Traditions Within Your Homeschool

Traditions Within Your Homeschool

Traditions within your homeschool are a wonderful part of homeschooling.  They’re something unique to you and your children that set you and your homeschool apart from all the others.  You may have traditions without even realizing it.


Traditions Within Your Homeschool


When I started thinking about traditions within our homeschool, I wasn’t sure we had any.  So I started thinking harder.  And then I asked my kids what they thought our traditions are.  Find some fun traditions we have and we’d love to hear about some traditions within your homeschool!

A fun tradition that I’ve done with my children is studying holidays and their history.  We love learning about why we celebrate certain holidays and why they are important.  It’s not only a fun tradition but also a great history lesson.  History is our favorite subject!

Something I never thought of as a tradition was my love for read alouds.  We have several different read alouds at different times in the day.  Normally we have four different read alouds going on at a time.  One at breakfast, one at lunch, one at supper, and one at bedtime.  I’ll add to this and the why of it in a separate post. 

Other traditions include doing a lot of subjects revolving around farm life.  This includes gardening and having a specific vegetable that they cultivate.  Or chores.  Farm chores are a part of our homeschool and they reach each level of chores by being responsible and keeping up with their school work.

A fun tradition we’re starting is doing a hymn study first thing in the morning.  I’m tone deaf and had always found this to be intimidating, but with technology(and me learning how to use it) I’ve finally found a way to incorporate this.  Along with the hymn study is Bible verse memorization.

Play might not make it as a tradition in your homeschool, but for us it really is.  For children play is such a part of life that it needs to be incorporated into school and into learning.  I’ve found that we learn so much more when we learn it through play and fun.  It also tends to stick in minds longer this way.

In the last year I’ve also started diffusing essential oils during our school day.  This helps with focus and attention during school.  I’ll be sharing more about this in a separate post as well.

Need some encouragement?  Check out this post too!

What about you?  Do you have any fun traditions in your homeschool?  Any traditions you want to start?


Stockings are Hung

The stockings are hung. . . . or not.  Christmas can be stressful when you have a small house and a large family!  Keep reading for a few of the ways I’ve learned to make my Christmas easier.


stockings are hung


1- We don’t have a Christmas tree.  Well at least not inside!  We do buy a potted tree every year.  It sits on our porch and the kids can put some homemade ornaments on it if they wish but nothing that will harm the animals or the animals can harm.  Then, after Christmas we go and plant the tree somewhere on our property.  This gives us the bonus of watching our tree grow and increasing the trees on our property.  Think wind break!

2-  The stockings are hung. . . . not.  We don’t have anywhere to hang our stockings.  I do have super cute stockings that my mom has knit for all of our children(as well as myself, my husband, my brothers, my cousins, etc).  I do get them out and we do have stockings for Christmas, but they don’t appear out of their storage tub until Christmas Eve.

3-  I’m not a huge decorator.  Like I’m horrible at it really.  But we try to do some small things to help the children have fun and feel that they’ve accomplished something.  Some years we make paper snowflakes and hang them from the curtain rods.  Some years we make paper chains and hang them from the banister or curtain rods.  One year we did nativities out of paper and posted them on our windows.

4-  We always do Christmas cookies!!  It’s so much fun to make cut out sugar cookies and decorate them.  Yes it makes a mess.  Yes it’s hectic.  But really it only involves two rooms(hopefully) and the mess is easily cleaned but the memories last forever.


stockings are hung


5- We are big on traditions.  We always have chili on Christmas Eve.  My parents started this when I was small and I’ve kept it alive in my own family.  We always have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning with hot cocoa.  Once upon a time when I was growing up this was donuts(store bought- such a treat) but as our family is large that’s not feasible.

Other traditions involve opening our stockings before breakfast but after chores and after reading the Christmas story.  The stockings are hung might sound better but they look pretty setting on our window shelf just the same!  Then comes breakfast.  Yummy!  Then a time to enjoy and play with anything from our stockings.  Next comes lunch.  After lunch is when we take turns one at a time opening one present.  That way everyone sees what’s received and it makes it last ALL afternoon!  Supper is small and snacky normally.

We like to watch Christmas movies!  Watching Christmas movies starts right after Thanksgiving.  The kids and I love it!  Some of them we watch with daddy and some without.  He’s not a fan of all of them.


stockings are hung



6-  Christmas presents remain in hiding until Christmas morning.  Or to be truthful whatever time on Christmas Eve I finish wrapping them and putting them under our window shelf.  Due to space in the house our presents tend to remain in the garage or locked in a trunk until just a few days before Christmas.  Then they come in the house and I work on wrapping them when the kids are asleep at night.  But they still remain hidden out of view until the appropriate time.  We have inside animals and young curious kiddos that I don’t want to tempt!

Do you have any ideas for celebrating holidays in small spaces?  Any special traditions you want to share that your family does each year?  I’d love to hear them!!