Deer Roast with Potatoes and Carrots–meal 1

I love to cook up a big ol’ roast.  You can easily get three meals out of a roast.  Here is how.

First:  Find a large roast.  I used a deer roast that was approximately 10 pounds.

Second:  Get some potatoes. I used a 5 lb bag of potatoes, yukon gold.  I cut off any bad spots and eyes
                but left the skin on the potatoes.

Third:  Get some carrots. I normally use whole carrots and just cut off the tops and tails, but I didn’t
             have any of those in the house so I used a 2 pound bag of baby carrots. 

Now, since I use such a big roast and so many veggies, my roasts won’t fit in a crock pot anymore.  I love to do roasts in the crock pot, but not when I’m planning many meals from one.  So I have a big roaster pan that goes in my oven.  I place the roast in the center and spread the carrots and potatoes around it.  Now here’s the secret for deer.  Get some italian salad dressing/marinade and pour a bunch of it on that deer roast.  If I buy from the store I get the largest bottle and use it all!  I also have a really good recipe for a homemade italian that I will post later.  Cover the pan and place in the oven.

I put my roast in the oven at 7 in the morning and took it out at 1pm to eat lunch.  A roast this size needs a goodly amount of time to cook.  If it’s not done you can take the veggies out and cut the roast up some to get it to finish cooking a bit faster.  I did not remember to take pictures of the raw food or even the food in the pan but I did get pictures of it out on my table looking delicious!

The deer roast!
Yummy potatoes!
And the carrots!
The italian went really well with the vegetables as well.  I loved the taste of it.  Kids all loved it so will definitely be using it again.  I sometimes use a wine marinade on my lamb to help with the taste if it’s an old sheep. . . thinking this might work for buck deer as well, may have to try that sometime too.  Enjoy!

Meal #2


  1. Myra Rzepa says:

    i have actually never had deer before.. i have always wanted to try it out but never new how to cook it( if there was a special way to cook it or not) now im really curious as to how it tastes i really wanna try it even more now cause it looks soo yummy!

  2. Scrappy Geek says:

    Ooh, I haven’t had deer meat in well over 15 years! I think it’s about time I hit up our hunting neighbors for some steaks — if I can talk the wifey into it that is (lol)

  3. Char W. says:

    This definitely brings back memories from when I was younger. People often take for granted how delicious venison is.

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