Decorating on a Budget

Are you a natural decorator?  I’m not!  I love decorating but decorating on a budget can be interesting to say the least.  Especially when that decorating on a budget also involves a super small house and 11 people!

How do you handle decorating?  Our house is really small.  I tend to have the rule that things have to be both functional and pretty because they are going to be out in the open and used a lot.  I’m still working on de-cluttering things that we don’t use and replacing them with more functional things for us.  For instance, my utensils are now hanging on the wall.  Things that don’t hang are getting replaced with ones that do(spoons, spatulas, etc).  My cutting boards(all wooden) are going on the wall as well.  

I recently got a pot rack to go above our dishwasher.  Best thing ever!  Seriously!  My pots and pans hang from the sides.  My big bowls go on the top of the rack.  And hanging from the center of the rack are baskets full of my loose teas, coffees, and such.  Looks nice and totally functional!

With Christmas and Hanukkah just around the corner I find myself wanting to do a bit of decorating.  But money is tight of course.  That’s why I’m super excited to share a sale from Family Christian with you!  They are offering up to 40% off select kitchen and decorating items.  I’ve been scoping them out and want to share some of my favorites with you!  These are things that are on my wish list for when money provides itself!  And the price is really not that bad at $14.99. 

tips for decorating on a budget


First is this cute little cup stack with cups.  Now I have lots of random coffee cups and glass jars that my kids use, but none matching and they tend to take up quite a bit of cabinet space.  I’d love to have this on my counter taking up less space than the cups would in my cabinet.  And the bonus is that they are very pretty and I LOVE them!  Oh did I mention they have a cute retro flare to them as well as cute sayings? 

decorating on a budget




And an adorable crock!  You can keep things in this!  I personally like to put cookies or tea bags in mine!  They’re great for keeping on the counter and stashing things in.  You could also keep your utensils in it as well or if you’re hosting a party the plastic silverware will look quite wonderful in this!


decorating on a budget tips


Another piece that I really would love to have is this cute wooden cutting board that happens to have the perfect hole for hanging on the wall!  It has a verse on it as well.  A verse pertaining to cooking!  Well sort of.   It says Taste and see that the Lord  is Good.  Great reminder to have hanging on your kitchen wall!   This cutting board is one of my favorite pieces because it is both beautiful and functional.  It’s not just a pretty on the wall.  Yes it looks nice, yes it has a verse on it, but it is also a functional working piece of kitchen equipment.  For me it is worth $11.99.  In fact, most wooden cutting boards are more expensive than that and they don’t have verses or pre-made holes to hang them!

Decorating on a budget


I love to have Scripture on my walls.  It helps for the kids and I to be able to read verses when we’re having a bad day.  I especially like this little plaque that shares Be Still and Know that I am God.  Something we all need to remember and reflect on throughout the day.   Something else I like to do for decorating are the new wall vinyls that I seem to be finding online.  I love having Bible verses on my walls!  I’ll be doing a post soon on how to use up wall space with wall vinyl where nothing else will work.  Don’t miss it!  And don’t miss these sales!  They are good until December 24th so will make great Christmas gifts as well!




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  1. Stephanie says:

    I like your rule that things need to be both pretty and functional. We also have space issues in our home, I should try to incorporate that rule :) Although we are a family of 3 (and 3 pets)… 11 is very different!!

    • Erin S. says:

      My rule was definitely bred from necessity here! It’s an ongoing battle to keep it that way with things coming in the house from others, but definitely worth it I think.

  2. Dad Rambles says:

    It’s amazing what you can find on Pinterest for decorating on a budget. Between my wife with the decorating idea, and me with the cooking tips, I don’t know how we get anything done.

  3. Sydney @ Tastefully Frugal says:

    That crock is so cute!! I always think of decorating on a budget as a mission or challenge to try to create the cutest things possible with the least amount of money! I would love to have you link up this post to our Talented Tuesday Link Party to give some inspiration to others decorating on a budget!

  4. Angela Kinder says:

    I am not a decorator by any means. I always seem to have trouble figuring out what looks good to together, but I love decorating on a budget – it’s like a challenge! But I have found some great stuff at Goodwill. I once found this wooden inspirational quote picture for $5 and as it turns out, it fit in well with my bedroom theme at the time!

    But I might have to check out Family Christian. I think some of their items might look really good in our home.

  5. Heather says:

    I love those little cups! I like you like to have things that not only look pretty but has a function. We have a lot of space but I hate hate hate the clutter and it can get bad this time of year.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I love that cup stack. I got my mom a cute one with owls on it at Pier 1 a few months ago!

  7. Meaghan says:

    I love the idea of hanging things on the wall in small spaces that are both functional and pretty! I wish I’d thought of this when I rented my last house with the tiny kitchen!


  8. Amberm says:

    Even with a little bit bigger home I find myself crowded for space. I love when I find little decorating/fun/projects online that make the home both a little more decorated plus a little more functional! I think rather a small or large home space is important!

  9. Kandi says:

    We don’t have that small of a house but it is from the early 1900’s so storage space is not there. Once we get going on the redecorating I need to find ways to make one room function as 3. I also need to figure out a way to make our tiny closet fit all the popo’s stuff and my stuff. Until then- he gets the closet in the spare room.

    • Erin S. says:

      I love their decorating stuff here but they don’t have a lot of helpful storage stuff. I go to thrift stores to find helpful organizing things!

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