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I wrote a post before about Body Image and how society and the media has changed what we view as the “ideal” woman’s body.  I read a good article today on Madame Deals site.  It was written by a nurse who herself suffered from an eating disorder of sorts as a child.  She talks of little girls age 8 even who are already having troubles with eating and saying they are fat!  This means my daughters could be doing this already as my oldest just turned 7.  I cannot even imagine going through this with my daughters.  I hope that I am able to instill in them that they are perfect the way they are because that is the way that God made them and God does not make mistakes. 

I borrowed this picture from the article  as I really liked it and thought it went very well with the topic.  I hope everyone can help us start to make society rethink what the media is teaching our little girls. 

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  1. momto8 says:

    ys..what pressure society gives our girls…my college daughters tell me horror stories about the may eating disorders they witness …really a shame!!

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