Audio Adventures with Wulf the Saxon

Audio Adventures with Wulf the Saxon

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We love when the Homeschool Review Crew offers up Audio adventures to review from Heirloom Audio Productions.  This time we got the pleasure of reviewing the audio adventures with Wulf the Saxon.  We received the physical CD set for our review.  I love the artwork on the cover.  It’s always detailed and gorgeous.

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Living in the country is wonderful.  I love it.  Something I don’t love so much is the drive we have to go anywhere.  We have between 45 minutes to an hour to get to a major grocery store or farm supply store.  Our doctors and hospitals and dentists are the same distance as well.  Taking dance classes?  Again it’s an hour drive.  Getting the picture of how much we drive?  This is why I love having audio adventures from Heirloom Audio Productions available.  We can pop them in the cd player on our van and listen on our drives.  It keeps my kids entertained, stems the are we there yet questions, and affords me some peace.

About the Product

Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions is based on the book by G. A. Henty.  I highly recommend getting a copy of the book and reading that as well.  We love to read the book and then listen to the audio-drama being able to talk about how they are similar and different. The main happenings are the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

We received a two CD series that has approximately two and a half hours of audio drama recorded on it.  Roughly for those aged six through sixteen.  However, my four year old grabbed some great thoughts from listening to it with her siblings.  My husband and I also enjoy listening to these and we’re definitely not sixteen any longer.  

Wulf the Saxon
Something we appreciate and love about both the GA Henty books and the Heirloom Audio Productions audio adventures is that they hold true to our Biblical values.  They help to guide young minds on the correct course of action and bring character training and teaching to the forefront. 

The music is again gorgeous created by John Campbell.  As far as the talent you again are treated to the voice of Brian Blessed.  In addition you’ll find Chris Larkin, Helen George, Jack Farthing, Sian Phillips, and Patrick Godfrey. 

Our Thoughts

Currently our audio adventures with Wulf the Saxon has taken us back in time to the reign of Edward the Confessor in old England.  The main character is Wulf who is a young Saxon landholder.  He is a devout Christian who is admired for his honor, devotion to duty, and courage.  Young Wulf is also only sixteen.  Along with his friend Harold he becomes shipwrecked over on the shores of Normandy.  Now if you don’t know much about this time period you may still have heard about the conflict of the Saxons and the Normans.  Knowing that you are prepared for the battle about to begin.

audio adventures with wulf the saxon


A key phrase from the drama is “fortunate are the few who marry for love” as you can see in the picture above.  We learn through the drama what that truly can mean for Wulf and for the Earl he serves.  Love wasn’t an emotion or feeling that played much into marriages of the time.  Marriages were made to advance a person or their holdings, to bring prosperity.  A mere feeling played no part in this.  So what happens if you do happen to fall in love?  What if you want to marry that person?  Wulf has an experience with this with Lady Agnes and it’s quite the story to listen to amidst the battles.

There are quite a lot of battle scenes in this audio adventure.  My kids didn’t really bat an eye at them as we’ve studied wars extensively and also do Civil War and WWII reenactments.  If your child is sensitive to these you may want to wait until they are older to listen.  

Something we haven’t spent time studying is the reign of succession for the British monarchs.  So this allowed us to study a bit more on which kings and queens came after which others.  William the Conqueror is someone we have talked about as my husband’s family line goes back to some of the knights who served with him.  I love watching history come alive for my children and this definitely helped!  I personally had never heard about the Bayeux Tapestry so had to do a bit of research on that.

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