All About The Eyes

All About the Eyes

Let’s talk all about the eyes.  Because it really is all about the eyes.  They’re one of the first things you notice about new people or even old friends.  Eyes are a window to the soul.

So let’s talk all about putting makeup on our eyes.  For me, my eyes are my best facial feature.  I’ve been told they’re striking and they change color too!


All About the Eyes


The first thing you’re going to need is a good eyeliner.  My favorite eyeliner is from Younique.  It’s smudge proof and isn’t washed away by swimming or tears.  None of their products are marketed waterproof but rather water resistant so you can still wash them off with soap and water.

This eyeliner is different from others in more than just it’s smudge proof.  It isn’t exactly a pencil but it’s a pencil.  Make any sense?  Maybe you should take a peek!  This eyeliner has a soft tip that is easy to sharpen and easy to use.  It’s not a gel liner but it’s not super hard either.  It reminds me of a crayon that has softened in the sun.

Now for some application tips!  I like to use two different eyeliner colors.  You use whatever color you decide to compliment your eyes on the outer area and white or silver on the inner corner.  This helps to make the eye appear more open and awake.  If you’ve never tried it you’re going to be amazed by how it looks!

My favorites to use are purple and white.  Younique has fun names for their eyeliners and the purple is called passionate while the white is named pristine.  All their eye and lip liners have names that start with P.  A cute naming system that helps them stick in your brain.  It’s all about the eyes ladies and having fun products helps to emphasize that!

After applying my eyeliner it’s time to move to the eyeshadows.  Yes, I said shadows.  You’re going to be using at least two but most likely three eyeshadows to highlight and open your eyes even more.  Like with the eyeliner you’re going to have a darker color to help and a lighter color to open.

So, what I do is choose a neutral natural type shade to go all over my eye.  Then I choose a darker color(normally close to the eyeliner I used) to put on the outer corner V area of my eye.  The inner corner of the lid I then put a light color on to help with opening the eye more and making them pop.  Everyone likes their eyes to appear bright and beautiful and that’s what we’re going for here.


All About the Eyes


Younique has some gorgeous eye pigments as well.  These are a powder that you use a brush to apply wet or dry to your eyelid.  You can get either matte or a shimmer.  For an example, I might cover my whole eye with sexy, put curious in the inner corner to brighten and open, and then use flirty or glamorous on the outer corner V of the eye.  


All About the Eyes


Another option is the new splurge cream eye shadows.  These need a special brush to apply and they’re more of a wet type shadow that stays put amazingly.  An example of what to use with these are elegant for the eye covering shade, dreamy for your inner corner, and noble for a nice purple on the outer corner V area.    

The last option for eyes includes the new eye shadow palettes that Younique has out.  They have three.  Palette 1 has warmer tones while 2 and 3 have cool tones.  I’m a cool tone kind of girl and palette 3 is my favorite.  It has shades of purple and pink that are suitable for a cool toned girl and really offset my blue eyes.  


All About the Eyes


Using palette 3 I will cover my whole lid in determined, put smitten on the inner corner for the brightening effect, and then place flippant on the outer corner V area.  If you like more sparkle cheeky is a gorgeous shade for that outer V as well.

The last finishing touch to the eyes is putting on your mascara.  Younique has a patented formula that they’ve just reformulated to be even better than ever called 3D+ fiber mascara.  It’s really simple to use.  You apply a coat of the gel on your upper and lower lashes of one eye.  Then you apply the fibers.   You then let the gel and fibers sit and dry a minute and place a sealing coat of gel on top of that.  You can repeat these three layers as many times as you want to get the desired effect.  


All About the Eyes


This is as far as I go with my eye makeup.  You can take it a step further though and use some brow gel and liner.  I haven’t figured them out yet myself.  They come in three different shades and are a new addition to the Younique line.  You can get light, medium, or dark.  I’ve heard great things and they look awesome on those I’ve seen use them.  I’ve just not been brave enough to try them yet!!

And there you have it!  All about the eyes with Younique eye makeup.  You’re going to love these products as much as I do.  If not, they do offer a money back guarantee.  The first time I tried Younique makeup I got the wrong shade of foundation and I just didn’t like it.  They were super helpful and told me to keep it and still refunded my money.  I’ve since fallen in love with several of their products.  The first one that was true love was the eyeliner.  I’m telling you that stuff is magic!!

As an added bonus in our all about the eyes exploration Younique just launched a liquid eyeliner in five shades for all you liquid eyeliner lovers!  I’ve never gotten the hang of it.  I’m still trying though as some of these are pretty colors!

If you’re wanting a quick pick me up remember it’s all about the eyes.  See how much better it makes you feel if you get your eye makeup figured out and just right.  It gives me a lot more confidence especially if I’m having a bad day or not feeling great.  It’s all about the eyes ladies.




Decidedly Feminine

Decidedly Feminine

Blogging Through the ABC’s- Letter D

I don’t know about you, but I like to be feminine.  I like for other people to know that I’m a lady.  I consider myself decidedly feminine.  


Decidedly Feminine


There have been times that I wasn’t quite so feminine.  It was all I could do on days to pull on a pair of pajama pants and one of my husbands t-shirts.  I’d throw my hair in a ponytail and that’s all I’d do for the day.  I would be embarrassed if anyone just happened to pop over.  My husband didn’t especially feel I was attractive.  I personally did not feel good about myself or the way I looked either.  I was worn down.  I was tired.  I was overwhelmed.

I decided to take action.  I decided to be decidedly feminine.  Now I make sure that I get real clothes on everyday.  And I do it early in the day soon after rising.  I put my hair up or half up in a pretty flexi clip from Lilla Rose.  They help me to feel feminine.  

I like to wear skirts.  I feel feminine and pretty in a skirt or dress.  Dresses don’t make up as much of my wardrobe simply because I’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding so many years that they weren’t practical.  At some point in my life I’m hoping I can bring them back!

I have a favorite skirt.  It’s the Rainbow Denim Skirt from Deborah and Co.  I have it in regular and maternity and I find that it’s my go to skirt for wearing around the house or out and about.  I’d love to add this dress to my closet at some point!

Another decision I made was to stop wearing my husbands t-shirts.  I could find something that fit me that emphasized I was a woman without making me feel on display or being uncomfortable for me to move.  I settled on plain colored t-shirts in a feminine cut.  They fit well and look nice on me.  Sometimes they’ll have a v in the front but that’s okay because I normally layer them with a tank top or a nursing tank so that I feel more covered.  It also helps me to feel that my extra weight is held in a little better.

I also wash my face every morning when I get up.  Simply washing my face is a great way of helping me wake up and feel actually awake and capable of taking on the day!  I love my L’Bri facial system.  It’s a face wash, toner, and lotion trio.  I use the Deep Pore Trio currently and it’s amazing!!

After washing my face I’ll get the kids breakfast and start my coffee for the day.  After I set them down to eat breakfast I’ll go back to the bathroom and quickly apply some makeup.  On days I stay at home I love a soft natural neutral low key doesn’t take much look.  When I’m going to be out and about I take more care with my makeup.  Even  if I’m extremely rushed and behind I try to always put on mascara and eye shadow/liner.  It makes me feel pretty and feminine so it’s worth it!  You can check out one of my makeup posts for more information on what I use and how it looks!

If I’m going out I’ll try to spruce up a bit with some jewelry.  I don’t own a lot and none of it is high dollar, but I do have a few favorite necklaces and I love earrings.  I found that I rarely wore earrings.  The dangly ones would get caught in my hair.  So now I wear the dangly ones that I love when my hair is all up!  

Another fun way that I’m being decidedly feminine is in my aprons!  I love a good frilly cute apron.  Come on ladies!  If you’re going to wear aprons at least make sure they’re cute.  I even got two sets of matching mom/child aprons.  They’re so pretty.  I need to find a pattern and make some more aprons for myself.  They cover my clothes and still make me feel pretty.

I’m also finding a love of sweaters.  I don’t wear them much around the house since we have a woodstove and we stay toasty, but they’re replacing the sweatshirts that I’d throw on when I left the house.  There are so many cute sweaters and sweater designs out there ladies.  Try some on and find one that makes you feel lovely.

Another small thing that I’m doing is trying to have my nails done.  I don’t like to paint my nails because I hate when they chip.  I also don’t like the chemicals in commercial nail polish.  Instead I use Jamberry nail wraps.  They’re non toxic and work wonderfully.  They tend to last 1-2 weeks even when all the stuff I throw at them.  Plus they have some super cute decidedly feminine designs!


Blogging the ABCs- a new blog series


Let’s Talk Makeup

Let’s Talk Makeup

Recently I’ve been striving more to take care of myself and make myself feel better about who I am and how I look.  I’ve struggled with self image quite a bit from my early years on up through present day.  I also want to be a good role model for my girls which means I need to stop being so hard on myself.

So let’s talk makeup!


let's talk makeup


Makeup can be a great tool to help you feel a bit better about certain parts of your face, but it should never be used as the only show of your worth.  I may not wear makeup every day.  I may not even wear makeup to go out.  I don’t feel I have to have it in order to feel good about myself.  It’s just something I use to help me feel better about myself.

A weird fact is that wearing makeup tends to give me more confidence in myself and make me more productive.  I think this has to do with the fact that we don’t feel as vulnerable when we’re wearing makeup.  We have more confidence because we feel we look our best, to the point where wearing permanent makeup seems like a viable option.

I have three primary brands that I use for makeup.  I love them all, but for different products and reasons.  I’ll be sharing more about them and will also do a mascara comparison between three brands that I like to use.

Today let’s talk about L’Bri.  I stumbled across L’Bri on another blog actually.  I was actually coming to my wits end about facial products.  Not makeup mind you, we’re talking cleansers and such.  I had been using name brand products that you can buy at the store and they weren’t working.  I was still breaking out with cystic acne and my face was oily in spots while dry in others.

This blog raved about L’Bri.  I trusted this blogger and decided to sign up as a consultant with the company.  My kit included full size facial cleanser, freshener, and moisture lotion.  I experimented and found that the deep pore or combination skin care sets worked best for me.  I was sold on this company.  My cystic acne was all but gone and my skin looked and felt better.


lbri skincare


In my kit I also got makeup to try out.  Now I wasn’t really interested in the makeup.  I thought I had a brand that I loved and trusted.  A brand that was good for my skin too I thought.  Nope.  I started comparing ingredients and tried out the L’Bri makeup. Let’s talk makeup from L’Bri.  The number one ingredient in all L’Bri products is Aloe.  Aloe is so so so good for your skin.

A part of the consultant kit is this awesome glamour kit.  It has several foundation shades to try out, blush colors, eye shadows, and even some brow colors!  It also has a handy chart that tells you your cools versus neutrals versus warm colors.  That was so helpful to me as I was still trying to figure that out for myself.  I knew I was a cool but I didn’t know what colors complimented that!  I was still really new to wearing makeup at all.  Maybe the reason I’m all let’s talk makeup is because I didn’t have anyone saying that to me!


Let's Talk Makeup Collage


I soon found that I loved most of the makeup from L’Bri and started wearing it.  I’ve found that their products are great combined together.  They layer well and compliment each other.  Plus I was so in awe that I didn’t get oil spots all over my forehead, nose and chin!

If I’m wearing a full face of L’Bri(as in if I’m dressed up to go out of the house), I’ll put on concealer under my eyes to cover up the circles and on any blemishes I might have.  Next comes the liquid foundation.  i use foundation #1 because I’m a fair type of girl.  Next comes my powder foundation.  A light dusting of blush follows.  After that I move to my eyes.  I use two different eye liners and three shadows plus mascara.  Right now L’Bri is reformulating their mascara so the only one available is their 3D Cashmere.  I loved their old brown mascara though and can’t wait to see the new formula.  As for lips, I love the lipstick.  I tend to put on some vitamin E stick and let it soak before I go to bed and then apply lipstick once I have my makeup on.  I love the cool shades.  I have cool skin tones and love that L’Bri helps me find out which shades of their makeup compliment my skin tone.

In the picture below you can see these products!


Let's Talk Makeup


During the month of February L’Bri has some great customer specials going on!!  Spend $75 and get a FREE makeup bag.  All sales over $60 get FREE shipping PLUS a free gift that you get to choose.  Also ALL makeup is 25% off this month include two new lipstick shades.  I’m pretty excited about this and hope you are too!


Let's Talk Makeup


I also have a special that I can’t wait to share with you for the month of February.  The first four people who sign up as consultants under me will be sent a number to redeem that will give you $100 coupon for FREE L’Bri products.  Imagine how much makeup that would buy while they’re on sale!  Simply sign up or contact me for more information.  I love to talk makeup so let’s talk makeup!  Send me your questions or sign up and be added to some awesome support groups.


Let's Talk Makeup


Please feel free to share your questions below.  I’m always happy to answer them!  Do you have a favorite makeup brand?  I still have two more to share about as well as compare some mascara photos with you.  So let’s talk makeup this month!!




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Falling into Autumn in Skirts #seasonalskirt

I so cannot believe that it is fall already!  I love Autumn for the changing colors and the cooler weather, but not for the shorter amounts of daylight.  If you follow my blog you know I’m participating in a blog hop all about wearing skirts!  So let’s talk about falling into autumn in skirts!

  What can I say, I love a good denim skirt.  I probably wear denim skirts 90% of the time.  Not lying.  That’s how much I love them!  The skirt above is one that I purchased from Deborah and Co.  It is sadly no longer available.  It was the Nantucket I believe.  They still have the denim rainbow skirt though which is awesome!  And the maternity version of that was my absolute favorite maternity skirt.    For the top I’m wearing a grey tank top topped with a grey short-sleeved tee-shirt.  Over that I have an adorable loose knit sweater.  I love sweaters in fall!  Honestly, I’d wear a sweater everyday if I wasn’t afraid I’d stain it up or tear it up with some of my normal daily activities. And then there are the shoes.  Remember I’m a shoe girl.  These are another pair of Chelsea Crew shoes that I got on sale off Zulily.  Really, Zulily is my go to place for shoes.  They have awesome sales and I can always find my size!  That’s a biggie for me because I have small feet.  Think tiny.  Let me give you a for instance, my 9-year-old daughter has recently started wearing my shoes. . .. and they fit her.  Yeah I’m fairly small here.  See below for a better picture of my footwear.    


A photo posted by Erin Slocum (@forhimandmyfamily) on


Gorgeous huh?!




A photo posted by Erin Slocum (@forhimandmyfamily) on


Okay so let’s see another outfit and another denim skirt!  This is an of the rose ruffle skirt from Love My Jean Skirt.   Love this detail!  This is a skirt I’ll wear for running errands or being out and about, I’ve even worn it to church with a dressier top.  

My pictured top is one that I got at a thrift store for $1.  Just a nice half button up, 3/4 sleeve polished cotton type shirt.  Love the blue hue.  I’m a blues and greens type of girl though I am trying to branch out a little and try out a few girly colors.

For instance, I wore my hair down the other day!  I know it’s shocking.  I tend to put it up so much that when fall started to pop up I wanted to try a few new styles.  In the below picture you see my hair slightly wavey(this is it’s natural I air dried it look) with a size small flexi clip in.  You can check out all kinds of flexi’s and other gorgeous hair accessories on my Lilla Rose website.      


A photo posted by Erin Slocum (@forhimandmyfamily) on


I am in love with Lilla Rose for hair accessories.  They are all I use anymore.  Great for my hair, no snagging, stays in no matter what I’m doing, looks gorgeous, and makes me appear put together even if I just twisted it up.  Yes please!

Something else I’m doing more of lately is my nails.  And I’m even doing them in girly colors!



A photo posted by Erin Slocum (@forhimandmyfamily) on


The above picture is my latest Jamicure.  Jamicure is a manicure done by me at home using Jamberry Nails.  They are awesome!  Super easy to do and last up to 2 weeks.  I normally change mine around a week though because I like change and get bored with the colors I have.  The ones shown are Gala which is a new autumn design.  I was surprised with how much I LOVED this coloring!  You should definitely try out Jamberry Nails if you haven’t ever!  They are so easy and make such a great statement.  

Let’s talk a bit of makeup now too.  I don’t normally wear a lot of makeup.  But I have been wearing more lately as part of my lets not be frumpy persona.  I’m on a quest to make myself feel better about myself and I feel better when I know that I have taken time to make myself look nicer and put together.  I’m less likely to be flustered or grumpy.  So you might ask what I wear for makeup.  I have been wearing L’Bri makeup.  I use the compact foundation, brown mascara, blue eyes quad eyeshadow, plum eye liner, and brown mascara.  Some days I top with a slight blush and lipgloss.  I have been trying out a few of the lipsticks as well.  The entire line of L’Bri makeup and skin care are all natural and contain aloe vera as their #1 ingredient.  Very moisturizing and feel wonderful on your skin.  

The above photo was as I waited on my Azure Coop to arrive last month.   I got all “dolled up” including some jewelry.  Those are just some cheaper pieces from Walmart but they made me feel beautiful and I got several comments on them.   I have on a plain jane skirt.  It was knee length and just a straight skirt.   I have on a tank top that is white with a blue light weight sweater over the top.  It had three quarter sleeves.  I’m not normally a fan of 3/4 sleeves but do wear them just as fall is beginning as we’re apt to have some warmer days still.  

seasonal skirt


Again I’m wearing my L’Bri makeup and a Lilla Rose flexi clip with my hair all up in a twist.  For a twist I use  size large.  My makeup is once again L’Bri and totally wonderful! Any questions?  What are your favorite skirts to wear in fall?  Do you say autumn or fall?  I use both interchangeably for myself.  Please let me know what you think!  Oh and check out the other blogs on the linky below!  Some awesome posts about skirts going on here!       

Transform Me Selfie Challenge!

So in today’s day and age the Selfie is so popular!  People take them all the time.  Well, now I have an awesome reason for you to take a selfie!!

L’Bri is doing a Transform Me Selfie Challenge!  All you have to do is purchase one of the two new products.  Send in a before selfie and an after selfie.  You’ll get over $90 in FREE product just for participating PLUS be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card.  I’m telling you, this company is awesome!

Transform Me with L'Bri

And it gets better!  You can purchase both items and get double the FREE products!  Yeap purchase both the Clarifying Clay Masque and the Neck Firming Cream and you can get $180 in FREE products just by submitting two sets of selfies.  

 How to qualify for this special:

1. You must purchase the Clay Masque and/or Firming Neck Cream by August 31st to qualify.

2. You must take a before picture and submit it by September 15th.

3.You must use the product for at least 4 weeks before submitting your after picture.

4. After Selfie Picture must be submitted by October 31st, 2014.

5. Email both photos to

The Clay Masque and the Neck Firming Cream are 20% off this month, so it’s a great time to order them! You will have some free items sent to you when you submit the before photo, and other items sent to you when you submit the after photo. So, don’t fret if you get half at one time.  Remember the product must be bought by August 31st!!!  

The before selfie must be sent by the 15th of September!

selfie challenge

So interested?  Want to know a bit more about the products first?

Product 1: The Clarifying Clay Masque:  Is awesome for oily or acne prone skin.  Think of it as the detox of facial masques.  It’s going to pull those yucky impurities right OUT of your skin making it healthier.  Who doesn’t want healthier skin with less acne breakouts?  I mean come on, we’re women. . . wait what?  You mean MEN use this too!  Awesome to know it works for men too! This masque is specially formulated to target troubled skin, while healing blemishes, and evening your skin tone.   Two things set this apart from the average masque.  1- you can use it to spot treat only the areas needing it.  Have a pimple you need gone ASAP?  Spot treat with the clarifying clay masque.  2- this masque does NOT get hard.  You simply put it on, let it sit for around 20 minutes, and wash it off.  It will not get hard.  But it is pure awesomeness in a bottle.  

Product 2:  Neck Firming Cream: To me, this is self explanatory.   You put it on your neck and it firms up the skin.  It is specially formulated to minimize the wrinkles and firm up the skin on your neck.  Please don’t try this on your face.  It’s formulated for skin on the neck which is different than skin on the face.  It may not work the same.

Interested in what you get free by purchasing and submitting your selfies?  Check it out!  You will receive:

Hand and Body Lotion

Body Wash



Hand Soap

and lastly the Aloe Jelly

And remember, if you purchase BOTH products and do selfies for both you get TWICE the product!

This is such a great company and I am so excited to become a part of it!  

I look forward to continuing to share with you about their products and how they are helping me.

I am currently waiting for my Clarifying Clay Masque to show so I can do the Transform Me Selfie Challenge with you!  I won’t get any free products from it, but I want to show you just how great you can look and feel and the New You that is just waiting to show!

Remember, if you have any questions feel free to ask!  Want samples?  Check out my last post about L’Bri for ways to go about getting a FREE sample from me or you can get a FREE sample from L’Bri and only pay shipping!



Introducing L’Bri -A Great Skincare

So as some of you may know from following me on facebook, I started selling with L’Bri -A Great Skincare.  I am super excited to get started showing them around to all my friends and family because I love their skincare!  

Let’s give you a little background on why I love them.  I have sensitive skin.  Like SUPER sensitive.  I would not be able to use the same skincare for more than one day at a time.  Yeah.  Confusing.  I’d use facewash A on day 1, facewash B on day 2, facewash A on day 3, etc.  It got old fast especially since after a month of rotating those two I’d have to go to two DIFFERENT ones just to keep my face from drying out and breaking out.  It was no fun at all.  Especially when I was pregnant.  Because then I had extra hormones and EXTRA sensitive skin.

Fast forward to discovering L’Bri.  


I had finally found a product I could use daily!  I was so happy!  And the best thing is that you can make this stuff last.  And by last I mean think about 4 times the use from the same size bottle of generic stuff.  

And oh my goodness!  The way it makes my skin feel!  So soft and touchable without feeling greasy or messy.  So in love.  And then because I was so in love I decided I was going to have to purchase a full set for myself.  While I was browsing the cost of a full set I saw the cost of becoming a consultant.  Really not that much more.  And did I mention consultants get a discount?  Oh yeah!  So I went for it!

I signed up to sell L’Bri!  I’d love to have some of you as my customers!  Want a sample?  You can easily go online and purchase a sample set for your skin type.  The sample is free, you just pay the shipping.  

Or. . . . you can fill out the contact me form below for me to send you a random FREE sample!  The only catch to getting a free sample from me is that you go and sign up as a customer first.  Yeap so simple!  

So to get FREE samples you can:

  1. Order them online as a customer of mine and pay shipping!
  2. Sign up as a customer of mine and then fill out the contact form below!

So simple!  I can’t wait to talk to you more about L’Bri!  They also have a makeup line as well!  And the best thing about all their products is that Aloe Vera is the #1 ingredient.  Yeap number 1 of everything!

Any questions?  I’d love to hear them!



This post contains affiliate links.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.