Multi-Sensory Learning {TOS Crew Review}

Multi-Sensory Learning

TOS Crew Review

In conjunction with our review of Jolly Literacy and Jolly Grammar we received another product to review from just2ducks LLC.  We received Can Do Cubes from  These are great for multi-sensory learning for those beginning to read and do phonics as well as those who are struggling.

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review
This is a physical product.  We received a box in the mail.  In the box were two trays of blocks or cubes.  These Can Do Cubes are the main part of the review.  They help to teach phonics and spelling in a multi-sensory learning way. 

The first tray contains 27 cubes.  It’s stage one.  Stage one gives us the simple alphabetic code, so the letters of the alphabet.

Underneath the first tray of cubes is where we found the extras.  The extras as I call them are the handbook for Stage 1 and Stage 2.  A DVD with interactive demonstrations of sounding out the letter/phonic sounds.  The star of the DVD is Debbie Hepplewhite who is a synthetic phonics consultant.  Next out came a phonics chart and a words chart.  

What We Received

multi sensory learning



Also included in our review items was online templates and worksheets in PDF format.  You can use these by printing them off and letting your child build with the multi-sensory learning blocks.

Last out of the box was the second tray.  The second tray contains the cubes for stage two.  There are 30 cubes plus two cubes that are connected with a string.  Stage two is for the more complex alphabetic code.

Since we were also reviewing Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar, we used the Can Do Cubes with that curriculum.  Multi-sensory learning is a great way to go.  I have several children and have found that some of them really learn when they can both see, hear, and touch what they’re learning.  So being able to say the sound of the letter, hold the letter sound, see the letter sound, and hear someone else saying the sound really helps to cement the sound into their minds.  This makes it easier to spell out the words when they can recall the sound and the letter it goes with.

Can Do Cubes

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar Review

There are 44 sounds total that your child is going to be learning with the Can Do Cubes.  Each sound is represented on one side of a cube.  The cubes are six sided.  They are a fine polished wood so no splinters will be gotten off of these.  Plus they’re fun.  Think really fun.

My five year old who was the main child using Jolly Phonics really loved to play with the blocks.  We’d find the block to go with the sounds we were using for the day and go from there.  Of course, my three year old also liked the blocks.  She liked to make towers.  The towers then gave us some fun sounds to sound out.  So much fun to be had and let me just say that a three year old with no phonics awareness can really make up some crazy sounding words.

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