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Homeschool Printables

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I love homeschooling.  It’s an amazing learning experience for both me and my children.  But it can also be challenging at times when I can’t find the resources I’m looking for to help substitute some topics.  Super Teacher Worksheets is the perfect answer!  I’m loving the individual membership we received for a year through the Homeschool Review Crew!!  Thousands of worksheets for grades kindergarten through fifth are available for a yearly membership of $19.95.


 Super Teacher Worksheets

Imagine a world where all the homeschool printables you can imagine exist?  I’ve found it!  Homeschool printables have never been easier.  There are literally thousands of prewritten ready for me to print pages and even a way for me to design and print out my own!  Every subject under the sun is there as well as ones that I hadn’t even though to look for.

Some highlights!  I love that there is a literature section.  I have a hard time coming up with questions for my kids over the books they read.  Instead of me just letting them tell me about the book they’ve read we’ve been able to assign books that are already available with homeschool printables of the study guides.  Some fun ones that we’ve read before and that I had some of my second to third grade readers read and do the corresponding study guides are The Boxcar Children and The Magic Treehouse Series #1.  I can’t wait to explore that selection more for my older kids as well.  


Homeschool Printables


Another fun area for us is geography.  I’ve really been wanting to work with my kids on memorizing the names of the states and their capitals with the hope that someday we can start travelling and visiting some.  I was super excited to find a printable worksheet that gives all of the state names, their capital city, and their abbreviation.  My children each got a copy of this to read and study and then they can quiz each other with it.  Tons of fun and then they test their knowledge on car rides by reading license plates.  One child says the name of the state, the next child makes a tally mark by that state abbreviation, and a third child calls out the capital.  The only time we’ve been stumped was with a Canadian license plate! 


Homeschool Printables


Because we’re in the midwest and near a refuge that really draws Monarch butterflies we decided to grab the science homeschool printables about butterflies.  A super fun one we printed off to read and learn is about the difference between a butterfly and a moth.  Lots of good information there!  They also have homeschool printables about the life cycle of butterflies which is pretty neat to study too.


homeschool printables


I don’t know where to begin on the fun pages to print for your preschool and kindergarten learners.  You really would never need to buy them a curriculum because of all the great games and pages that are available.  We printed off some trace and write worksheets for the alphabet for my four year old.  She loves that she can work on school with the big kids!


Homeschool Printables


I’m personally so excited for all the fun games that you can print off and play too!  It’s going to be raining all week her this week so we’re planning on checking some out!  Normally I have to resort to letting the kids watch some educational programs but not this time!

 Super Teacher Worksheets

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If you’d like to learn more about homeschool printables and Super Teacher Worksheets please check out the main blog post on the Homeschool Review Crew blog.  You can also check them out on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram.


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Literature Study Guides {TOS Crew Review}

Our latest TOS Crew review for some literature study guides happens to be one of my favorites and a company I’m definitely going to be looking for at our local homeschool convention at the end of the month.  Memoria Press is the company and they are one we’ve reviewed for before.  This time we got to receive and review Third Grade Literature Guide Set.  


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

I chose third grade because we have two children in this grade and two in the above grade who I thought could still use these literature study guides as well.  I was right!  Because of this we were able to use three of the literature study guides at the same time with three different children.  I’m definitely going to be buying more of these as they are wonderful!  I often wonder if my children are really comprehending what they read when they read chapter books and having them do book reports just doesn’t seem to cut it with me.

The Third Grade Literature Guide Set contains:

  • Farmer Boy student guide and teacher manual
  • Charlotte’s Web student guide and teacher manual
  • Paddington Bear student guide and teacher manual
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins student guide and teacher manual

The books do not come with the literature study guides but we actually had all of these in our personal library so this was again the perfect grade for us to start with.  My oldest daughter was not too happy about doing this grade as she had already read all four of these books and really didn’t want to reread one.  I convinced her to bear with me though and she chose to start with Charlotte’s Web as it was a favorite of hers.


Literature Study Guides {TOS Crew Review}


If you’ve not heard of Memoria Press, they are a Classical Christian education company with specialties in literature and Latin.  They also have full year curriculums available to purchase.  Most people and schools will agree that they tend to be a bit advanced in their grades and comprehension.  We love them as my children are normally advanced in the reading area.  To prove that my 11 year old has read all of the books from the literature study guides well up into the 9th grade level and she’s only in 4th grade in most other subjects.  

I love reading and love to foster a love of reading in my children as well.  I encourage them to read independently.  For the use of these study guides, I had two children reading independently while I read aloud the book that the third was reading.  She was to read a chapter to herself first though.  She still has some issues with reading chapter books and I find her comprehension improves if it is read to her.  But in wanting to strengthen her reading skills I also wanted her to read it for herself.

My struggling reader was assigned to Paddington Bear as her literature study guide and book.  She had not read the book and to the best of my knowledge we have never seen any of the movies/shows either.  I’m a bit unique in that I would always rather my children read a book before they are allowed to watch a movie.  It’s more fun to discuss the differences this way and also helps to encourage their reading and comprehension if they don’t think they already know what will happen.

Within the literature study guides you will find vocabulary words for the kids to work on defining and if you’re like me to be added to their spelling lists(my kids love me if you can’t tell).  Also there is a pre-reading section with questions to help them know what they should be looking for as they read.  

Some fun facts, there are 8 chapters in the book and 8 sections in the guide.  Each section or chapter of the guide was then broken down into six sections:

  1.   Reading Notes
  2.   Vocabulary(which can become spelling too!)
  3.  Comprehension Questions
  4.   Quotations
  5.   Discussion Questions
  6.   Enrichment

You also receive the Teacher’s Manual which has quizzes and then an end of book test that you can administer.  This particular girl has a lot of fear surrounding tests so I normally only call them assignments or busywork and cover up the Test or Quiz word at the top.  This reduces her fear and anxiety and helps her perform better.  

If you’d like to see a sample of what is in the Paddington Bear literature study guide feel free to go to the Memoria Press website and they have a sample that you can view.  

The set as I received it without the books is available to purchase for $95.  If you don’t have the books and would like to purchase them with the guides that set retails for $125.  

Each book and study guide is expected to take 6-7 weeks for your child to complete.  You can work faster or slower as you need for your child which is another beauty of the program.  That makes the third grade literature set last around 28 weeks.  Depending on how many weeks you place in your school year this could last the whole year.  There is also another book and guide that can be purchased separately to add to this grade called The Moffats.  We did not receive this one.

We discussed how my struggling reader worked on Paddington Bear and did much better than I thought she would.  This is one of the main reasons I’m going to be checking for Memoria Press at my local homeschool convention.  I’d love to get more books and guides for her specifically.  It’s a great confidence booster for her to know she’s getting it and comprehending what the guide is wanting her to.


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

My oldest daughter did the Charlotte’s Web book and literature study guide.  For her, she’s advanced in reading and this was not very challenging.  She did do well on the comprehension.  I wanted her to go down to this level because we haven’t worked a lot on reading comprehension and I wanted to gauge where she was at.  She could easily do the fourth and fifth levels I believe. Another reason I want to get my hands on them at convention!!

My son who is 9 worked through Farmer Boy for his part of the review.  He’s not a huge fan of the Little House books as they’re a bit “girly” for him.  He did do well with this though.  He is also an active and avid reader who reads above his level.  His reading comprehension is not as good as his sister’s though so I think this was a good grade level for him to start out at.  He’d appreciate it if I’d get the fourth grade set next though as he really likes the Chronicles of Narnia series(has read all the books) and told me he wouldn’t mind reading that again.


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

Overall my kids approved of these literature study guides and are putting in their requests for which ones they want me to purchase next for them.  I love that they are excited about reading or rereading these books with the study guides and that means some huge thumbs up for Memoria Press from this family!!  I’m definitely recommending them to everyone in our homeschool coop.

Have you used any of the Memoria Press literature study guides?  What did you think?  I’m fairly certain I’ll be purchasing Grade 5 literature study guides for my 9 year old boy and grade 6 for my oldest daughter.  For my struggling reader, I’ll have her complete the rest of the third grade year and then move up to the fourth grade.  Wish I could get them all in a huge bundle!!

Make sure to head over to the Main TOS blog and see all the other reviews.  Several different grade levels were offered so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a review of the grade you’re interested in.  Feel free to connect with Memoria Press on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google +


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Christian Study Guides for Literature {TOS Crew Review}

I love to read.  I’ve passed on that love of reading to my children, which is a great thing!  But I really want to make sure that my children are truly comprehending and learning from what they read.  I jumped at the chance to review with Progeny Press.  They create great Christian study guides for literature.  Wonderful for helping your children not only understand the literature, but to grow as well.  We chose the downloadable e-guide to Sarah, Plain and Tall.  

Sarah, Plain and Tall is recommended for children in the Upper elementary ages or 3rd-6th grade.  I used it with my two who are in 4th grade.  Somehow I had neglected over the years to already have them read this book.  Which did shock me as they have read several classics including the works of Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott.  I was shocked at myself.  We had eight titles that we could have chosen ranging from a kindergarten range up to high school.  I chose Sarah, Plain and Tall for my children as I knew that all of them will be reading this at some point and that it would work for my oldest now.  Plus it was one of my favorites off the given list.  

Progeny Press Review

You can use the downloadable guide in two ways.  You can download and print it which makes it just a study guide really or you can use it on the computer in an adobe format which makes it interactive.  Because I was using this with two students I downloaded and printed it off.  This study guide is 47 pages and written by Rebecca Gilleland.  If you’ve never read Sarah, Plain and Tall you should, but it is set in 1860’s Kansas.  Sarah comes from Maine to Kansas.

My children know what Kansas is like as we live in a neighboring state though we don’t go there a lot.  They also know a lot about the 1860’s as we do Civil War Reenacting.  For them, this book is one that they can relate to and enjoy with their background in history around the events.  We did look up some additional facts to go with our study though to help increase our understanding of what was going on in that time.


Progeny Press Review

Each study guide contains a synopsis, author information, pre-reading activities, a look at each chapter or section of the book–this includes vocabulary, questions about the section, and a Dig Deeper section which challenges the reader in new ways and helps to bring the story to life for them– and lastly an answer section.

Now for how we used our study guide.  We used one week to talk about what was going on in history and do some of the pre-reading activities from the study guide.  We also talked about what they thought might happen in the book.  What they thought the ending might be.  Next we worked on reading the book and doing each section/chapter study after we were through with the chapter.  Because I have some really fast and good readers and it’s not a long book this did not take us long.  I made them slow down by saying they could only read one chapter a day.  I know my oldest would have finished the book in one day if I’d let her!

They each did their study guide on their own for one chapter a day and then we would meet to discuss and talk about out loud what they had answered.  We talked about things they didn’t quite understand and what had made them happy/sad/upset in the book.  Good literature always elicits emotions and we talked about the how and why of that.

Would you like to learn more about Progeny Press and the Christian study guides for literature they offer?  Please check out the Main TOS Crew Blog to read about the other titles that were offered to reviewers.  There are several reviews from our members linked so make sure to check out the reviews of any title that interest you!  You can also visit Progeny Press on facebook, twitter, and YouTube.


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Historical Heroes in our Homeschool {TOS Crew Review}

Do you like history?  I do!  And I love teaching history to my kids.  I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate historical heroes in our homeschool.  I also love to do unit studies around them.  Now, imagine my surprise and joy when I found that there is actually a series called the Heroes of History series from YWAM Publishing!  We got a chance to review one of their titles from the TOS Crew and we chose Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Storybook Life by Janet and Geoff Benge.  We were also given a physical copy(on cd) of her specific Unit Study Curriculum Guide.   

While we received a physical copy of the book and a physical cd of the unit study curriculum guide, you can also download the book in audio format or in an e-book format.  I prefer physical as we don’t have anyway to listen to an audiobook download besides the computer(and we’d love to use that for when travelling).  I love having the physical book to travel with so that we can read when we stop for lunch on trips or read when we’re out on a hike, etc.  Nothing like taking school with you!!



Historical Heroes in Our Homeschool



The Heroes of History series tells the stories of great men and women of history in an easy to read narrative.  These books are geared towards ages 10+.  If you get the physical book it is a paperback book.  This particular book is 193 pages long and has 15 chapters.  Not horribly long but yet also long enough to contain all the information you’re going to need to know about each person.  There are two prices noted on the website, both a regular price and a YWAM price.  Regular is $9.99 and YWAM is $7.50.

So, how did we use this?  First, I read the book out loud to my children.  All of my children would sit and listen to me reading(ages 2-10) but of course they didn’t all take away the same things.  We’d read a chapter, then stop and discuss it, read another chapter, discuss it, etc.  At the end of each reading session(which could be anywhere from one to four or five chapters) we’d recap the entire part of the book that we’ve read.  I wanted to make sure that my children weren’t just hearing a book but rather learning what the book had to say.


Historical Heroes in our Homeschool


We also made use of the Unit Study Curriculum Guide as well.  Since we received the CD version I was able to put that into my computer and print off the parts I needed.  I’d make copies as needed though a lot of it we did verbally since a few of my kids can’t read and write well enough to do that on their own yet.  I’m big on group discussions as well and engaging all of my children with learning.  We love doing activities as well and found some fun ones!

Some fun things from the Unit Study Curriculum Guide that we used were the quotes.  So much easier than trying to pick out some of the quotes that I’d like the kids to memorize!  There they were already ready for me!  I used them for copywork.  We memorize our copywork as well so it was perfect for what I wanted to do.  It also offered us ways to include all the subjects in our unit study, ideas for field trips(and since I as a child went to ALL of the places Laura Ingalls Wilder lived I do of course want my kids to go too), geography with all the places lived, etc.  There is SO much information packed onto this one cd.  Honestly, we didn’t use it all.  There really is that much.  There are questions for the end of the chapter as well as questions and discussions for once you’re done with the book!

There are also three Appendices titled A, B, and C, that have more information and activities stored in them.  There are reproducible pages, answers to the questions, as well as additional books and resources you might be interested in.


historical heroes in our homeschool


I do want to add that we as a family have read all of the Little House books aloud, so my kids are familiar with Laura Ingalls Wilder.  However, this book covered things that were not in those books as well as told more about her life in the areas she left out.  It will also help your children get a better grasp on the when Laura lived, the where she lived, and what was going on around her in that piece of history.

I have to add a little extra here.  I’d love to purchase the Maps of the United States workbook to go with all the books I want to purchase too.  I love this series.  I love this book that we got to use and can’t wait to purchase more.  I’m afraid that we haven’t done a lot of geography yet in our little homeschool and I’d love to get the map workbook to start working in additional geography lessons into both our homeschool and our historical heroes in our homeschool unit studies.

Interested in learning more about YWAM Publishing and all the titles they offer?  Want to be like me and introduce more historical heroes in our homeschool?  Make sure to check out the Main TOS Crew Blog for the other reviews.  Reviewers were given over 40 choices for historical figures so there is a lot of variety and you’ll get a great look at what they have to offer.  You can also check out YWAM Publishing on facebook, twitter, and pinterest


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Learn About Your State with Hewitt Homeschooling #hsreviews

Hewitt Homeschooling Review
Do you want your kids to learn about your state?  I know I wanted my kids to learn but wasn’t sure what to use.  I was so pleased to review My First Report: My State  from Hewitt Homeschooling which is a great company with lots of great different curriculum for your children to use!  

Hewitt Homeschooling provides materials for children to use for homeschooling from a very young age all the way up to high school.  They have been around for quite some time and through this they have been able to develop a wonderful program that is very focused.  They believe that reading good literature and then writing about it is key to development in a child and from that concept they have based their materials.

The My First Report series is a great way to introduce your child to a new way of learning.  It is geared towards grades 1-4.  The specific topic we received of My State can be purchased for $8.95.  Now I know I said it is geared towards grades 1-4, but grades 1 and 2 are going to need more parental help than the older two grades.   I personally feel that this is true.  My daughter and son were using the packet together with one of them writing in his journal. He loves his journal and actually prefers to do any of his writing homework in it so it was wonderful for me.  Anyway.  They are doing mostly third grade with some fourth grade thrown in as well.  They did need some help from me to complete their work, but it wasn’t a huge amount.  Mainly there were words they couldn’t read and I needed to help them with.  Sometimes we needed to look things up in the dictionary which needed a bit of help.  But really, most of the work was within what they could do.

I do have to say that my son was a bit lazy with parts of it and I would have to ask him to elaborate or write more on certain things.  But, I think that is the nature or some school kids.

Hewitt Homeschooling Review


Let’s talk a bit about the specific program we received to review.  My First Report:  My State is a great packet to use with your child.  It is a 68 page already hole punched ready to be put into a binder program.  Through this packet you will delve into:  

  • writing skills
  • writing in complete sentences with all parts of speech
  • where to look and find the required information
  • correctly use adjectives and adverbs
  • report using correct facts
  • ask for help when needed
  • use appropriate vocabulary
  • finally, illustrate reports(this is one I always had trouble as)

The report itself is broken down into sections.  You have a section in the middle which was our favorite.  This is the unit study section which contains all kinds of ideas for activities and fun related to learning more about your state!  Oh yes.  We’re always looking for more fun activities and things to do.  The unit study section is 26 pages long.  The activities mentioned cover all kinds of learning.  You’ll find activities about:

  • Bible and character study
  • Field trips(our favorite school activity)
  • music
  • math
  • physical education(one we admittedly don’t normally have set scheduled activities for)
  • language
  • reading
  • geography
  • history
  • social studies
  • health
  • science
  • art(one that I have a hard time teaching because I’m not artistic)

All in all, this was a great way to learn more about our state.  In the diggings we learned some things that I didn’t even know about the state I’ve lived in my whole life!  We have a long list of field trip destinations now that the kids want to see because we learned about them in our research.  Thankfully we centered our most intense research around our area of the state so that our field trips will be at least within a set radius.  I’m hoping you’ll stick around and enjoy our field trips with us in the coming months.  I’ve named our field trip adventures for this year The Midwest Expedition and will be blogging our journey!

As I stated above, some of the parts are more suited to older students in the 3rd to 4th grade due to the younger needing more parental help.  I found that even my 3rd graders needed some help with some of the vocabulary, but not as much as I expected.

We were very pleased with our Hewitt Homeschooling experience and highly recommend their My First Report series.  They have many different titles to choose from so you’ll not get bored if you use them with more than one child!

Enjoying reading about our experiences?  Make sure to hop on over to the Main Crew Blog Post to check out what other people thought of the products they were given to review from Hewitt Homeschooling.  You’ll find lots of different products and opinions.  You can also visit Hewitt Homeschooling on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, and their blog.  


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Literature For All Ages with Progeny Press #hsreviews

Progeny Press Review
As part of the TOS Crew we were allowed to review two titles from a vast array of literature for all ages from Progeny Press.  My kids were very excited and we had a hard time finding just two titles that we wanted to work with.  We finally decided on The Courage of Sarah Noble and Little House in the Big Woods.  These are interactive E-study guides.  

Progeny Press is a Christian owned company striving to teach children how to think clearly while understanding and enjoying literature as well as trust the Scripture that guides our lives.  The last part is what sets them apart from other companies who provide guides for literature for all ages.  Progeny Press is owned by Michael and Rebecca Gilleland.  They currently have over 100 titles for readers to choose from.  

While I received the downloadable E-guides, the study guides are available in three formats.  You can purchase a physical copy(book form), a cd with the PDF files for an ebook, or the downloadable PDF file.  Both of the PDF files can be used with ease at home and printed out to use with your child.  The E-guides offer a special bit though as they are interactive so your child can use the pages on the computer or print them off.  The interactive is for the upper elementary, middle school, and high school titles.  The answer keys are provided as a separate download or at the back of the print books. 

Progeny Press Review
The Courage of Sarah Noble is geared towards lower elementary grades, which normally refers to grades K-3 for this company.  However, this particular guide has been more geared towards grades 1-3.  I personally do not think it would work well for kindergarten and am hesitant to use with a 1st grader as well.  It can be purchased for $11.99.  

The Courage of Sarah Noble was one of our reading books with our regular curriculum this year so it was a shoe in to be one of the titles that we chose.  I had my oldest son who is 7 use the guide.  He is doing work from grades 2 and 3 so it was a good fit for him.  I think he would have preferred a different book with more action and adventure.  Maybe some knights and dragons and such, but he did a good job of reading the book and using the guide.  While it wasn’t his favorite subject matter and he didn’t go over and beyond what was required, he did enjoy it.  He was easily able to read the book and answer and understand the guide.  We were able to do a lot of “imagine you were” because he is 7 years old.  He loved the idea of pretending he was the little child living with the Indians and adventuring in the woods.  He wasn’t so thrilled about a red cape until we made one that was more like a superhero cape and then it was all fun and games again.

That’s the main thing we enjoyed with this guide.   It was fun!  It was all fun and no work.  My children(using this and the next guide) did not feel like they were really doing school.  They were enjoying themselves and often would reenact and play out scenes from their books with their siblings after we were done with school.  Once they were done with their guides all together I have found that I have to do these two books as our next read alouds because everyone wants to know what happens now and to get a chance at playing the main characters!


Progeny Press Review
Little House in the Big Woods, another E-study guide, is geared towards upper elementary, which normally references grades 3-5.  This interactive guide is more geared towards the older of these grades with being more focused to grades 4-6.  It references and goes with the novel by Laura Ingalls Wilder but the novel must be provided separately.  This guide can be purchased for $16.99.  

The Little House series is a classic in children’s literature and to me is a required reading for all children.  I love seeing a study guide done from a Christian viewpoint that our children can use and learn more about the books that they might not notice otherwise.  

We have read through Little House in the Big Woods as a read aloud before.  I believe I had read it to the children twice before, but this was the first time my oldest daughter read it on her own and did the guide with it.  She worked on it daily and often did double what I had assigned to her just because she is our little bookworm.  We always know to look in her bedroom if we can’t find her and we’ll find her with her nose in a book.  This makes me smile as I was much the same way as a child.  I would rather read than go out and play with other children.  

The guides are designed to be used over the course of 8-12 weeks so you could easily do two per semester.  The younger grades of course would be done a bit sooner as they are not quite as involved.  We found that it didn’t take us that long to finish ours, but then again, my children have a love of reading and wanted to get the guide work done so they could get back to the books!

I love all the extras that come with the guides.  No not physical things, but the extras inside that you might not have thought to make the experience the best it can be.  Ideas of field trips, fun projects, and the like.  For instance, doing activities that Laura did or going back in time to explore a new wood that you’ve not been in before.  My kids thought this was the best fun!

While the guides themselves I do not feel work well for children outside of the age range, the activities do and are a great way of including the whole family in the learning experience.  

There are lots of great literature guides available from Progeny Press.  If you’d like to learn more about the different studies that are offered please take a look at the Main TOS Blog Post which will lead you to reviews from several other Crew members.  We each got to choose two titles so there are plenty of different opinions out there!


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