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Homeschool Piano Review

Recently our family received a lifetime subscription to HomeschoolPiano as a review through the TOS Crew.  The main gist of this program is that you can learn piano at home at your own pace.  What we received gives us access to everything!  It’s the HomeSchoolPiano – Complete Set of Books which lets us learn piano from the very beginning to a very advanced stage!  All online and all available when we are ready to learn it!

Willie Myette created the program and does all the lessons.  My kids found him funny and enjoyed watching and listening to him.  It’s awesome that they wanted to learn from him and I loved that he seemed to try to connect with his students even though he couldn’t interact with them.  


Homeschool Piano Review
The program is based on a six step process.

  1. technique-  Technique is important and they choose to make it the building block upon which everything goes.  The first thing you learn is speed and dexterity.  This step is what kept some of mine and what others sped through.  I think what the skill level or rather the developmental level of your student may determine this.  I found that some of my kids who have not gained the best motor functions stayed in this area the longest.
  2. rhythm-  Rhythm is the engine of music.  You gotta have rhythm!  Whoohoo!  A vocalization of rhythm helps them to hear and internalize the rhythms so they can play them perfectly.  I think rhythm is one of my favorite parts of music!
  3. ear training-  This.  This is why I knew that I would never be able to teach my kids how to play music.  I’m tone deaf.  One hundred percent tone deaf.  My husband plays by ear and I’m tone deaf.  Interesting combination.  This area helps the kids to learn to hear rhythm, melody and harmony.  You gotta have those if you’re going to succeed at improvisation.  I could never do improv which really is one of the reasons that I quit taking lessons.  I was at a brick wall.
  4. reading music-  This is something I’m great at!  It teaches sight reading so you can quickly read and play as well.  It has a step by step approach to learning how to read music which leads to learn and then compose your own.  I know for me I did a lot of practice with sight reading so that I would be able to read and play without making mistakes.
  5. song-  This is so fun.  You don’t just play “theory” or scales over and over.  You start out playing real music.  Yes it’s simple music and just one or two bars, but it’s music!  This really helped my kids want to continue because they were actually already doing something.
  6. improvisation- Yikes.  This is the hard one for me.  You have to read to read music and play songs before you can improv.  This is where you go into yourself and bring out the inner music.  I don’t fully understand this because I am tone deaf and it all sounds the same to me except the rhythms.  

This program works well for . . . . well. . . . . everyone!  It is suitable for all ages which is pretty awesome!  My kids can learn and I can refresh on what I learned a long time ago.  That to me is wonderful!  I am definitely rusty as I quit taking lessons when I was in high school.  I would love to be able to play more.  My kids are loving to learn piano and I love how easy it is.  We can do lessons around our schoolwork or around naps, etc.

So since I’ve hit on it already, our favorite part(or my favorite part) of this piano program is that it is totally flexible.  We didn’t have to do it all at the same time each day.  We could simply pop on when we had some time and do one lesson or ten!  You move at your own pace.

We started at the beginning.   Yes we have done some piano before.  So yes, they were not totally without any piano knowledge, but I wanted them to at least have a bit of refresher with this.  So one of the first things we did was find middle c on the piano.  Really no reason to touch the keys before then!

Our setup is simple as well.  We have a piano.  Solid wood, passed to us from another, think we’re probably the fourth or fifth owner.  We had it tuned and some keys unstuck when we took possession of it and it has served us well.  The piano sits on a wall in our living room being really the center focal point.  Above the piano is a shelf for our vcr/bluray and home phones.  Above this is our television mounted to the wall.  My laptop computer sits on the “media” shelf as well.  This makes it easy for me too hook up the html cable from the laptop to the computer so my kids can all watch the lessons at the same time.  Once the kids are at a point that they are doing individual lessons and need to see the lessons and be at the piano at the same time, we merely go back to the laptop and place it on the piano.  Tada!  Super simple and great for us!

learn piano at home

Our piano set up!

The lessons are short.  I mean really short.  The longest one is less than 10 minutes.  You can do more than one lesson a day in the beginning.  My kids all started at the VERY beginning.  The CORE.  It starts out teaching the basics.  Teaches them about the keys, where middle C is, what the alphabet of music is and how to use it.  Then it works up to scales and what the notes are and how long to hold them.  It does it in such a way that it’s fun and hold the kids attention.  They retain what they learn because they only learn one small thing at a time.  

learning piano at home

Focusing on playing just one note but different lengths and rhythms.


There are 33 lessons in the CORE section.  Super easy and short.  It really didn’t take long for some of my kids to get through this section.  We’ve done some piano before and they pick things up quickly as well.  

Homeschool Piano Review
Book 1 has six units.  Each unit has seven lessons.  You can repeat lessons as you need to.  You then also have book 2 and book 3.  There are six units in each of the other two books as well.  By the end of the books you will be playing arpeggios and creating your own songs.  My children have not made it that far yet.  I have some in the CORE still and some in book 1.  I have dabbled in it some as well.  For me I went into book 3 as I had already taken several years of lessons.  I enjoyed sharpening my skills again and can see where I will be able to learn more.  I would love to find a way to help myself with improvisation through the course.

Homeschool Piano Review
There are two ways to sign up for this service.  You can use the success package which is a one time payment of $299.  With this you get unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.   Great deal!  Or you can choose option 2 which is a payment plan.  Over a course of 3 months you pay $99.97 per month.  You get the same access with the payment plan as you do with the one time payment.

Homeschool Piano Review
Want to learn more about HomeSchoolPiano?  You can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Or if you’re interested in learning more about what other Crew members thought of the program check out the Main Crew Blog for more reviews!  We all had the same program to review but definitely had different experiences with it!

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Gluten Free Made Simple with Tastefully Simple

As you all know(or will know now) my whole family is gluten free.  Well, the family in my house which includes 9 kids, 2 adults, and 2 grain free dogs, plus a cat but she doesn’t eat gluten free.  We also have several family members who are dairy free.  I was thrilled to get to review some of the gluten free line from Tastefully Simple.  I received a mix for beer bread and a mix for Cinnamon Apple Cake Mix.  Happy girl here!

Because I have 9 kids and we’re homeschooling and living on a farm sometimes I wish that I could create a line of food called Gluten Free Made Simple.  Now I realize I don’t need to because that is just what Tastefully Simple has done!

gluten free made simple

Beer bread is a fond memory for me.  My mom made it a lot growing up, which as a child I found funny as neither of my parents drank at all.  Of course, you don’t have to use beer to make this bread.  We don’t drink either.  I used a can of Black Cherry Zevia in my bread.  It gave it a sweet taste.  Fruity and bubbly in your mouth.  Maybe not, but it was divine.  I loved the subtle fruity flavor that it had from the soda.  I used the mix as the directions stated except for using the soda instead of the beer.  Because of that, it did not have a yeasty flavor at all.  I had wondered how it would taste.  It was so good!  Definitely on my to buy list in the future.  We ate this sliced with butter or without depending on allergies, to go along with some homemade veggie soup.  Perfect!

gluten free made simple

The other mix we tried was the Cinnamon Apple Cake Mix.  So I totally screwed with this one to make it my own!  All you have to add to it are eggs and apples.  Well, I didn’t have any apples to add so I added some applesauce, a pinch of poppyseeds, some raisins, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.  I made it in an 8×8 glass pan as well.  I topped with fresh coconut whipped cream and enjoyed.  So so so good.  Definitely going to have to make this one again.  Besides being gluten free it is also kosher.

gluten free made simple

I was sent these two mixes by a Tastefully Simple consultant.  You can order through her Website or check out and follow her Facebook Page for more information about her and her business.  

gluten free made simple

Tastefully Simple’s gluten free line includes six different mixes.  Besides the above two that I received they also have a vanilla bean pound cake, fudgy brownie(MUST TRY–love chocolate), coconut lime cake, and a gluten free pizza crust plus sauce mix.   

I personally want to try everything else in their line and just wish their sauces were gluten free too.  I’d love to try the sweet mesquite on chicken but it contains wheat.  Too bad for me so someone else needs to try it and tell me what it tastes like!

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Simply 7 Snack Squad Review

simply 7 snack squad

So if you’ve read my blog much you will have seen that I have done reviews for Simply 7 before.  I have reviewed their first line as well as their quinoa line.  Now I am a member of their pilot Snack Squad!  As a member of the Simply 7 Snack Squad, I received a box of chips for my dining pleasure!  I also received a novelty bag that has my chosen picture and wording on it!  Woohoo!  How cool is that!

Snack Squad Chips

Simply 7 chips are natural and actually healthy.  They have a wide variety of flavors as well as main ingredients.  I prefer the quinoa line, but their hummus and lentil chips are awesome too!  I have yet to actually try the pomegranate ones though, so I look forward to that!  They’re natural, they’re delicious, they’re good for you, so when you eat the WHOLE bag by yourself, you don’t have to feel bad about it!  In my box I received some yummy chips to eat besides my sealed bag.  One of those bags is a flavor of pomegranate!  Can’t wait to eat those babies and see what they taste like!

Snack Squad recipe

Not only do I get my favorite flavor of chips, but also a yummy recipe to use over and over!

You can enter to be a member of the Simply 7 Snack Squad simply by going HERE and entering your information.  Super simple!  And each month they choose a member to win their own free snack pack as well!  You can also have a birthday surprise and coupons!  Everyone loves free coupons!

Snack squad bio

And my own personal bio on the back of the bag!

Because Simply 7 is a wonderful company they are offering for 10 of my readers(as well as other blogs readers) to win their own Snack Squad pack!  Your pack will be the same as mine except you get to specify what you want on your bag and what your flavor would be!  My flavor of choice is the Quinoa Barbecue.  My little almost one year old loves that one as well.  Just enough sweet and tangy at the same time, it’s perfect.   Make sure to check back on the 28th to enter for your chance to win!


Why I love our First Grade Reading Program #hsreviews

Logic of English Review
I have a hard time choosing curriculums for each of my children since they are all different.  This year my hardest search was for a first grade reading program for my beginning reader who is developmentally delayed.  But, with the help of the TOS Crew Review Team allowing us to review Logic of English we have found a favorite for one of my girls.  Last year we reviewed Foundations, Level A with all of the reusables.  This year we were blessed to continue our journey by reviewing Foundations, Level B.  We received the Manuscript version of the curriculum as there is also a cursive version available.  


Foundations, Level B has 48 lessons that cover learning to read and write the uppercase letters(taught lower in the A book).  Of these 48 lessons you have 40 that are actual instruction and 8 that are reviews/assessments.  Your child will also be reading some simple sentences by the end of the book.  It’s designed for those who have already learned all the letter sounds in the previous book.  They build on each other.  I love that they are independently able to spell over 120 words by the time they are done with this program as well.  

Logic of English Review
With Level B we received a student book, a teacher’s manual, and 6 student readers that are found in the back of the student book.  These are unique readers as your child gets to create the stories.   Or at least, that’s what it feels like to my child!  There are sentences for the child to read.  Once they have read the sentence they get to paste the sentence underneath the corresponding picture.  So no guessing what the words are by looking at the picture.  That is a big problem for us with one of our readers.  She loves to just make up words based on the pictures instead of sounding them out.  Sometimes she gets them right but most of the time not.  That is why I really like that this program has them sounding out and reading without picture helpers.

Level B is geared for ages 4-7.  In fact, the whole Foundations series of levels A-C is geared towards ages 4-7.  I do have to say that last year I used level A with a 7 year old and this year I’m using level B with an 8 year old.  She is developmentally behind for her age and this course is working great.  At first, when we started I worried that it would move too quickly or not work well for her.  I think it’s more towards gifted children.  But then, as we worked through she was actually getting the concepts that had eluded her before.  I’m sold on the program.  

Let’s talk cost.  You can purchase either the hardback or the pdf version of the teacher’s manual for $38.00.  The student workbook is $18.00 and available in both printed and pdf for both cursive and manuscript.  What I received in the teacher’s manual and manuscript student workbook is valued at $56.00.  If you choose to purchase the reusables they are $85 for what is typically received.

Logic of English Review
I do want to also mention that with Level A we received the reusable resources package pictured above.  This you will use with all three levels and is a one time purchase so you don’t need to repurchase it each year with each level.  My kids that aren’t even using the curriculum love to use these and help each other learn their letters and sounds.  We are using the manuscript versions as we haven’t ventured into the world of cursive with my beginning reader yet.  These are a great asset to have on hand.  

It is recommended that you use this product at least 4 days a week.  We use in on a daily basis.  Anyday that we do school we use our new reading program.  I have found that consistency is the key in learning.  You have to be consistent especially with children who have learning disabilities.  They need that constant reminding and redoing.  It is so easy to say oh let’s take a week break from this and then come back and find that they don’t remember the last two weeks worth of work!  Then you have to go back and start over.  Of course, it’s totally up to the parent though how you use the curriculum.  If you want to use it three times a week instead you can do that.  

Make sure to go to the Main TOS Crew Review Page to check out all the other Crew reviews.  They’ll give you more of an idea of the other Logic of English products and whether any of them are right for you and your family.  You can also find Logic of English on facebook, youtube, pinterest, and twitter.   

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Action Packed Missionary Stories to Enjoy in the Van #hsreviews

If you’re like us, van rides can be the bane of your existence.  Seriously.  I loath having to take the kids on hour long van trips because my kids just don’t like sitting still and riding in the van for that long.  Plus the baby still screams at being strapped into the car seat.   This is why I was thrilled to review The Brinkman Adventures.   We received The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 to listen to.  They are on four cd’s and come in a nice hard case so they are protected.  

Brinkman Adventures Review
You can purchase the set either as a physical product(what we received) or a download(mp3 type file).  I prefer to have the actual cd’s but then again I’m not quite that technologically advanced as some people either.  On the 4 cd’s are 5plus hours of entertainment.  These adventures are great for the whole family and really have no age range, young and old alike will enjoy them!  The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis.  So, if you wanted to purchase this season 2 set the suggested donation for the physical copy is $25 or $17 for the download.  Oh and shipping is free for the physical product as well.

For season 2 we received episodes 13-24.  So we have 12 episodes to enjoy.  I wondered a bit if we would be a bit lost with the first episode considering they each start up where the one before leaves off.  It was just a bit confusing to me because I’m someone who wants the background story, but the kids loved it and had no problems jumping into the adventures of the Brinkmans!  

The Brinkmans are a family of missionaries and their adventures share their missionary stories in a fun and exciting way.  These are real missionary stories.  True missionary stories.  Peoples names are changed though and sometimes even the country is changed.  In one episode about slavery the country mentioned isn’t really a country at all.  Obviously, we still need to protect some of our missionaries and where they serve.  That’s okay though.  We really don’t need to know the particular where and who of the adventures.  We just need to know what happened and how we can pray for those missionaries now.

Okay, so I have to say that the Brinkman’s drive a bus which makes me feel better!  Now I *know* some people who drive a bigger vehicle than us!   They are a large family.  Mom is expecting again.  She’s had at least two miscarriages that they have shared with us.  That is a pain most cannot understand.  I feel for her.  There are nine children in the family.  My kids thought this was awesome because we have 9 kids too!  Of course, I’m not currently pregnant.  But that didn’t stop my kids from informing me that we need to have 3 more boys so that the boys and girls are even and we have a dozen kids.  

The first episodes finds the Brinkman’s packing up and getting ready to head to Belize on a mission trip.  We follow them on their adventures, but not every episode is about them.  We meet up with other missionaries who tell their stories and those get incorporated into the Brinkman’s adventures.

Brinkman Adventures Review
In Season 2 you will find the following episodes:

  • 13: The Mystery Ring
  • 14: Blue hat and the T-Shirt Bible
  • 15: How Big is Your God, Part 1
  • 16: How Big is Your God, Part 2
  • 17: Mexico by Bus
  • 18: Treehouse Academy
  • 19: Pirates of Mayan Island
  • 20: Sapphire Slaves, Part 1
  • 21: Sapphire Slaves, Part 2
  • 22: Hadi’s Choice
  • 23: Castle of Secrets
  • 24: On the Run

My kids were enthralled with these audio dramas.  We’ve listened to books on tape before.  We’ve listened to other audio series that are popular for children as well.  I don’t think any of those held their attention like this series though.  They didn’t ask for me to turn it off or to listen to their favorite Praise cd.  They were quiet.  They listened.  They asked questions.  They retained what they heard as well. 

This series is so wonderful!  Like I said, we chose to listen to them in the van when we were driving.  But they could easily be enjoyed during meals, around the table, before bed, or simply as an afternoon adventure.  Though the names of our characters are not the true names of the family behind the story, the people you hear are the actual people who have had the adventures.  

Listening can be a bit confusing until you figure out which voice belongs to which family member.  Like I said above you just into the middle of the series so if you listen from episode 1 you’d already know all the characters and more of their background.  But it’s not necessary to enjoy the stories.  I loved listening to the little children in here!  And my family took particular glee in listening to how they had to catch the chickens that the little one let loose.  We have chickens and often have to chase them out of our garden so my kids know oh too well how fun chasing chickens can be!

As we followed the Brinkman family in their adventures we learned of a missionary who served in China and his adventures in Hong Kong.  How he had to trust God to provide a church building and really how he had to trust God that he wouldn’t be found and killed for being a Christian.  My kids were very intrigued by how he made a tshirt Bible as well.  I may have to watch their Bibles closely for a while!

You can visit the Behind the Stories page on the website to learn about the true people and places behind the adventures.  But do be forewarned that if you haven’t listened to the episodes there are spoilers present!

I also want to mention that a few of the stories do get intense.  As a parent you might want to ferret out those and skip them if you have children who might be scared.  They recommend ages 10 and over listen to those and say so at the very beginning of the story.  I skipped those with my crew because my oldest is only 9 and they tend to be sensitive to things like that.

Interested in finding out more about the Brinkman’s and what other Crew Reviewers thought of them?  Simply check out the Main Crew Blog Post and read all the amazing reviews from there!  Oh and check them out on Facebook to follow along on their adventures!

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Memorize Philippians in 28 Weeks KJV #hsreviews

Home School Adventure Co.
Recently with other members of the TOS Crew Review Team we received an item for review from the Home School Adventure Co.  Our family received the Philippians in 28 Weeks KJV in the form of a download.

This new book is available in KJV or ESV.  It’s the perfect way to challenge yourself to memorize Philippians in 28 weeks.  I know it’s challenging me to memorize!  My children started out with me, but I soon realized that ages 9 and under they are just not quite old enough for this.  So instead they are helping me!  I am memorizing and they are telling me whether I’m getting it right or not.  It counts as Bible for them as they are reading the verses with me and we are discussing them.  It also lets them be a bit of a teacher because they are “teaching” me to memorize!

Philippians in 28 Weeks
Philippians in 28 Weeks is geared more to ages 12 and over for the memorization portion.  Ages 9-11 can use it as a family discussion/Bible reading, but it’s really not geared towards those ages.  This is perfect for the self motivated high schooler though!  Just give them the outline for how they’re supposed to use the unit and tada!  They should be able to complete it on their own.  

My KJV download is 165 pages long and includes a reflective journal as well.  As of right now the downloadable form of the KJV is not available.  You can purchase a print edition KJV or ESV for $28.95 or you can purchase the ebook ESV for $14.95.  They also offer a cards only download of the ESV for $9.95.  For me, this is totally worth it.  I would prefer to purchase the print book though(I have a thing for having real paper and books at my fingertips) just because that is me.  And well,  I am partial to KJV.  So, if I hadn’t been offered a KJV download, I would either have wanted the actual book or not reviewed at all.  I’m a Scripture snob.  I only want to memorize the KJV verses.  When I was a child I memorized out or an NrSV Bible and got in trouble when I did some Bible quizzing because it wasn’t the version they used.  So I quickly learned that I needed to pick one of the two main Bible version.  The NIV or KJV.  I really liked the KJV better.  But that is a whole different blog post coming to this blog soon!

I’ve talked a bit about how I used the book, but let me tell you a bit more.  Because it is a memorization curriculum, you want to use it daily.  By using it daily you are helping along your memorization.  With special needs children, I have found that even just a small amount of a subject or something they find a bit challenging daily will help them to remember and help them to conquer that.  It’s the same for those of us who are not special needs too.  

So, here’s a quick peek at what a week using this looks like at our house.  

Daily:  This is daily.  As in everyday.  Start the morning reading the entire book of Philippians.  It is amazing how much of the book your children(even the young ones) will learn if you just read the book over breakfast.  These kids are sponges I’m telling you!

Day One: Read the entire book of Philippians.  This is done every week on Monday.  Also writing the verse down as copywork is done on this day.  I have a special journal that I am recording mine in.  Pretty simple and easy to do.

Day Two:  Summarize the verses in your journal.  What do they mean?  Who do they pertain to?  Are they relevant to us today?  What do they tell us to do or not do?  Etc.  Oh and read the verses again!  You can just read the verses you are working on this day or the entire book.  We would start everyday with reading the book so during our memorizing time on day two we’d just read the specific verses over several times.

Day Three:  Do copywork again.  Review and recite the verses.  The only way to memorize is by reviewing!  Oh and reading.  Don’t forget to read!

Day Four:  This day varied a bit.  The first week it was just another day of practice.  The next week we used it as a review day.  Not only to help us learn the current verse but for practice of the verses learned in previous weeks.  I normally would make a copywork page for my children to use on this day as well since I was trying to include them in me memorizing the book.

Day Five:  My test day!  Yikes!  I thought I was past being tested.  And let me tell you, your children are your worst taskmasters!   Sheesh.  They wouldn’t even let me get one letter off what that note card said.  It was like they were just waiting for me to mess up!  They wanted me to get it perfect though, because if it was perfect we’d do something fun.  Maybe a nature hike on our bluff.  Maybe a trip to the park.  And if one of the kids had it memorized something extra special was done!

I personally, have challenged myself as a Christian to memorize more of the Bible this year.  I am challenging my children too.  We decided to make it a formal challenge for our next school year and are practicing and preparing right now.  This fit in perfectly as the book of Philippians really isn’t that long and who doesn’t want to be able to say they have a book of the Bible memorized!  It’s more than just a book that you read once a day to feel good about yourself.  Memorize the Scripture so you can share the Scripture.  More on that coming to this blog soon as well.  

I LOVED the idea of cards with this.  You see I’m a notecard type person.  All through my schooling years I would put facts I needed to memorize on notecards and flip through them whenever I could.  It helped me to learn and memorize those rote facts.  Well, this is the same principle.  I also like that those notecards stick around. Well, they stick around if you take care of them, and then you can keep using them.  If you get two months down the road and you no longer remember it all, well it’s time for a refresher course so get the cards out and practice!

Home School Adventure Co.
I get to share this with you too!  For anyone reading the Crew Member reviews you can take 10% off your order from the Home School Adventure Co simply by using code CREW-10 at checkout!  That is an awesome deal!  I know that there are other courses I would love to do myself and with my children!

Want to learn more about the Home School Adventure Co and what they offer?  Check out the main Crew blog post where Crew members reviewed the same product as myself as well as three other ones!  You will find reviews for Philippians in 28 weeks(both ESV and KJV),  Philosophy Adventure, Mere Christianity Journal(which I REALLY want to use with my kids when they are older), and The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal.  Some great reviews and great products to be found!

Crew Disclaimer

Science Experiments for Kids #hsreviews ScienceandMath.com Amazing Science! Volume 1

ScienceandMath.com Review

Recently through the TOS Homeschool Review Crew we received a copy of Amazing Science! Volume 1 DVD from ScienceandMath.com to try out and see whether it fit into our schedule or not.   The volume of 2 DVD’s contains 23 science experiments for kids.   At the time of this posting, the Amazing Science! Volume 1 can be purchased for $17.95.  They also offer a downloadable version of the Amazing Science! Volume 1 as well.  It is available for $14.99.  We received only the DVD physical copy of the product for review.  

My kids deemed it the best thing ever!  They love watching the Science movies.   The dvd is geared to grades 1-3 so approximately ages 6-10 depending on the age of your child.  I do have to add that all of my kids ages 3 through age 9 really enjoyed the dvd and the experiments.  So, the younger kids can use it too, but will need more adult help.  I liked to pair the older ones with a younger one.  It can be used with older ones as well I would think.

The DVD contains two discs each full of experiments.  There are 23 experiments in all.   The experiments are super easy to do and the DVD walks you through all the steps.   These are ideal science experiments for kids.  These are experiments they can do with minimal assistance from adults if they are in the recommended grade range.  

ScienceandMath.com Review

You might wonder how you do experiments when you’re watching them on a dvd.  Well, we watched the experiment on the dvd.  Then we discussed the experiment.  We talked about what they did and why it worked and if the experiment could have been done a different way and still worked.  And then we wrote down the instructions.  By this I mean we wrote down the steps to the experiment so that we could reproduce the experiment as well teach someone else how to do the experiment.  I think it’s important for the kids to know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.  Then, once we have all that writing done, we do the experiment.  After we do the experiment we talk about the experiment some more.

These experiments are simple to do and most only require things you can get out of your cabinet with no prewarning.  My oldest daughter said her favorite experiment was the Lemon Battery experiment.  This one did require a few things that you might not have just lying around, but they are things you could easily get.  Because I watched a few experiments ahead I was able to have all the things we needed for it on hand and ready to go.  I do not always have lemons in my refrigerator so had to make sure to buy some.  In the experiment it takes two lemon batteries to run the calculator.  For our personal experiment it took four.  This could be due to various factors and we discussed those.  My kids decided that our lemons were smaller than the lemons in the dvd experiment and thus it took more lemons to reach the same results.  Pretty smart thinking I think!

I do think that my kids got the most excitement out of the first experiment though.  It was one that they could do totally on their own and without any special things.  It’s the magical color changing milk.  It was such a fun experiment and really easy to do.  My three year olds could do this one.  Put the soap on the q-tip and dip it in the milk.  Immediate color change.  I think little ones need to have at least one experiment that is fun and easy with immediate results.  

We whole heartedly encourage everyone to get this dvd.  Not just homeschoolers.  Have some kids grades 1-3 that need something to do in the summer?  This is great!  Let them do science experiments!  Let them still learn even if they’re not in school.  They can learn about magnetism, electricity, buoyancy, heat, temperature, air pressure, and so much more simply by watching a 5-10 minute video.  They can learn even more by actually recreating the experiment.  Make learning fun and be surprised at what your child can really do and accomplish.  They will be amazing you with the experiments they come up with on their own soon.

Not sure if this is for you?  You can head over to the website and check out some free samples of some of the experiments.  Obviously, you can’t watch all the videos, but there are a few that you can view to gauge if it’s right for you and your family.  

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Thanks for reading and happy experimenting!