Chicken and Rice Casserole

A favorite of our family that we had tonight is chicken and rice casserole.  It’s really easy to make too. 


rice(cooked first)
1 lb chicken(cut up into cubes around 1 inch by 1inch by 1 inch)
one garlic clove chopped up fine
one sweet onion chopped fine
olive oil
cream of mushroom soup
grated mozzarella cheese

Cook up your rice and place in a bowl. 
In a small skillet saute the chicken in some olive oil with garlic and onion. 

When this is cooked add it to the rice.  Pour cream of mushroom over the top. 
Stir all together and place in a 13 by 9 casserole dish. 

Top with as much cheese as you want.

 My family likes a lot of cheese!  Bake until the cheese is melted and starts to change to a golden color.  Enjoy.


    • Erin Slocum says:

      Thanks, I tried to get some good pictures. I never realized how hard it is to get those perfect cookbook pictures. Still working on that. Yes my family does love home cooking. . . though sometimes I think they’d rather have pizza everyday!

  1. sandy1955 says:

    This looks great. Glad I am checking out your recipes because my grandson is just getting started on gluten free so this will help alot.

  2. Myra Rzepa says:

    what a great recipe! it looks so delicous! chicken and rice are my favorite foods so i bet this would be amazing! thanks for the post i think im gunna have to try it out!

  3. Karen Hand says:

    That looks so good and sounds even better. Thanks for the recipe. Think I will make this for dinner tomorrow.

  4. Lucy Black says:

    I’ve never tried a casserole with rice before and oh my gosh that looks amazing! Seriously, it’s on the list for next week. It has mushroom, chicken and rice, probably my top 3 foods in my life 😀

    Just one thing to ask if you don’t mind. Everything is absolutely cooked before putting it with the cheese into the oven and you just leave it for a little right? And the rice is still .. rice? I wouldn’t want it to be like a rice mush kinda thing.

  5. Deb Dorrington says:

    I have made this recipe a few times now and it has become a family favorite. So easy to make and it’s a good recipe to make before hand.

  6. brandy boone says:

    Wow! Why havent I ever put this together? How long do you usually bake it for? Im gonna have to try it out this weekend, and I will let you know how it turns out!

  7. Lucy Lopez says:

    This looks absolutely delicious and very simple to make. Even the kids are going to love this recipe. Will give it a try.

  8. Char W. says:

    My mother would make chicken and rice casserole all the time when I was younger. I think one of the keys is always sticking with the right type of rice. I’m going to have to give this recipe a try.

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