Lark by Julane Hiebert {Book Review}

Lark by Julane Hiebert


Lark by Julane Hiebert

Book Two in the Brides of a Feather trilogy

From the first page to the last, Julane Hiebert’s Lark is a complete delight. From memorable characters that you will fall in love with to a love story that kept me guessing and rooting for the couple at the same time, this novel is one I won’t soon forget. I couldn’t put it down! Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy for a fabulous summer escape!
—Kathleen Y’Barbo, award-winning author of Firefly Summer

Can one wrong turn put Lark’s life on the right pathway?

Lark Wenghold hates Kansas, gets queasy around small humans, and has vehemently declared she has no intention to marry. Ever. However, to honor her papa’s dictum that the Wengholds never go back on their word, she consents to travel to Kansas to be present at the birth of her sister’s first child.

Her obligatory adventure begins when she hurriedly boards the train to Kansas, hoping to thwart Albert Harvey’s uninvited company. On the wrong train, going the wrong direction, and with a family of six children as seatmates, Lark is forced to face challenges that heretofore were her worst nightmares. Within a few short days of arrival in Cedar Bluff, Kansas, Lark’s ordered world begins spinning out of control.

While in a dark cellar of fear and despair, will Lark finally accept that God’s plans are better than hers?



Julane is first of all a child of God. She is also a wife to Bob, mother to two living sons,Kip and Rob, two daughters in heaven, two wonderful daughters-in-law, Becky and Tami, and grandmother to six perfectly wonderful grands, as well as an additional three ‘other grands’. She lives with her husband in a wee cottage by a small lake nestled in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas.

Though encouraged by many to pen the story of raising two daughters with an incurable disease, she has chosen to incorporate the lessons learned into the lives of her not-too-perfect characters. Her passion is to present the promises and hope found in God’s Word in down-to-earth, everyday experiences through her stories.

Julane loves reading, decorating, junking, antiques, and chocolate! No particular order, but one would be safe to insert chocolate between all other interests.


My thoughts:

Lark is the second book in the Brides of a Feather series.  You can find my review of Robin on my blog also.  You don’t have to read them in order, but things will make much more sense if you do.  I recommend reading all of this book series of course because it’s wonderful!!

I loved reading Robin so I knew I was going to love Lark as well(and I’m dying to read Wren).  The author has a great way with words that makes you feel like you’re actually there.  That Lark is real and you feel you know her and her struggles become your own.  It’s a gift and makes reading so much more enjoyable.

Lark doesn’t want to go out to Kansas to stay with her sister.  She doesn’t like Kansas.  She definitely doesn’t know anything about babies and yet that’s why she’s going.  Robin is expecting and requested Lark to come.  Lark would much rather stay and teach at the girls school she works at.  She loves the safety and security of her piano and the school.

Instead, Lark goes to Kansas.  Well maybe.  Eventually.  Instead of getting on the train for Kansas she gets on a train bound for Omaha on accident as she’s intent on avoiding a suitor.  On the train to Omaha she finds herself helping with six children and, gasp, using her unmentionables to clean up a soiled diaper as well as sick children.  Not what she envisioned for herself and definitely something she’d never done before!  She also becomes friends with the mother of the children who insists she stay with her until they can find out how to get Lark to Kansas as planned.

Unfortunately, things take another unexpected turn when they learn that Lark’s new found friend has lost her husband in a barn fire.  Her husband’s boss is now going to send her to live with Lark at her uncle’s as said Uncle John is a friend of his from the war when he saved John’s life.  Wow.  I couldn’t have made that up if I tried.

Once we get to Kansas Lark finds she does like her suitor(Albert) but he can’t seem to decide if he still wants to pursue her or pursue the recently widowed mother of six instead.  And that’s just the beginning of all the twists and turns!

Next thing you know Lark’s professor from the school she taught at shows up determined to make her his wife through whatever means necessary.  Will he succeed?  Why are the six children scared of him?  Will Albert figure out which woman he loves?  Will Lark survive?  Oh yes, there is suspense, and romance too of course.  Plus we say hi to Robin again and she does have her baby.

Great read!  Make sure to get your copy today!  And don’t forget about Robin and Wren coming soon!


I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway.