Classical Education Latin Curriculum {Homeschool Review Crew}

Classical Education Latin Curriculum

Homeschool Review Crew

As a nurse I know quite a bit of the do’s and don’ts of Latin.  But I am not even close to fluent.  And I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough to teach.  Enter a great classical education Latin curriculum to take the pressure off me and do the teaching.  Memoria Press has just that for us in their Latina Christiana Complete Set which we have been reviewing through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Classical Education Latin Curriculum

About the Curriculum

The Latina Christiana Complete Set includes a student book(each student will need their own), teacher’s manual, pronunciation disc, DVD, and flash cards.  Within this are 25 lessons plus five review lessons.  Review worksheets are also available for purchase separately.  Currently this set retails for $98.90 on the Memoria Press website.  This particular classical education Latin curriculum is recommended for grades 3-6.  It can be used after the Prima Latina complete set or it can be used on it’s own with a student who has no Latin background as well.

This whole curriculum has been redone recently.  It now corresponds quite well with the Famous Men of Rome set so that they can be used together for history and Latin.  We unfortunately have not been able to use them together but I can see how they would fit together well.  I’m big into history and we do a lot of History in our homeschool so this would be a great addition.  Once this curriculum is finished your student can move onto the First Form Latin curriculum.

The student book contains all the necessary information for your student to complete it.  The teacher manual also contains the student information with overlaid answers.  So grading is super easy.  I appreciate this as a busy homeschool/farm mom.  Another aspect that I love is the pronunciation disc and dvd’s.  I don’t always have time to learn for myself to pronounce things and then teach them to my children.  

Let’s chat about the DVD quickly.  This to me is one of the biggest assets to the program.  There are three discs adding up to 5.5 hours.  Each lesson has about a 15 minute lesson on the dvd to listen to and watch.  I don’t have to do all the teaching work.  That to me is amazing.  I can just let my kids watch the DVD and answer any questions they have.  The CD for pronunciation works well and is easy to listen to and understand.

Memoria Press

Our Thoughts

My oldest daughter was our tester for this curriculum though I do have to admit that my other children listened to the CD and watched the DVD as well.  Mainly because they always want to be included in things.  She really has enjoyed learning Latin.  Part of her plans for the future include being a vet so this will be great for her to have in her knowledge data-banks.  We had previously done some Latin though not enough to make me qualify her as having a firm basis to build upon.  

So according to my daughter gets a positive rating.  She likes doing it and is eager to do her lesson daily.  I follow more of a Charlotte Mason approach to learning but have to admit we’re enjoying this classical education Latin curriculum more than I thought we would.  I think it would definitely be a good addition to our school year to give us Latin understanding.

Learn More

Learn more about Memoria Press and their classical education Latin curriculum plus the other products offered up for review by visiting the Main Homeschool Review Crew blog page.  Crew members reviewed different products and they are all linked up there.  Check out Prima Latina(comes before the set we received), First through Fourth Form Latin, The Book of Trees, and Nature’s Beautiful Order.  You can also find Memoria Press on facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, instagram, google +, and LinkedIn


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American History Study {Homeschool Review Crew}

American History Study

Homeschool Review Crew

As we’re working through our school year I decided that we needed to add in more history.  Who can go wrong with history?  It’s a favorite subject of ours and we really haven’t covered a lot of American History lately.  Enter Memoria Press to the rescue.   We received two products from them to review that pertain to American history; 200 Questions About American History Set and The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and the Great Republic Set.


Memoria Press

I was so excited when these came in the mail.  My kids gave me a look though.  I think they saw more work for them and less excitement.  That didn’t last long.  They soon were over at the box with me asking questions and wanting to know if they could take parts and read them.

About the Curriculum

Since we received two sets let’s talk briefly about each.  Both sets are meant for grades 5-8.  I think this is spot on and have been using them with my two who are doing 5/6 grade work.  Now the cards that come with the 200 Questions about American History Set are super fun and all my kids love looking at those.  They’re all learning so much just from reading and chatting about the cards.

Now about 200 Questions about American History Set.  It is a great set compiled of the teacher guide, student book, and the flashcards.  We have loved working with this set.  Created to work with The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and the Great Republic this ties in very well.  It can also be used with The Story of the World Volume IV.  We use The Story of the World as well but are only in book 1 so can’t tell you how well they work together.  I can say that there were some questions in here that I didn’t know so this is a very thorough course!


200 Questions About American History Set Grades 5-8

The Story of the Thirteen Colonies and The Great Republic is also a set.  It comes with a text, teachers guide, and student guide.  This is the newly revised second edition. The text you receive is a combined version of the books by H. A. Grueber.  Memoria Press edited and combined them for this current text.  This covers the start of America with the Native Americans up through 1898 and the Spanish American War.

Both sets work together and provide great coverage of American History for your student.  The student books are meant to be used by one student so additional student books for additional students.  They’re easy to purchase through Memoria Press and shipping is fast. 


The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic Set


Our Thoughts

My kids loved this.  We’ve used other Memoria Press products before and have loved them as well but this is our first time trying out their history.  

As a way to add the younger kids into our school we would read aloud our history portions for the day.  The text by Grueber is not dry and dull so they all loved to listen and learn.  Without doing the actual questions my other kids are learning a lot about American History too.  Sometimes I would do a few of the questions that weren’t too difficult with the younger ones too outloud. 

We loved learning more about American history and loved all the mapwork.  No map comes with this, but normally homeschoolers have a plethora right?  We used one that I had on hand so we could map American expansion.

I have found as a parent that we’ve thoroughly covered some time periods and not as thoroughly others.  My husband and I met reenacting the Civil War.  I’ve been doing this since I was 7, so obviously my children have grown up doing it as well and know a lot about that time period.  They don’t know as much about the Colonial time period so I’m glad to have these two resources that thoroughly cover this period!

Learn More

Learn more about the two American History sets we received as well as the other Memoria Press products that were up for review by going to the Main Crew Review blog and checking out all the reviews that are linked up.  You can also find them on facebook, instagram, twitter, and pinterest


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Mythology Study {TOS Crew Review}

I loved to study Greek mythology as a child.  In fact, in high school when I was on the Academic Bowl team I was the one who answered all the mythology questions.  I studied them all!  I couldn’t wait until my children were old enough to do a mythology study with me.  I was super excited to see that a review item up with the TOS Crew from Memoria Press this year was D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths.  A whole new world of adventure was about to open up for my children!


Logic, Greek Myths and Astronomy Memoria Press Review

Included in the Mythology study set we received was:

  • D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths
  • D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths Student Book
  • D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths Teacher Book
  • D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths Flashcards

It was like Christmas for me when I opened this package in the mail!  My kids were a little less excited as they weren’t sure who this study was intended for and also because we really hadn’t done anything with mythology yet.  This mythology study from Memoria Press was a whole new world opening for them.

If you go to the Memoria Press site they will recommend that this study be used for grades 3-6.  I used it with my daughter who is doing 4th grade work(well at least until we start new books in July).  She loves to read and devours everything she can find literature wise.  I thought it would be a good fit.


Mythology Study {TOS Crew Review}


The set retails for $57.00 currently.  Within the student book are 30 lessons so it isn’t going to take all school year to complete this set.  Depending on how you break it up it could last 30 weeks or less.  It’s all in how quickly you and your student want to go through it!

Memoria Press offers a Classical Christian education system in all of their products.  So it comes as no surprise that this doesn’t just teach Greek mythology to our children but also points out how Greek mythology corresponds with our life today and also how it was really a search for a divine being of the people at that time and how a lot of their stories do relate to and mimic the Bible.

With this study, I did the out-loud reading of the myths.  All of my children sat and listened to the stories read, or if they were two years old played with toys but still somehow managed to be able to answer some of my comprehension questions.  

We all loved reading the myths and looking at the gorgeous pictures.  The artwork in this book is just wonderful!  Each lesson also covered vocabulary, geography, character studies of the gods themselves, and so much more.  It really is a great way to have a mythology study and make sure that your child is comprehending and getting the most out of their work.  Memoria Press has always done a great job of having a complete study and this is just another example of that excellent work.

We here in our house do tend to love Memoria Press and always look forward to reviewing with them through the Crew plus purchasing products to use in our homeschool.  

Want to learn more about D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths or the other two products(Traditional Logic I Complete Set and Book of Astronomy Set) that Crew members were offered from Memoria Press?  Check out the main TOS Crew blog to find a list of all the reviews.  You can also find Memoria Press on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google +.  


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Literature Study Guides {TOS Crew Review}

Our latest TOS Crew review for some literature study guides happens to be one of my favorites and a company I’m definitely going to be looking for at our local homeschool convention at the end of the month.  Memoria Press is the company and they are one we’ve reviewed for before.  This time we got to receive and review Third Grade Literature Guide Set.  


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

I chose third grade because we have two children in this grade and two in the above grade who I thought could still use these literature study guides as well.  I was right!  Because of this we were able to use three of the literature study guides at the same time with three different children.  I’m definitely going to be buying more of these as they are wonderful!  I often wonder if my children are really comprehending what they read when they read chapter books and having them do book reports just doesn’t seem to cut it with me.

The Third Grade Literature Guide Set contains:

  • Farmer Boy student guide and teacher manual
  • Charlotte’s Web student guide and teacher manual
  • Paddington Bear student guide and teacher manual
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins student guide and teacher manual

The books do not come with the literature study guides but we actually had all of these in our personal library so this was again the perfect grade for us to start with.  My oldest daughter was not too happy about doing this grade as she had already read all four of these books and really didn’t want to reread one.  I convinced her to bear with me though and she chose to start with Charlotte’s Web as it was a favorite of hers.


Literature Study Guides {TOS Crew Review}


If you’ve not heard of Memoria Press, they are a Classical Christian education company with specialties in literature and Latin.  They also have full year curriculums available to purchase.  Most people and schools will agree that they tend to be a bit advanced in their grades and comprehension.  We love them as my children are normally advanced in the reading area.  To prove that my 11 year old has read all of the books from the literature study guides well up into the 9th grade level and she’s only in 4th grade in most other subjects.  

I love reading and love to foster a love of reading in my children as well.  I encourage them to read independently.  For the use of these study guides, I had two children reading independently while I read aloud the book that the third was reading.  She was to read a chapter to herself first though.  She still has some issues with reading chapter books and I find her comprehension improves if it is read to her.  But in wanting to strengthen her reading skills I also wanted her to read it for herself.

My struggling reader was assigned to Paddington Bear as her literature study guide and book.  She had not read the book and to the best of my knowledge we have never seen any of the movies/shows either.  I’m a bit unique in that I would always rather my children read a book before they are allowed to watch a movie.  It’s more fun to discuss the differences this way and also helps to encourage their reading and comprehension if they don’t think they already know what will happen.

Within the literature study guides you will find vocabulary words for the kids to work on defining and if you’re like me to be added to their spelling lists(my kids love me if you can’t tell).  Also there is a pre-reading section with questions to help them know what they should be looking for as they read.  

Some fun facts, there are 8 chapters in the book and 8 sections in the guide.  Each section or chapter of the guide was then broken down into six sections:

  1.   Reading Notes
  2.   Vocabulary(which can become spelling too!)
  3.  Comprehension Questions
  4.   Quotations
  5.   Discussion Questions
  6.   Enrichment

You also receive the Teacher’s Manual which has quizzes and then an end of book test that you can administer.  This particular girl has a lot of fear surrounding tests so I normally only call them assignments or busywork and cover up the Test or Quiz word at the top.  This reduces her fear and anxiety and helps her perform better.  

If you’d like to see a sample of what is in the Paddington Bear literature study guide feel free to go to the Memoria Press website and they have a sample that you can view.  

The set as I received it without the books is available to purchase for $95.  If you don’t have the books and would like to purchase them with the guides that set retails for $125.  

Each book and study guide is expected to take 6-7 weeks for your child to complete.  You can work faster or slower as you need for your child which is another beauty of the program.  That makes the third grade literature set last around 28 weeks.  Depending on how many weeks you place in your school year this could last the whole year.  There is also another book and guide that can be purchased separately to add to this grade called The Moffats.  We did not receive this one.

We discussed how my struggling reader worked on Paddington Bear and did much better than I thought she would.  This is one of the main reasons I’m going to be checking for Memoria Press at my local homeschool convention.  I’d love to get more books and guides for her specifically.  It’s a great confidence booster for her to know she’s getting it and comprehending what the guide is wanting her to.


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

My oldest daughter did the Charlotte’s Web book and literature study guide.  For her, she’s advanced in reading and this was not very challenging.  She did do well on the comprehension.  I wanted her to go down to this level because we haven’t worked a lot on reading comprehension and I wanted to gauge where she was at.  She could easily do the fourth and fifth levels I believe. Another reason I want to get my hands on them at convention!!

My son who is 9 worked through Farmer Boy for his part of the review.  He’s not a huge fan of the Little House books as they’re a bit “girly” for him.  He did do well with this though.  He is also an active and avid reader who reads above his level.  His reading comprehension is not as good as his sister’s though so I think this was a good grade level for him to start out at.  He’d appreciate it if I’d get the fourth grade set next though as he really likes the Chronicles of Narnia series(has read all the books) and told me he wouldn’t mind reading that again.


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review

Overall my kids approved of these literature study guides and are putting in their requests for which ones they want me to purchase next for them.  I love that they are excited about reading or rereading these books with the study guides and that means some huge thumbs up for Memoria Press from this family!!  I’m definitely recommending them to everyone in our homeschool coop.

Have you used any of the Memoria Press literature study guides?  What did you think?  I’m fairly certain I’ll be purchasing Grade 5 literature study guides for my 9 year old boy and grade 6 for my oldest daughter.  For my struggling reader, I’ll have her complete the rest of the third grade year and then move up to the fourth grade.  Wish I could get them all in a huge bundle!!

Make sure to head over to the Main TOS blog and see all the other reviews.  Several different grade levels were offered so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a review of the grade you’re interested in.  Feel free to connect with Memoria Press on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google +


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