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ABC Bible Memory Verse

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I love having my kids memorize Bible verses.  And, I have to be honest, it’s good for me too.  We should all continue memorizing verses even into our adulthood.  But, the problem I sometimes have is what verse should we memorize.  Where do I start?  Enter ABC Bible Memory Verse for preschool learners.

Crafty Classroom
Recently we were able to review Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook from The Crafty Classroom.  This is a super cute preschool curriculum that utilizes a four day school week.  It also has a verse per week that allows me to have ALL my kids memorizing scripture.  

This is a downloadable program.  It contains over 600 pages of curriculum(658 to be exact on my computer).  Currently you can purchase this on their website for $15.00.  Covering 26 weeks it is designed for preschool through K4.

How We Used It

I’ve said before that I do have some children who are delayed.  Knowing this it will make more sense when I tell you that I’ve been using this with two children ages seven and four years old.  They’re both doing a preschool age level so this fits them perfectly.  In fact, I’m definitely going to be making sure this program gets switched to our new computer and saved in multiple locations so that I can use it with my one year old when he gets ready for preschool.  We really love Bible based programs.

My favorite part of this curriculum has to be that they use the King James Version of the Bible.  This is almost solely the only version we use in our house and having this curriculum actually use it means less confusion and less work for me.  With other programs I would have to look up the verse and write it out in the KJV for my children to hang on the wall instead of using the provided print out.

Another part I like is that there is a character verse in addition to the Bible verse.  I did not require my kids to memorize that one but I did require my older children to read that verse as well and actually have a more in-depth conversation with me about the verse and what it meant/how they could implement it into their lives.  Love these teaching moments that span the age range.


ABC Bible Memory Verse

About the Curriculum

So some fun facts about the curriculum that I wanted to share.  As I mentioned above it uses the KJV for Bible verses which is a huge thing for us.  Each week has a different letter that you focus one.  Within that letter focus there is also a Bible memory verse, a Bible character verse, and some other things that will be focused on.  These include an aspect of the character of God each week that is studied such as God the creator or God the warrior.  

A Bible theme or story is also part of the lesson.  The Bible theme is in direct correlation with the letter of the week.  So letter A is Adam and Eve while F is the Fruits of the Spirit.

In addition to the Bible theme is Bible vocab.  This shocked me a little bit as I don’t normally teach vocab to my young ones but I really do enjoy this part.  Definitely a fun bit.

My girls love all the fun games and pages that go along with each week of curriculum and I love that they’re learning while having fun.  And bonus of course is that the entire learning is centered around God and the Bible.  


Crafty Classroom

Learn More

You can find out more about Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook and The Crafty Classroom by heading over to the Homeschool Review Crew main blog.  The other programs that were available to choose from for this review are Alphabet Curriculum Notebook(a version without the Bible aspects), Learn to R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook and R.E.A.D. Review Pack, USA Activity Bundle, and How to Write a Paragraph.  The Crafty Classroom can also be found on social media through facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram.  If you’re like me and like the idea of using an ABC Bible memory verse program with your little ones please check this out!


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Thy Word Have I Hid in Mine Heart

We all want what’s best for our children.  I know this.  You know this.  We don’t always agree though.  One of the major points for my husband and I is that we want our children to learn the Scriptures.  We want them to hide His word in their hearts, so they will remember and obey as they grow.  It says “Thy word have I hid in mine heart”.  This is what we want for our kids.  And we want to lead by example.

This is why I was so excited when we received a copy of the ABC Say it with Me DVD to review.  Moore Family Films created the DVD which is available to purchase on their website for  $15.95.  It is 55 minutes long from A to Z and also includes a short little behind the scenes making of the DVD.

In the DVD your child will find a cute little video to go with each memory verse.  There is one verse for each letter of the alphabet.  So in reality your child can learn their letters and learn their verses at the same time.  A child does not need to know how to read to memorize Bible verses.  In fact, in our house I think they memorize before they can read and that is a wonderful thing.  Children learn well when they are young and absorb so much.

Take a quick peak at letter A:

Not only will your children learn their Bible verses, but they will also see a cute little video.  In the cute little video though they learn something else.  They learn how to apply the verse to their life and use it.  They learn how to treat others and obey the commands given in the verses.  We should not only just memorize, but learn how to apply the verses to our lives to get the most out of our knowledge.  It would be sad if you could quote the entire Bible but still chose to ignore what it said and live your life in a way that was displeasing to God.

Now some more about the movie with how we’re using it.  We started off just watching the entire dvd.  The kids sat down and I was going to just let them watch one letter and then work on the verse, but they wanted to watch the whole thing.  Knowing that they can absorb I let them.  Then we discussed some of the verses.  And I created a plan.  I homeschool my kiddos as I’m sure you know.  I have 9 kiddos as well(which if you read regularly you know that too).  I also love to create my own unit studies!  You might not know that.   While waiting for me to get the unit study created we have been watching over sections of the dvd on an almost daily basis.  We start our school days with Bible and I like to have us watch and listen to a verse off of here as well.  Some of the kids are already starting to memorize verses and say them with the children just from watching it!

So I decided we are going to go through the dvd with one verse per week and do a study on it.  I will write the verse on a large sheet of paper and hang it to our school wall so it is visible.  This paper will be taken down at the end of the week and we will create a book of sorts of them at the end of the study.  I am also in the process of creating copywork using the verses for each week to help with our handwriting and also our memory.  Because reading and writing go hand in hand in our house!  We are also going to work on finding the verses in our Bibles to help increase our knowledge of where the books of the Bible are.  Each day will also include a small Bible lesson about what was going on when the verse was written, why it was written, what it means to us today and what it meant to the people of the time.  Some history of the time to go along as well.  I haven’t fully figured how I’ll get math in there but I’m sure I will!

We will be starting our unit studies on this the first week of June when we will be totally done with our current school year and starting on our summer work.  I have other studies to do over the summer.  I hope to make the unit study copyworks and any worksheets I create available here on my blog for free for others to use as well if they wish.  These are not endorsed by the Moore Family but I hope they’ll appreciate them!

Another key for us with this dvd which makes me super happy is that it is in the KJV.   We use the King James Version is our home pretty much exclusively.  We do have a few of the New King James Version for one or two of the younger children’s Bibles.  I myself have the KJV of the Homeschool Mom’s Bible and love it.  My husband and I feel it is important to use the KJV for our family.  If you read a verse in the KJV and then in the NIV there are often some words missing or the context changed a bit.  For most this isn’t a big deal, but we prefer the KJV.  So, that just makes this little DVD that much better!

Make sure you go and check out the DVD.  Browse their website as well because they do have more to offer!


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