FREE 14 Day Trial {OAClub}


FREE 14 Day Trial 


FREE 14 Day Trial


Think of ways you can enjoy this summer for free:

  • Hiking
  • Visiting parks in your area
  • Swimming
  • Camping in your backyard
  • Visit a public museum or library

Now, add more fun and imagination to your summer through the Odyssey Adventure Club!

The Odyssey Adventure Club will give you streaming access to more than 800 Adventures in Odyssey episodes plus a sneak peek of exclusive audio and video stories, on-line activities and daily devotions you can’t find anywhere else.

Listening to the audios of Adventures in Odyssey is a great way to spend the drive time while you’re on vacation.  My kids love to listen to books on tape or stories on CD when we drive.  I love that when we listen to Adventures in Odyssey it’s a great Christian program with a message and a lesson to be learned.  They’re not just being entertained, they’re learning.  It may not qualify as school(or could it hmmm) but it’s still learning when we learn from God’s word.

Start a free 14-day trial for your family today and make the summer even more fun!  The good news is that you can extend that free trial when you purchase a membership to the Odyssey Adventure Club.  Like I mentioned above it’s great for the summer when you’re going on vacation.

It’s also a great way to occupy children when you’re going grocery shopping and have a drive(ours is an hour each way) or maybe when it’s a rainy day and they’re SOOO bored because they outside play just isn’t happening.  How would you use your FREE 14 day trial?  

My kids enjoy the Adventures in Odyssey.  Our age range is ages newborn(how can he already be almost 5 weeks) up to 11 years old.  And of course, I must admit that I too still love Adventures in Odyssey!  Some episodes I am experiencing for the first time!  So moms and dads relive some great memories with your kids this summer by taking advantage of the FREE 14 day trial!  What have you got to lose!

Say GoodBye to Boredom {OAClub}

Say GoodBye to Boredom this summer with Adventures in Odyssey and the Odyssey Adventure Club!


This summer, you can join Adventures in Odyssey’s Clubhouse Magazine and help children in the Middle East go to school and learn English. It’s Adventures in Odyssey’s Clubhouse Magazine Exercise to Educate summer challenge!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.01.34 PM

The Problem

Nearly 7,000 miles away from the United States, there’s a war going on in the country of Syria. Many families have been forced from their homes. Parents have had to leave their jobs, and children have had to leave behind toys and friends.

Many of these families now live in refugee camps in nearby countries. They have tents instead of houses. Clean water is hard to come by. This war has put 2.6 million children out of school – some for more than four years already.

The Solution

Our friends at Focus on the Family Middle East know many families who don’t have the money to buy a school uniform and pay for their children to go to school. They also know people who would love to teach children English in local churches.

You may not have a lot of money to help, but you probably have time, energy and excitement. Here’s what you can do:

1. Go to to

2. Print a sponsor sheet and exercise to earn points. You can do it for a week or the whole summer – just remember, the more you exercise, the more points you’ll earn!

3. Ask your family and friends to sponsor your efforts.

4. Beginning in July, tell us how you did and receive a digital bundle from your friends at Adventures in Odyssey and Focus on the Family. The deadline to submit your information is August 31, 2016. 

For participating and submitting your information, you will get a free Adventures in Odyssey episode from Album 51. You will also get 101 Surefire Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Faith – eBook and the audio book of Imagination Station #1, “Voyage with the Vikings.”
Make the most of your summer—exercise for your health and help other kids in need while you do!

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Don’t Be Bored This Summer!

Now is the time to make sure your kids have the greatest adventure this summer with over 800 Adventures in Odyssey episodes and non-stop listening fun! Sign up for the Odyssey Adventure Club today for just $9.99 per month at

My kids can’t quite know how these kids feel being out of school because we school year round, but they do know what it’s like to have their routine messed up.  It’s super important (in our opinion) for young children to have a routine and being in a war torn country leaves them with no routine and no school.  

We’re going to be exercising and keeping fit this summer!  How about you?  Don’t forget to fill out the sponsor sheet and track your exercise.  Then turn it in by August 31st for it to count!