Blessings through Praise

As I sit here, listening to my children sleep and my dog snore(he’s  a German Shepherd and he snores LOUD) I decided to take some time to just think.  And my thinking led me here to share about blessings.

How often at the end of the day do you just crawl into bed?  How often are you so exhausted that you can’t think beyond “man I’m tired”?  Or are you the kind that watches a movie before bed?  I know this probably sounds like a lot of questions and not many answers and you’d be right!

So here are the answers.  . . . wait no I don’t have all the answers, but I do have a few to my questions.  As I sat in my comfy chair rocking my littlest to sleep I had time to just think.  No distractions as she had gone to the point of no longer fighting sleep.  I began to think about my word of the year PRAISE and what my life was doing so far this year.  Face it, we’re already 18 days into the year so that should give us a small sampling of what is to come.

I sat there and a song popped into my head.  The song was from a favorite Christmas movie of mine.  The song is Counting Your Blessings sung by Bing Crosby in White Christmas.  It really gets you thinking.

It made me think at least.  What do we count as our blessings in our life?  Do we count our family?  I definitely count mine.  I thank God daily for giving me 9 wonderful little kiddos.  I love them and I am daily reminded of how great a blessing they are to me.  I hope that they will one day count me as a blessing to them as well.

What other blessings are we counting?  I count it a blessing that I have a house, heat in my house, food to feed my children, and clothes to wear.  But these aren’t just blessings either, they are praises to God.  I’ve never been one to vocally go preaching from the rooftops about God and Jesus and their love for mankind.  I’m more of the let them know by the works of your hands type of a gal.  I want people to see Jesus through me and my actions.

So I’ve decided I need to start focusing more on my blessings and praising God, whether I’m alone of whether there are people around.  Does it really matter if we thank God in front of others?  To me it did!  I was embarrassed really because I am actually a shy person and not that outgoing.  I didn’t want to be noticed.  I wanted to just fade into the background and not draw too much attention to myself.  But now that I have children I don’t want them to think that we need to hide Jesus in public and only give Him praises at home.  No.  We need to praise Him and thank Him for our blessings where ever we are and who ever we’re around.

Now that I’ve shared this I think I am going to go curl up in bed next to one of my blessings and listen to the rest sleep as I drift off to sleep myself listing my blessings in my head.  I think you’ll find you sleep better too when you try this.  You fall asleep with positives on your brain this way!