Deer Roast-Meal 2-Stew

Ok, so like I said I love to get more than one meal out of my food.  So the deer roast and veggies that we ate on Saturday became Sunday’s after church crockpot dinner.  It is super easy to do.

After you eat your first meal cut up the meat, potatoes, and carrots into small bite size pieces.  Save the remaining broth/juices from the pan in a bowl to use in the soup.  It really helps with the flavor and nutrients! 

Sunday morning I woke up and while I was making breakfast I was also making dinner.  Place all the cut up meat, potatoes, and carrots into a crock pot with the broth that you saved.   Cut up an onion and add that.  I also cut up a full stalk of celery and add that.  Next I add some seasonings-thyme, basil, and oregano.  You may need to add some water to help fill it out and keep it all from drying out.  Set on low and let it simmer away while you enjoy your morning.  Eat and enjoy with little fuss.

When you are done with the stew simply put all leftovers into the refrigerator and you’ll have another meal plan for tomorrow- roast pot pie!


  1. Jennifer Hiles says:

    My husband is big into hunting so we always have deer meat. Coming from a family of no hunters, I’ve had no idea what to do with it! This looks like a quick, easy (my kind of) recipe. I would love to see more like this!

  2. Liz N. says:

    I live in Mississippi and deer hunting is a very big deal. I’m not so much a deer meat person, but my boyfriend not only likes to hunt them, but loves the meat. So, saying that, I’m always looking for a recipe for deer meat. This sounds right up my boyfriends alley.

    Liz Neal

    marcsgirl61 at gmail dot com

  3. Deb Dorrington says:

    My Dad used to Deer Hunt and we always had roasts. I love to eat Deer meat but I don’t get it often enough for my liking. Your recipe sounds so good I can taste it

  4. Em Sands says:

    We just got our first deer this fall, so I have been collecting recipes and ideas. This sounds right up our alley – nice and easy, and everyone here will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. let it be says:

    I love recipes that can carry over to the next day or two. My husband hopes to go hunting soon and would love to bring home some deer meat. Definitely adding this to my bookmarks for whe that day comes :) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Kathy Idol says:

    This sounds so good. My daughter moved to Maine afew years ago. She has gotten into hunting. Going to pass this on to her. She will love to try it. Thanks

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