Skirts in the Summer #seasonalskirt

Do you struggle with staying cool in the summer?  

Wonder how hard it is to stay covered and modest without falling over in a dead faint from the heat?

It’s not as hard as you’d think.  I know you’re thinking I’m fibbing to you, but I’m not!  In fact, what would you think if I told you I still tend to wear long ankle length skirts in the summer?  You might think my many years of being a Civil War re-enactor and wearing layers upon layers of fabric may have scrambled my brain, or you might keep reading and see what I’m talking about!  And in truth my brain might be a big scrambled, but I can honestly say that I have NEVER suffered heat stroke or passed out from heat.  Now low blood sugar is a totally different thing. . . 


I had a special friend snap some pictures of me in one of my favorite summer skirts.  It is long and flowy and denim.  To me, it’s not much different than wearing a pair of jeans on a warm day.  

Seasonal skirt

Showing off our casual everyday at home with my monkeys look!

I chose this skirt to feature this time because there is so much you can do with it!  I can wear it around the house.  I can wear it out to play with my kids.  We can go for hikes in this skirt.  And then I can take it the next day and wear it out on a date or simply out grocery shopping.  The above look is my normal look.  Some makeup, but not a lot, casual hair style that is functional and secure.  Comfy shoes or no shoes at all if I’m in the house(I’m a barefoot lover).  I layer my shirts even in the summer.  I’ve been a breastfeeding mom long enough that I love having an extra layer between me and leaks and it makes me feel more comfortable that no one can simply see through my shirts.

seasonal skirt

Here is a cute way to dress up the outfit for running errands with the kids.

Now a cute outfit above for running errands.  Yeap same tshirt, same undershirt, but adding a bit of lace in the from of a loose flowing vest.  This gives you a bit more femininity and a bit of extra layering.  This is oh so the style these days it seems and who doesn’t want to feel just a bit more in style?  Awesome addition and hides those stains and fingerprints you might have already acquired from working around the house with the kids.  Oh wait, am I the only only one who gets those?

seasonal skirt

And here is a cute little date night outfit!

I have to admit the above is probably my favorite of the pictures.  I feel gorgeous!  I love the date night look.  Of course, I don’t remember the last time we went on a date, but that doesn’t mean I can’t prepare for one!  And those shoes. . . swooning here.  Yes I’m a barefoot lover, but I’m also a vintage heels lover.  

super cute vintage shoes

These are my favorite shoes!

Oh yes, I did have to have a close up of my shoes.  I love them!  Seriously.  And yes the ribbon ties matches the blouse perfectly.  These are Chelsea Crew shoes.  They are European sizes so make sure to measure and remeasure before purchasing.  I wear a size 5.5 US and these are a 37UK and fit wonderfully.  I got them off Zulily.  And drumroll!  Zulily is having a sale on Chelsea Crew shoes starting today!  Make sure to hop over and check them out if you love these.  To me this brand has a great vintage flair.  You will find several that are 1940’s reminiscent.  I’m a fan of the ’40s myself and that’s probably why I really love these shoes.  

So we’ve talked a bit about the one skirt.  I also have some nice jersey knit skirts that I tend to wear in summer, but those are only on days I know I won’t leave the house because I refuse to wear them in public.  I’m just not a fan of how they make me look and I think they are a bit too clingy.  It’s like wearing yoga pants in public, not something I think is appropriate.  Afraid I’m not sharing a picture of me in that.  Shows off my mommy tummy to perfection and all those extra pounds I can still stand to lose!

You might ask about what little girls should wear.  Well mine do denim or cotton skirts.  I also am a huge fan of jumpers.  Stick a plain colored t-shirt under a jumper and they’re nice and cool but still able to play and move around.  We do NOT do shorts in our house at all.  Not for girls and not for boys.  They are not practical on a farm.  

 I’ve shown you my favorite skirt, my favorite shoes, and now lets talk my favorite summer hairstyle.  Trust me when I say this is the way my hair is 99.9% of the time in the summer.  I use a Lilla Rose flexi clip to secure it up in a twist.  It’s simple.  It’s fast.  It’s secure. And it looks pretty too!

Lilla Rose flexi clip

My favorite up twist

This is the simplest style ever.  You gather your hair into a ponytail with your hands, twist it around, twist it up and around on itself and secure with a flexi.  Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you may need a different size than me.  This one is a large.  I used to have to use a mega before I cut off over 2 feet of hair to donate.  I’m loving my shorter locks.  This design is one of my favorites.  Nice an feminine but no danglies to get caught up in my hair.  It’s called Tree of Life and I love the class that the pearls lend it.  

 This is my workout outfit, a jersey knit skirt with my layered tanktop and t-shirt.  I don’t have any workout pants but this skirt still lets me run.  And considering I love to run and easily can run 6 miles when I’m running, I think it’s an okay workout outfit!

When I’m not in my workout skirt or my long denim skirt, I do have a few cotton or shorter skirts as well. But all of my skirts are knee length or below.  I don’t want to have to worry about bending over or kneeling and showing off more than I want to.  Life has a way of making us move and bend and I want to be able to do so uninhibited.  One of my favorite shorter skirts for summer is a cute little knee length denim number.  My second favorite long skirt(the pictured denim is my favorite) is a long flowy cotton skirt.  It’s a khaki and green coloring and matches several of my solid colored t-shirts. 

Right now in this stage of my life, comfort is a key factor.  I have 9 kids so I want to be comfortable and able to move freely.  I don’t want the fear of my skirt blowing up or my top getting pulled down to expose things running my life so I try to make sure that those things aren’t going to happen instead of worrying about every move I make.  

Let’s talk makeup for a quick bit as well.  For summer I wear a BB Cream from Southern Magnolia Minerals in fair.  It’s light and you don’t need a lot.  If I’m going out I add a bit of a mineral powder over the top in matte to help soak up any excess oils.  I also wear their brand of brown mascara which was just reformulated and is marvelous!  My eye shadow and eye liner are from Physicians Formula’s organic line up.  My lip shimmer is a new product that I recently reviewed from Beeyoutiful.  I have the shade of Kiss of Cupid which is a great natural shade that is barely there.  It’s close to my normal color but still gives me the feeling that I’ve dressed it up.  That in turn gives me a confidence boost!  Make sure to check out my Review for more!

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  1. Heather says:

    I’m not sure the long jean skirt goes with my style, but you sport it very well. And I absolutely love your hair in that pin up.

    • Erin S. says:

      Thanks for the compliment. I’ve heard a lot of women say that denim isn’t their style. I’m curious what you prefer? Linen or cotton or jersey?

    • Erin S. says:

      Thanks! They are definitely my favorite shoes for wearing out. I don’t wear them around the house though as I’m afraid I’d scuff them up.

    • Erin S. says:

      That was actually a borrowed item from a friend. I don’t have any without sleeves though I think now I must find or make myself one. I’m thinking crochetting it would be easy!

    • Erin S. says:

      Awh thanks so much for visiting and your compliments. These shoes are definitely killer and they don’t hurt my feet which is the best thing.

  2. Kandi says:

    Love the skirt and how versatile it can be for different occasions. I must admit though- I do wear a Jersey Knit skirt to work once in a while. You can dress those up to and when you work at a school it is nice to sometimes be a little nicer dressed but comfortable. I don’t find those types of skirts inappropriate to wear out at all. But that is just me :)

    • Erin S. says:

      I don’t like the way the jersey look on me. Maybe it’s just my not liking the belly bump I still have from giving birth so many times. I love how comfy the jersey is though! The one I have is a bit clingy but not tight.

  3. Jhady says:

    You dress up really good. I love wearing long skirts only to church at home I wear shorts so I can move faster doing chores. I love your shoes, looks good on you.

    • Erin S. says:

      The shoes are definitely my favorite. I’m a vintage loving type of gal though my vintage wardrobe is limited right now. I love The Modest Mom blog and am honored you visited me from there! Hope to see you back soon!

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