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Narnia Studies

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As part of school year we are reading(again) all of The Chronicles of Narnia.  We’ve read them several times as a family but this year I want us to do more in-depth Narnia studies of the books.  Our first study is thanks to Progeny Press and their The Silver Chair E-Guide which we are reviewing through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Narnia Studies

About The Curriculum

This is an E-Guide so it is downloadable. You can use it as an interactive study or print it off and use that way.  We like to print them off just because we don’t do a lot of school on the computer in our homeschool.  When you have ten kids and limited computers it’s just easier.  Plus I’m a bit anti-technology in the homeschool.  I like for us to experience things and pen and paper seem to allow that to happen more.

For our study, The Silver Chair, students should be in grades 5-7 for the best understanding.  I had two students working through this.  I classify both at a sixth grade level for reading and comprehension so this is a good fit for them.  My students directly next in line are working at more of a fourth grade level and I definitely do not think this would have worked for them.  This is one study that I did not try to tweak to make it work for all my children.  Did we read the books together?  Yes.  Did all my children have discussions and talk about the concepts in the book and what was going on?  Yes.  But the in-depth study would have been way above most of the others heads.

This study guide is relatively new to their line up and is 61 pages long.  It currently retails on their site for $18.99.  I found it to work with both our newer copies and our older copies of The Silver Chair.  They are both full versions though and not abridged.


Progeny Press

How We Used

I printed off two copies of this our first in a series of Narnia studies and put each in a three ring binder.  I will add the other studies to the binder as well so all the studies for all the books in the series are contained together.  And because I have OCD tendencies I do feel that I will place them in order, whether if that is order in which they were written or chronological I haven’t decided yet.

My kids have read these books on their own and have had them read to them.  Being very familiar with the written words of this book allows us to move quickly through the study.  I’m really challenging them to dig deeper though.  Dig into the meaning behind the words.  That’s our primary focus.  What is the meaning?  Is there something being conveyed here that we haven’t seen?  Where are the Biblical parallels?  I’m really enjoying helping my kids work through this.

Our Thoughts

We loved it!  Our little homeschool has used Progeny Press studies in the past and adored them so I knew that we would like this one as well.  Because it pertained to one of our favorite books it made it that much more enjoyable.  My kids couldn’t wait until daddy got home so they could tell him new things they learned about this book that we are reading again in school.  Or to quiz him to see if he’d ever made this or that connection.  I love watching them learn and be excited about what they’re learning.  

We love this book and have read it multiple times before which means we’re working through this study at a faster pace.  You can choose to go slower if wanted/needed or take it at a fast pace like us.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about Progeny Press and all their literature studies?  I’m pleased to say that they have other Narnia studies as well.  Some previous reviews we share on the blog include The Sword in The Tree, Sarah Plain and Tall, The Courage of Sarah Noble and The Little House in the Big Woods.  Classify us as BIG fans of this company!!

While you’re checking them out head over to the main Homeschool Review Blog post to read all the reviews.  You can also find Progeny Press on facebook, twitter, pinterest, YouTube, and instagram.  There were a total of four literature study guides being reviewed by the Crew this round.  Make sure to check out the other titles as well over on the blog.

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Summer Reading Book Study {TOS Crew Review}

Are you ready for summer?  How about school during the summer?  We homeschool year round and are excited to share with you a summer reading book study that your children are going to enjoy doing.  Through the TOS Crew we received a book study guide from Progeny Press.  The study guide we received was The Sword in the Tree E-Guide.


Progeny Press Logo_zps4ni3bvb3


The e-guide we received is for grades 4-6.  I used it with my 11 year old daughter and 9 year old son.  They both are doing fourth grade work currently(well until July 1st at least).  You do have to purchase or borrow the book from a library as it does not come with the e-guide.  

I chose this title from their vast list of studies because I knew it was a book that neither of my children had read yet.  We’ve reviewed with Progeny Press before so I knew that we love their studies and knew it would be a perfect summer reading book study for my kids.


Summer Reading Book Study {TOS Crew Review}


We were given a choice of several titles.  There were two for Grades K-3, two for grades 4-6, two for grades 6-8. and two for grades 9-12.  So if you don’t have children in grades 4-6 like I do if you go to the main review blog you’ll find reviews for all the other titles which will give you the different grade levels.  

When you go on the Progeny Press site you can download your study guides.  My study guide had a teachers answer key download and an interactive student download.  They are PDF downloads.  You can print them off to use them or use them on the computer as an interactive PDF.  I prefer to print them off as we only have one computer and I like to make my kids work on handwriting too.  

Currently the summer reading study guide we received is available to purchase for $17.99.  As I mentioned above the book can be purchased separately if you do not already own it or you will need to locate it at a local library.  We went the library route.

I used to have my kids do book reports.  But then I had to create a book report form, and I had to write questions for them to answer to make sure they fully understood what they had read.  Make sure those important key points were fully entrenched in their little minds.  It was a lot of work.  Multiply that by several different books and several different children and it was just too much for me!  That’s why I’m glad we found Progeny Press.  Their e-guides are easy to use and all I have to do is print them off!

The e-guide contains:

  • prereading activities
  • questions related to each chapter
  • a think section(it requires deep thinking and understanding)
  • vocabulary
  • activities
  • overview
  • post reading questions
  • book summary/about the author
  • and more. . . . . seriously there is more!!

The answer key contains all the answers as well so you as the parent don’t have to search for the answers to make sure your child did the correct work.

Progeny Press is a Christian company and they do incorporate the Bible and scripture into their studies.  We as a family LOVE this as it ties everything together.  Some of the questions ask you to compare part of the book to scripture(compare/contrast).  While both of my children could answer the questions well, one did better writing down her responses while the other(my son) did better verbalizing it to me as he does not enjoy writing.

I felt that the questions and book were relatively grade level for my children and the curriculums we’ve used.  My daughter did fly through the book quickly as she’s an avid reader.  She did have to re-read a few of the chapters so she could answer the questions.  My son read at his own pace(which is still rather speedy) but he did the questions as soon as he finished the chapters so that he wouldn’t forget what was going on.

Want to learn more?  Interested in other titles and age ranges?  Check out all the other reviewers located on the Main TOS Crew review blog.  You can also find Progeny Press on facebook and twitter.  



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