have had a leg up on most beginners.  


Learn Latin with Memoria Press {TOS Crew Review}


Let’s talk a short bit about some of the components.  The student book contains 25 lessons with 5 review lessons.  Within each lesson you will find:

  • Latin sayings that teach their Christian or classical heritage(this ties in well to a history lesson)
  • grammar form
  • ten vocabulary words
  • and reviews of course

Within the Teacher’s Book you will find:

  • a complete copy of the student book with overlaid answers(talk about easy!)
  • detailed weekly lesson plans which takes the stress off of you, especially if you yourself do not know Latin and are learning with the children
  • comprehensive teaching instructions
  • grammar overview
  • recitation schedule
  • background information on the Latin sayings and Roman history(again ties in well to a history lesson)
  • tests, quizzes, and keys

The CD provides you with the correct pronunciations for each lesson as well as prayers and songs that are used with the lessons.

The Instructional DVD contains has 5 discs containing 18 hours of material.  Within this you have lessons that are 35-40 minutes in length.  In this you will find:

  • thorough teaching by the Prima Latina author(again back to our first review)
  • coverage of each new grammar lesson
  • recitation and review
  • vocabulary practice and explanation of derivatives
  • on-screen notes, diagrams, and illustrations
  • additional examples
  • all within a self-explanatory format

The flashcards are pretty self-explanatory as well.  They are cardstock with the vocabulary words on them to go with each lesson.  Each card has the Latin word and the English derivatives on them.


Latina Christiana I {TOS Crew Review}


Again, this is very easy to teach as it is all laid out for you and you really have no prep work.  This is something that I love because I don’t have time to prep for all of my subjects.  Having a few that are all laid out for me so all I have to do is teach is wonderful!

This is an easy course to do with multiple students as once you have the complete kit all you have to purchase are the student books. Each student book is only $16 so doable for almost any family.  As you may have noticed above I have noted how you could incorporate history lessons into learning Latin.  If you don’t want to take the time to prep that out you can purchase the Famous Men of Rome course through Memoria Press.  This is actually another product that some Crew members reviewed so make sure to check out those reviews if you’re interested in it.

There are many ways you can use this course and plan it out, but with my kids we did one lesson per week.  That seems to be the easiest for us.  On Day 1 we would watch the lesson on the DVD.  On Day 2 we would listen to the CD.  On day 3 we would do our flashcards and work on the lesson in the student book.  On Day 4 we would review.  This might include reviewing a part of the lesson on DVD or relistening to the CD.  Basically we would go over all the material again but specifically focus on anything that wasn’t clicking.  Day 5 was when we would do the rest of the workbook if we had not finished it.

Some fun things that we also added to help with retention and memorization was to have the kids write out the words as copywork in their copywork notebooks.  We also would write the word and the meanings on construction paper to make a guidebook for each of them to keep.  Little things but repetition is key with some of my children.  

So for our verdict, my kids enjoyed this program.  I enjoyed this program.  We knew what to expect already since we had been given the opportunity to review Prima Latina and were still as in love with this one as we were with it.  I love that it has the same basic structure and teaching methods as Prima Latina so that it was familiar to the kids and we didn’t have to spend a long time getting into a routine.  I would recommend this to anyone who want their children to learn Latin or who wants to learn Latin themselves.

If you would like to learn more about the three products that Memoria Press offered Crew members for reviews please visit the Main TOS blog to read the reviews.  You can also connect with Memoria Press on Facebook and Twitter.  


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