Just a Moment in Time

Just a Moment in Time

Blogging Through The ABC’s -Letter J

Just a moment in time.  Just a blink of an eye.  Just the time it takes a tear to fall.  Just the time it takes a babies laugh to sound.  

What are you doing with your moment in time?  Are you making it count?  Are you living for the future and what will be?  Are you living for the past and what has been?  Or is your focus on the here and the now?


Just a Moment in Time {Blogging the ABCs Letter J}


I think these are all questions we need to ask ourselves.  What are we living for.  We may only have just a moment in time but we can make that moment count.  I’m working on making my life not about what I’ll do tomorrow or next week. I’m learning to focus on today and make each day the best it can possibly be.

What am I finding out? I’m finding that just a moment in time is all it takes.  That’s all it takes for a hug.  That’s all it takes for an encouraging word.  Truly.  And guess what?  Those moments in time add up.  And they matter.  They matter to me and they matter to my children.  And by taking the time to make that moment in time special and memorable for that child I’m helping the next person they meet to not just have a moment in time but to have a good moment too.  

With bedrest comes long moments of reflection.  It also means that I could allow myself to be a captive audience for my child and all of my children.  I could take just a moment in time and dedicate it to making that one child feel loved and special.  I wasn’t looking at my to do list.  I wasn’t seeing all I needed to get done.  I was reading books.   I was kissing ouches.  I was making each moment I had count for me and for someone I loved.  

Having this time where I was literally just lying around thinking made me think(imagine that).  Not just think about myself and all I wasn’t able to do, but about all I WAS able to do and all that maybe I hadn’t been doing as much as I wanted.  I hadn’t been giving each child as much one on one time for school as I wanted to.  But now I was able to.  It has rearranged my days.  

Just a moment in time.  That’s all it takes guys.  Just think about it.  What are you doing with your moments?  Are you taking that spare moment to sit and check email?  Nothing wrong with that.  But is there a child asking for your help or your attention?  I know from experience that sometimes I need that moment to myself.  We all do.  But those moments shouldn’t add up to a long time.  Just remember that it’s just a moment in time.

That’s all we’re guaranteed you know.  Just a moment in time.  Just the moment we’re in.  Make the most of it.  Make it count.  I know I’m doing a lot more reflecting on what  I could be doing, what I should be doing.  I’m doing a lot more with my moments in time.  Those moments are meaning more hugs, more books read, and more feelings of love.  

My children won’t always be here.  When they’re grown and out of the house I’ll think back on these moments.  These moments that I thought were not that important.  They’re so important though.  We will never get to do them over.  Just a moment in time.  That’s all we get.  I think I’m going to go tickle a two-year old and cover a five-year old in kisses while I listen to another read me their read aloud.  Life is good.  This moment in time, it’s just a moment in time, but I’m owning it.  I’m making it last.  I’m making it count.

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When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

So I don’t know about you, but every time I think I have this great plan something happens.  I really do mean every time!  So now let me introduce you to what I like to call When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned.

When life doesn’t go as planned what do you do?

Do you rant and rave and let everything fall totally apart?  Or do you take what you have and whip it into something fun and exciting?


When Life Doesn't go as Planned


Now the main topic of this post is how to homeschool even when life doesn’t go as planned, but really this applies to all of life and doing what needs to be done. 

I’m a planner.  I like to plan my life out.  I have a planner that I write EVERYTHING in.  It helps me stay focused and know at the beginning of each month, week, or day what needs to be done and relatively what order those things need to be done in.  I like to know what I’m doing each day.  

I’m not a fan of surprises. . . .  at all really.  I’m also not a fan of things that aren’t planned out.  I hate not knowing what time and where I’m going to meet someone the next day.  I need to know for my sanity.

So what happens when life doesn’t go as planned?  Do I have a total meltdown?

Well, at one point in my life having life not go as planned would have made me angry, at another point in my life it would have created anxiety, but now I’ve learned how to help myself and my family when life doesn’t go as planned.

Somethings to remember when your day goes to shambles are that just because it’s not your plan for the day doesn’t mean there isn’t  A PLAN for the day.  Sometimes you just need to make some slight modifications to your plan and others the whole plan needs to be ditched and a new one made up.

For us there are some days that my entire plan goes out the window.  I’ve got a child having a regression and another who’s having a meltdown that they can’t find their favorite shoe.  Life with 9 kids is not going to follow my schedule.  My schedule has to follow their needs.  And I’m not just meaning that they need food and clothing and we have to do school.

Some days they’re going to need more love and patience and we’re going to have to skip that field trip or postpone that trip to the grocery store.  I’ve made a list of “back ups” for when we can’t do something that others are looking forward to.

Our change of plans can mean staying in and watching a movie instead of going to the park.  It can mean taking an extra hour to cuddle and read books out loud.  It can mean having a coloring contest or playing board games.  It can mean playing outside during school time and doing school during play time.

When life doesn’t go as planned I’m learning to roll with it.  I’m learning to be flexible and take it with a smile.  I’m learning to show grace and love to my kids and not let it make me upset.  When it makes me upset it makes them upset as well.  Then they’re going to act out and things are just going to go downhill from there.

Today life looks like me doing laundry.  Life is the kids and I working on cleaning the house while one child has an ear infection and one recuperating from having to have 10 baby teeth removed.  Life is crazy.  There is no school here this week.  We have a birthday for one child on Saturday.  Life is crazy here right now.  None of this is what I had planned.  My plans had to change.  At this exact moment my children are watching a Christmas movie.  I’m taking a few minutes to myself in between loads of laundry and cleaning rooms.  We’re remodeling our house.  It’s chaos.  This is not the life I had planned for myself.  This isn’t even what I was imagining today to be like yesterday!  When life doesn’t go as planned I’ve learned to roll with it.  There is always something I can find to do.  Always something that can occupy me.

When life doesn’t go as planned I have big kids read to little kids while I go through our book shelves and get rid of any that are falling apart from too much love or that I’m not even sure how they ended up on our shelves.  When life doesn’t go as planned I let the kids watch a movie if it’s not nice out or they’re sick and I sort out clothes that we don’t need.  And sometimes, when life doesn’t go as planned I might ask my children what they were really wanting to do.  You never know what they might say!  It may be a baking day or a coloring day or even a snuggle kind of day.

Other things I do to try to destress and calm my house are diffuse essential oils, bake some yummy treats, or use my citrus essential oils to clean with.  Anything to help get a pleasant aroma in the house that can help bring a calming atmosphere.  We also might put on some soothing classical music or some praise and worship songs.  Helping to redirect our focus is also a great thing.  We might have a nail spa day for the girls or a lego building day for the boys.

So just remember, when life doesn’t go as planned, it’s not the end.  It doesn’t mean that day is ruined.  It only means change gears and make that day the best you possibly can.


When Life Hits a Speed Bump

I’ve been off the computer a lot lately.  It makes me wonder what you do when life hits a speed bump in your house.  Keep reading if you want to hear a bit of our crazy roller coaster of a ride since November!


When Life Hits a Speedbump


My life literally became a game of operation in November.  Life with nine kids is never dull, but my life has been even more so with a surgery for me and Thanksgiving both in the same week!  Due to that we took the month of November off from homeschooling to prepare for my surgery.  We made lots of freezer meals and worked on organizing.

I had a lot longer recovery than we thought because the cyst on my thyroid had caused holes in both my trachea and esophagus.  Immense pain and a long time of drinking and eating only liquids finally became better for me.

Moving into December we again had a month off school for all the festivities and such.  We did do some unit studies on Christmas and Hanukkah though!  We also have some birthdays to celebrate in December!

January brought me back on track!  It was wonderful!  We were doing school on schedule and the kids were getting back into a good routine for chores.  Life was good.  And then. . . . 

Life hit another speed bump.

My husband got shingles at the end of January.  From there the kids all ended up with chicken pox.  Some had light cases and some were covered from head to toe.  It was an itchy time in our house.  Just as we were all getting over those our youngest had a seizure.  It was very scary for all the kids and I.  She went by ambulance to a local hospital where she was life-flighted to a special hospital just for children.

After many tests and lots of prayers 48 hours later we learned she had encephalitis.  She had the chicken pox virus inside her spinal fluid.  It’s a rare complication that is not seen much in the United States.  Initially they thought we’d be spending 21 days in the hospital but we ended up only being there for two weeks.  But that was the longest two weeks of my life!  And hers too I’m sure.  We were in isolation so we couldn’t leave our room.  The rest of the kids could not visit as all visitors must be 13 years old or older.  We were so thankful for loving friends and family who helped my husband keep the home front going and who called, texted, and visited our princess and I in the hospital.

Once she came home we enjoyed two nice days before having to take her back to the ER for some IV fluids as she was dehydrated.  And then that night the stomach bug hit our house.  Two weeks later we were finally getting over that.  It was horrible!

Here we are getting ready to start April and I am ready for some normalcy(not that our life could ever be called normal) but you get the picture!  We’re ready to get back on schedule and back to our daily crazy chaotic normal.  So, when life hits a speed bump you just have to keep on going.

Some things I did to help keep our spirits up and our thoughts positive were to diffuse essential oils in the morning.  I’d get up, put water in our diffuser, drop in some orange, or citrus, or an allergy blend we use and then turn on a CD in our DVD player with some praise music.  Our current favorite is the green WOW worship that I purchased through Family Christian.  I also was so thankful for my L’Bri products.  They helped me have little mini spas at home.  I love the smell of their lotion and body wash so using those in the shower helped me to relax and unwind.  Their facial cleanser and toner plus moisturizer helped to keep my breakouts at bay both at the hospital and at home thankfully because stress tends to make me eat unhealthy and then I break out all over my face!


When Life Hits a Speedbump



Here’s to our speed bumps being at a minimum for a while!

Has your life ever been turned upside down for a few months?  What did you do?  Did you have support?  What do you do when life hits a speed bump in your house?   I’d love to hear your stories!!