Come Explore with Us!!

Daddy is gone to a reenactment this weekend and today was my Azure Coop day so we spent a good chunk of the day grocery shopping and picking up our coop order.  That meant a long van ride to the “city” and a long van ride back plus the shopping.  Needless to say my kids don’t find that especially thrilling so I thought I’d find something fun for us to do!

We went for a nature walk that ended in us having a cook out over an open fire!  Kids loved it!  We used it as a science lesson as well.  We talked about the different plants and trees we saw.  I taught them how to recognize poison ivy.  Walnuts were found and we discussed what they can be used for.  The kids learned first hand about the dyes that they make!

I must say the biggest success of the evening was the looks of awe on their faces when I started the fire with only small twigs and one match.  To watch their faces while the fire grew made me realize all over again what a joy children are and what a  precious gift from God.  I love my babies.  I love watching them learn and grow.  Somedays we just have to stop and smell the roses. . . or walnuts as it might be!

Here are some pictures of our evening.  Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as we enjoyed our evening!

And we’re off.  Bridgett carried the backpack.
Fionna got to ride in the carrier on my back and Audry volunteered to hold Zyera’s hand!

Loved the sun shining through the trees.

Gathering wood to start the fire.
I just love the green of the grass and her hat!

My one match, no paper fire!
Is it just me or does he look a bit ornery here?
Showing off our butterfly!
I had to share this one of Lucas too.
Oh and that is our dog Stonewall in the background.
He always goes hiking with  us. 

The pile of walnuts.
More walnuts for the pile, and yes in his shirt. . . .
Love Bridgett’s face!
Fionna was putting a walnut on the pile and knocked it all over!
The outhouse Daddy built for us when we moved here so we’d have a potty where we go for cookouts.

What a gorgeous first day of autumn view!


  1. Spots8105 says:

    Such a glorious day to spend with the children, and a learning tool as well. I can tell you, speaking from experience, that shelling walnut can be a messy job. I do hope that they wore plastic gloves when doing so, or suffer the consequences of stained hands for a few weeks. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ann says:

    Looks like everyone had a wonderful time learning and exploring the outdoors.Walnut in the shirt , oh my – stains here I come.And on the hands they leave yucky stains to. A friend of mine just use to lay them on the grass and run over them with the car. A mess tho LOL Their are so many things out there that people see every day but dont actually SEE.

  3. Amberm says:

    I really wish I could home school my kids. I am really getting fed up with the problems we are having with my daughters school!

    • Erin S. says:

      It definitely is a commitment but for me it is the right choice. Everyone is different. Hope the school situation gets better. Can she simply transfer schools?

    • Erin S. says:

      I love having the adventures and making memories. Just wish I had a few more arms so I could wrangle the kids and take more pictures!

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